Psychic Tarot Reading and Who is the Best

Psychic Tarot Reading is a modernized name for the ancient practice of fortune-telling, soothsaying, and prophecy which involves gifted ability or an extraordinary sense of meditation and interpretation of situations with the use of cards.

This practice existed decades ago before now, and it’s still. Some people believe in this method of divination while others don’t, but indeed this acts of prophecy are real and it works for anyone who believes it.

Tarot Reading is the use and interpretation of cards to give meaning to the card and also understanding of the symbols in the card to answer the questions of a Querent. It is also a way of releasing you suppress mind to unleash its true abilities.

Who is the best at performing Psychic Tarot Reading?

The are several professionals who are specialized at tarot reading, but the records below are the one I feel is the best in psychic tarot reading;

Anthony Teresi.

Anthony Teresi is a Californian [1] which on a personal opinion I consider as the best because he is gifted with clear discernment to making the proper and healthy life choices, answering life’s difficult questions.

His various areas of expertise and profession include;

  • Love or relationship reading: where he provides answers and solution to questions such as when will I find love or who is that person that I am destined to love? How can I know or experience true love? Am I loving the right person or not? How does my lover feel about me? Will I give birth to a child or children in the future? What is the fate of my children when they grow to adults?
  • Money and career reading: in this aspect, he clears the air on career doubts with questions like; will I be rich? Is my current skill the right one? What is my career fate this year? How much money will make at the peak of my wealth? Will I ever be employed?
  • Health and challenges reading: Anthony provides answers to questions related to a health issue such as, will I encounter difficulties as regarding my health or life experience? What could be the possible way out?
  • Intuitive and spiritual abilities reading: Anthony is not just a psychic reader but also identify individuals with the potentials or hidden abilities to become psychic readers and guides them.

Anthony Teresi is considered as a global psychic tarot reader because he has a world class standard of reaching his clients even through phone calls and emails anywhere in on the planet, and also have the gifted ability to perform psychic tarot reading via phone. His office is located at California, Westlake Village, also he is a registered and certified member of PAAP (Prestigious American Association of Psychic).

He has put an appearance on some international channels and was interviewed on international news, some of these TV Channels and radios are; NBC FOX NEWS, The EMMYS, E! CNN THE X SHOW, MAN MYTH AND MAGIC BLOG TALK RADIO WITH LARRY ELLIOT, AIR AMERICA, CLOUT W/RICHARD GREEN, E! NEWS W/ STEVE and have served and still serving as a consultant on a lot movie or TV industry.

However, there are other psychics who are also good at tarot card reading, here is a list of their names, address, and specialty.

  • Magdalena Gjesvold is a Californian psychic. She is specialized in psychic intuitive reading, mediums, spirit messenger and tarot card reading; she has practiced psychic reading for 35years and will guide a client to a pathway of peace, greatness, prosperity, clarity, and everlasting-truth.
  • Corbie Mitleid is a New York-based psychic who is gifted in psychic, intuitive, tarot card reading and past life psychic reading. This great psychic provides answers about your financial, relationships, career, destiny and past life. Additionally,  she stands as a bridge between humans and spirits. She also stands as a doorway for spirits who haunt the living because they were caught in the Gray spaces and cannot get to the light.

What Are The Types of Psychic Tarot Reading?

There are lots of psychic tarot reading but we will understand the two most trending psychic tarot reading.

Psychic tarot intuitive reading.

The psychic tarot intuitive reading deals with helping a person or client find direction, understanding and make a choice at the end of the reading. This type of reading is mostly attributed to family, love, and career.

The tarot card reader uses the card and the symbols on the card to give meaning to a client’s questions. He explains the symbol or meaning of the selected card even though some readers use their intuition to define the card. Most times the reader is able to discern the energy around you and through clairvoyance.

For a reader to perfectly answer a client’s question the clients need to be open and precise about his questions. Here are some of the most-asked questions.

  • We are always having issues with my spouse
  • I don’t feel comfortable with my children’s school, should I change school?
  • I can’t get over my ex-wife or ex-girlfriend.

Akashic record reading.

type of reading does not deal with predictions or intuitions. Akashic reading is looking deeper into the client’s soul and understanding how he feels about the things around him and finding answers.
All the questions in intuitive reading can be asked and answered in Akashic record reading.

Akashic reading is giving life to the consciousness of one’s soul. To understand the past, present and what the future holds for the person’s soul. The record is a way of finding help, direction, and understanding to keep him going throughout his life. This method of record reading should be performed by a certified Akashic record reader.

How does the Psychic Tarot Reading work?

Reading tarots is aimed at finding direction, achieving life’s goals, and finding meaning to one’s life’s purpose. The Tarot reading consists of Querent, Reader, Question and spreading. These elements control how tarot cards work.


This tarot reading involves a client who seeks to know about the future or his fate. The Querent wants his future to be read and find solutions to negative situations that might come in the future. The Querent is most times not satisfied with the reading which could be a result of his lack of ability to form the right questions. But if he finds this difficult, he can seek help from the reader who will help him with the question formation.


The Reader is a trained fellow who can read cards and symbols. The reader has psychic abilities to answer any question that the Querent might have. The Reader has the ability to give meaning to each card in his own unique way.


The Querent questions are very important to the reader to provide answers to his concerns. Every reader has a different preference for questions. Some readers will like to know everything like desires, ideas or fears and then form questions from all the information provided while some readers like to be asked plain questions without much information.

When meeting a Reader for the first time, you can ask him of his method of card reading


Tarot cards reading will not be complete without spreading. Spreading is the positioning of the card which is related to the options of the Querent questions. The cards are spread in Three Fates and a Celtic Cross to determine a specific answer. The Fates represents the past, present and the future while the Celtic Cross consists of ten cards with each representing the past, present, desires, determination, and personal rivalry.

Sources of Knowledge

Most psychics are born with the unique ability to understand and provide a solution to the question of the Querent; however, the reader will need to learn to understand and improve his abilities and provide great and correct answers to the Querent questions.

A well learned psychic tarot reader uses his gift and card to serve as a medium to exhibit his talents or abilities to help people in his community or even the world at large.

The risk associated with consulting a psychic tarot reader.
Consulting a reader comes with some risk factors which can be false prophecy or false interpretations of cards and symbols.

There are a lot of fake psychics today who are not really gifted with the ability or are not certified as professional readers. Therefore, the can be misleading and provide a Querent with false answers to his or her questions.

They neither have knowledge about foretelling and reading of cards nor do they know the meaning attached to each card or symbol. When a Querent comes across such readers he is misled and when the interpretations don’t come true he feels betrayed and might not believe in other genuine readers in the future, considering his prior experience.


Psychic Tarot readings are beautiful ways of feeling secure and confident about the future because you have knowledge about what tomorrow brings, and it helps one to stay ready and focused towards achieving or fulfilling both negative and positive situations that will come your way.

If you are feeling unsatisfied about your life, career, love life and family, a suggested way to fixing this could be to contact or visit a psychic or tarot readers, they will help to guide you in finding your true and unique abilities and also release your suppressed minds and at the end you feel confident and satisfied.

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