Curse Spell: How to Put A Curse On Someone Who Hurt You

Do you have angry feelings towards someone who has hurt you and want to learn “How to Put A Curse On Someone Who Hurt You”? If yes, then it is time to consider putting a curse on them and see them suffer the way they hurt you. But before placing a curse on them, you have to believe that your ritual will work.

Believe it or not, we have all been in a situation where someone has hurt us so badly that we instantly declare them our enemies. Without them suspecting, you can curse a spell on them and laugh your way out as you see them suffer.

At its worst, curse spells can make someone sick, go mad, or bring misfortunes to them. But the good thing is that you can always reverse the curse spell when you feel like it has brought enough suffering towards someone.

One fantastic thing about curse spells is that they work instantly. But you must be prepared to face some negative consequences. For instance, once you put a curse on someone to make their life hell, the curse might first begin exercising its magic on you before landing on your target.

In this article, you will learn about different curse spells that will inflict pain on someone who hurt you. Altogether, you must remember that curse spell is not a joke, and you must direct it to the perfect target and not an innocent person.

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How to Put A Curse On Someone Who Hurt You (9 Curse Spells that Work)

1. Curse Spells On Someone To Make Them Lose Inspiration

This curse is always dedicated to someone who hurt you, and you want to make them lose inspiration in their life. To perform this curse, you will need the following items:

A cloth poppet, A needle and thread, The person’s handwriting or picture, A pen for use to draw a curse sigil, Cotton balls, Muddy soil, Poisonous herbs, an Empty jar, and Sticky liquid (preferably molasses).

What to do

  • Draw a curse sigil for losing inspiration on the person’s handwriting or picture.
  • Take the person’s handwriting or picture and insert it in the chest of the cloth poppet. Remember that the cloth poppet represents your target.
  • Cut off the upper part of the poppet’s head and fill inside with cotton balls. This is to ensure that their thoughts are confused.
  • Smear the muddy soil on the poppet’s limbs. This is to make your target sluggish and lack the inspiration to do the things in their life.
  • Put the poisonous herbs in the chest of the poppet to contaminate the person’s creativity.
  • Place the poppet in a jar and fill it with the sticky liquid to keep the target stuck.

Put the jar in a secret dark place and wait for the spell to do wonders.

2. Bad luck curse spells

These are spells aimed to bring untold bad luck towards someone who hurt you. The good thing with this cursed spell is that it can be cast from a distance. You will need the following items:

  • One White Candle
  • Paper
  • Red-Inked Pen
  • Photo of your target.

What to do

  • At midnight, sit on the floor with your legs crossed in a dark, quiet room.
  • Light the candle and focus on the flame.
  • Think about all the bad things the person has done for you and how you want to revenge.
  • Using the red pen, write the person’s name behind his photo.
  • While holding the picture in your right hand, close your eyes and say the following chant:

“I invoke the highest power to come forth and curse Mr. X with bad luck. This person has hurt me with cruelty. Have them feel the pain they caused me.”

  • Burn the picture using the candle.
  • Leave the ashes next to the candle and blow it away.
  • Please wait for the spell to perform its magic.

3. Friendly Curse

This is a curse meant to push someone in the right direction in a polite way without causing them unwanted harm. You will need the following items:

  • Pen
  • A white paper
  • A jar with a lid
  • Vinegar
  • Hot pepper


  • Half fill the jar with vinegar.
  • Add hot pepper to the jar.
  • Write your target’s name on a piece of paper and drop it into the jar.
  • Focus your attention on the person and think about the bad things they have done to you.
  • Visualize the negative things you want to happen to the person. They should not be extreme.
  • Put the lid back to the jar and store it in a dark place.

Wait for your curse to work.

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4. Anger Curse

This spell is aimed at making someone lose their temper very fast by overpowering their emotions. This curse spell has a much more substantial impact than it should be reserved and not used regularly. You will need the following items;

  • Three candles (red, black, and orange)
  • Three flower buds
  • Paper
  • Red Pen.


