Free Powerful Red Candle Love Spell Chant for a Lover

Are you here to learn How to Cast a Powerful Free Red Candle Love Spell Chant for a Lover? If so, then read on.

Many people cast a candle spell to bring back their lost love, at least this way the universe is aware of their desire. In this article, I would brief you on the red candle meaning, as well as how to cast a red skull candle love spell. In addition to that, I would still talk about how to cast a love spells using a red candle.

It is not all the time that we get the opportunity to cast a spell as powerful as the red candle spells. The truth is that every candle has a special meaning and the amount of power it carries also varies with the colour. Today I would be bringing to you how to cast a powerful free red candle love spell chant for a lover. And you can be sure that in the end your lover would utterly be obsessed in love with you.

So, without further ado, let us start with what the red candle meaning is. And from there we would advance deeper into how you can actually carry out this love spells.

So, sit back, probably grab a cup of coffee or anything that keeps you calm. And let us get into this adventure together.

What is Red Candle love spell chant Meaning?

Like I have said before, when it comes to spiritual powers, the colour of candles you make use of has their meaning.

We all know that generally red could mean love as well as a whole lot of other things, like danger. But in the world of magic, the red colour is governed by Mars. And this red colour is used to give strength, passionate love, power, energy, physical desires, dynamism and even athletic abilities.

In a spell chant, the colour of the candle you make use of plays a significant role in the effect the spell has. When you make uses of a red candle in a spell chant, it could also signify fire.

The fire could be for good, as well as it could be for bad it all depends on the type of chant you are performing.

Likewise, when you make use of a red candle in a spell chant, it can signify fame. Fame in the sense that in anything you do, people would just love it. They would not even understand why they like it. So concerning that, you would experience a quick advancement in your career.

But today, our concern is the part where the red candle means love, this is where we are really interested in talking about.

So if perhaps you want to cast a spell that involves the other party feeling love towards you the red candle should be included. The red candles should be part of the ingredients to give that spell the boost it actually needs.

The Red Skull Candle Love Spell

The red skull candle love spell is a spell that is done with a red candle shaped like a skull. The red skull candle love spells are done with some unusual ingredients.

You can cast a spell with these candles if you want to have a potent influence of love over a particular person.

Many times when the red skull candles are used for love spells, the bottom of the candles are usually carved out and loaded with herbs. Pictures and some types of roots are also used in the red skull candle love spell. Likewise what you would need a petition as to why you are casting this love spell in the first place.

A lot of people make use of the red skull candle love spell as a kind of spell that attracts people towards them. The red skull candle love spell is a very powerful love spell that can get into the heads of people. And after you get into their heads, they would either always think of only you, or they would think just like you especially in the romance part. Basically, it always bounces in-between these two.

How to Cast the Red Skull Candle Love Spell

In a typical example of a red skull candle love spell, it requires you burning the candles for three days. Now, on the first day, you are to burn the candle for one hour or thereabout. This process is done just to get the whole idea into your lovers head. Before you light the candle, you have to carve the bottom of the red skull candle and place your petition, the picture of the person you want to enchant, with the right roots, plants, herbs and minerals.

On the second day, you are to continue the burning process of the red skull candle. This time around, burn it for about two hours. The effect of the second day is to create a kind of turnaround in the thought of the person you are casting this spell on. In this second day, the person would start to think of you more frequently.

Lastly on the third day you a have to burn the red skull candle completely. It might take the whole night for the red skull candle to burn completely.
At times some other type of candles may be burn and allowed to drip on the surface of the red skull candle.

While in other instances, it may be pins that are used together with the red skull candle. In the end, what you are trying to get out of it, is what determines the full procedure. After everything, the candles are then buried.

Love Spell Using a Red Candle

One thing that has kept me puzzled is the amount of power the red candle has. No wonder people use the red candles whenever they want to cast a really powerful love spell. The red candles have been used for casting lots of love spell from centuries ago.

There are other love spells that uses a red candle which all floats around this ancient ritual. This is due to the effectiveness of the red candles that is why a lot of people use it. The best part is that you would be so amazed at the way a red candle can boost your spell. Especially if you are casting a love spell, use the red candle for a boost.

Many attempts have been made by a lot of people to cast a love spell using a red candle and at the end got the desired result. As a result of the effectiveness of the red candle, many theories have been made to explain why it is so. One of the most convincing theories is that the red candle symbolises red magic. Red magic is the magic of spirituality and love. You can generally see red magic as a thin line between black magic and white magic.

Even though the red candles are extremely powerful, if the spells are done right, it does not leave behind any negative energy. Unlike the back magic that always leaves behind negative energy. To perform a love spell using a red candle, you do not need so many ingredients as the red candle can suffice for the remaining ingredients. What is most important is your heart and mind connecting to the power of the red candle.

A lot of times, when you perform a love spell around several candles, most especially the red candles, it can be quite draining. So if after you have tried it with just a candle, it does not work, then you can think about combining the force of several candles.

How to Cast a Love Spell Using a Red Candle

To cast a love spell using a red candle, go to a tranquil place in your house and then light the red candle when it is dusk. What you need to do at first is just to watch the candle flames and feel the energy burning in you. Try to feel the love emanating from the candle and growing inside you.

And lastly, let the love overflow from inside you and fill up the entire space where you are.

As soon as this is achieved, then you are through with phase one and have finally set up the environment for the love spell. So at this stage, you proceed to phase two of casting a love spell using a red candle. In phase two, there is a chant you have to say twelve times.

The phase two chant goes like this “I ask the forces of the universe, the spirits of the universe, and the angels that are watching over me help me grow this love stronger.” This chant is actually a translation from an ancient dialect. The spell does not really rhyme so it might also be a bit hard to memorise. But you can be sure that the spell is powerful.

You need to ensure you say the spell entirely and twelve times, otherwise you have to end the spell and blow out the candle quickly. Then you can try another spell if this spell makes you quiver.

Love spells are beautiful most especially when they are done right, and you get the desired result out of it. So good luck in your love spell casting adventure, and I wish the forces of the universe grant you your heart desires. Peace out!

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