How to Replace the Battery in a Remington Shaver

How to replace the battery in a Remington shaver

11THMBSSSYL How to Replace the Battery in a Remington Shaver

Manufactured by a great company, the Remington shaver

is available for both women and men. This shaver is supported

by powerful, rechargeable, and durable batteries. As time goes,

these batteries will lose their power capacity. When it comes, you

should buy new batteries as a replacement. Any manual battery

replacement which is not done at an authorized dealer will be

considered as a warranty void.

1. Try to have the shaver charged using the charger. If it does not work,

you may need to replace the shaver batteries

2. Go to the company website and find local dealers after having the zip

code entered.

3. Call the dealer which contact number you have got from the site. Ask them

to tell you how to fix the shaver. In some cases, you may need to bring the

product to the store. Other dealers may ask you to mail the product. Be sure

that you have written your address and the dealer store address correctly.

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