  • Position the candles to form a triangle.
  • Ensure the red candle is at the bottom and the orange candle at the top.
  • Light the candles, starting with the black candle, followed by orange, then red.
  • Using the red pen, write your target’s name on the piece of paper.
  • Take each flower bud and burn it using a specific candle.
  • Ensure you collect the ashes of every flower bud on the paper containing your target’s name.
  • Please fold the paper with the ashes and carefully start burning it over the black candle’s flame.
  • While focusing on the flame, say the following chant:

“Mr. X has done me wrong. It’s my time to pay back. Using these candles flame, I surrender your peacefulness to the highest powers. I burn your spirits using these flames. Let you have a hot and dangerous temper.”

Finish the ritual by turning off the candles and wait for wonders in the next couple of days.

5. Curse Spell To Make Him Regret

This spell will make a person who has hurt you regret their wrongdoing. You will need the following items: A piece of paper, a red pen, and the person’s name.

What to do

  • Using the red pen, write the person’s name on the piece of paper.
  • Focus your attention on the person and think about their cruelty and harm towards you.
  • Think about how the person made you feel when they hurt you and how you would wish them to regret their actions.
  • Please fold the paper horizontally and burn it.
  • As you watch the paper turn to ashes, continue thinking about the negative things the person made you experience.

The person will start feeling guilty and will regret their actions.

6. Spell To Curse A Cheating Partner

This curse spell is directed towards a cheating partner and aims to separate them from their lovers in their new relationship. You will require the following items to curse this spell:

  • A red ribbon
  • A pen and piece of paper
  • A black candle
  • The names of your partner and the person they are cheating with.

What to do

  • Write the name of the two on two different sheets.
  • Put the papers together and fold them.
  • Tie a red ribbon around the folder.
  • Light the black candle and burn the folder.
  • Say the following chant;

“I invoke the Spirits of Water, Earth, Air, and Fire to come forth. Make these two hearts not be happy anymore. I use the sacred flame of this candle to cast hate between them.”

Blow off the candle once the paper burns to ashes. This ritual can be repeated for three consecutive days until you get your desired results.

7. Curse of sleep

Going by the name, curse of sleep are aimed at someone who hurt you, and you want to cause them harm by making them sleep and miss essential things such as interviews, going to work, missing appointments, or forgetting to go to places they had planned to visit.

This spell must be performed in a dark, quiet, and isolated room lit only by candles. For this spell to work effectively, you must not be afraid of hurting someone. Moreover, you must have confidence in what you are doing, not unless the curse will turn against you.

You will need the following items;

  • Black candle
  • A powerfully crafted chant
  • An incense of choice.

What to do

  • At midnight, light the black candle.
  • Sit on the floor with your legs crossed and hands in a praying position.
  • Light the incense, and as it burns, focus on its smell to purify the space.
  • While inhaling the smell, close your eyes and say the following chant:

“I am a witch who never loses in any battle. Just like you made me suffer, I also want you to suffer. My bad luck chases you, causing you to sleep and get everything that goes wrong. You will get this sleep every time you hurt me.”

8. Curse To Make Someone Feel Worthless

This is a powerful curse that should only be done to someone you hate. It can be directed to a bully, an abuser, or someone who caused mysterious harm in your life, and now you wish to make them feel worthless. You will need the following items:

  • Black candle
  • A portion of salt
  • A cup of dirt
  • Hair strand from the victim.

What to do

  • In a dark and quiet room, light the candle.
  • Sit on the floor and sprinkle salt around you to form a circle. It will help keep the negative energies away.
  • Using your inner power, visualize the person and think about the negative things they did to you.
  • Throw dirt on the candle flame.
  • Place their hair to burn on the candle’s flame.
  • Say the following chant:

“You made me suffer. It’s now my turn to pay back. I summon the highest power to come forth and make you feel miserable and insignificant. Let this last curse last as long as you continue to hurt me.”

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