Rich Meet Beautiful Reviews [Pros vs Cons]: A Complete Walk Through

G’day! In this review post, you will find Rich Meet Beautiful Reviews; I will walk you through everything there’s about this app/website.
Making money is a painstaking process. As such, rich guys are usually committed. They have less time to socialize. Messenger of loneliness always visits them. By the time they realize, it is quite late. Finding beautiful women at a later stage in life is a difficult task. At times it’s unfair.

So, what Rich Meet Beautiful?

Rich Meet Beautiful is an online dating site, for rich and elite singles looking for their perfect match. With this site, rich guys can get what they like. Most dating sites allow ladies or men to source financial help from the website. This site doesn’t allow that. It is simple; the high earning men meet the beautiful ladies, and together they enjoy life.
Thanks to the state of the art algorithm, it is easier to land a match on this site. Rich meet beautiful calls it scientific matchmaking. True to its word, this system works perfectly. No sweating! Polish your profile, and you’ll be in for the best experience.
There are more ladies than men; this is what every man want. I love that too. However, the greatest hindrance is money. Are you a millionaire? Do you have a higher paying job or business? Yes, you read that right. It is a millionaire dating website. In fact, it is the world’s number one.
Rich Meet Beautiful

Signing up

If you like beautiful things, then you must spend some money, right? The best part is that you can try it anonymously, and free of charge. That is incredible.
Signing up is pretty straightforward, but you must be a bit patient. The signup page looks like this;
Rich Meet Beautiful
You need a valid email, username, and age. Indicating age is essential because no minors are allowed.
Before you hit the register button, you have to accept the terms of use. That will automatically generate your location. Hit the “Next” button
Rich Meet Beautiful
Finally, you have to confirm your email before you are granted access to the site.
Rich Meet Beautiful
Access your mail, and then click the provided link. Your email appears as below;
Rich Meet Beautiful
The site usually requests you to upload your photo. Profile photo grants you more attention.
I know what you’re thinking:
You want your profile to remain anonymous. Don’t worry. The site offers anonymizer tools. You can use these tools to conceal your identity.
Rich Meet Beautiful
Once you are in, the dashboard appears as below.
Rich Meet Beautiful
Without your profile photo, you cannot view other people’s photos. You cannot see a single face. It felt unfair to me, but I am okay because it is a measure to prevent fake people. You can upload your photo from either your computer or your Facebook account. The later didn’t impress me at all.
I uploaded and blurred my photo (for anonymity purposes). You know, it is great to be safe than sorry. The admin had to verify my photo before allowing me to view other people’s pictures.

User interface

Navigating through the rich meet beautiful site is easy. The layout of the site is appealing, while the website itself responds faster. The far left side of the site are features that help you navigate. The messages received are displayed on the right-hand side of the web page.

Profile settings

I bet you’d much want to get noticed. The only way to finding your perfect match is by completing your profile and customize it in the right way.
The most enticing feature is free 150 credits upon account verification. Verification is through SMS and social media accounts such as Facebook, windows or Google+.
Rich Meet Beautiful
The importance of verification is to make you stand out in featured searches.
Making contact
Undoubtedly, making contact is the ultimate reason for joining rich meet beautiful. You need to get the right match in the shortest time possible. When you log into your account, the middle section of the screen exposes you to your potential beauties. These are featured, users. When you click on their photo, you get a summary – age, weight, region, and name, among other features.
Also, you can make contact by searching for people of interest. The search icon is at the top and even on the middle left side.
Rich Meet Beautiful
You can search for individuals within your region, but you have to specify age. Otherwise, the default age you get is between 18 and 100 years old. Would you date someone extremely old?

Website design and usability

The designers of rich meet beautiful to put in mind the user when they designed the website. As a dating site, the expectation is that every user must find it easier to use. This site beats its competitors on this. The interface is clean and clear. Once you log into your account, the navigation bars are clear.
You can click on what you want without much hassle. Among the icons you can find to the left side is the featured users, searches, visitors to your profile, gifts favorites, winks, and settings.
Here’s the deal:
The screens central part is the epitome of the content you are seeking, i.e., beauties you are looking for if you are a man. For women, undoubtedly, a whole lot of rich and handsome men will be displayed.
The site does not offer many settings. But the most crucial part is that you can review and download all the activity data. This data can be the time you log in, membership updates, and warnings, among others. With this set of information, you can keep track of what you are doing.


How you get notifications can dramatically affect the usability of this site of the website. With rich meet beautiful, there different ways: system notifications, notifications, special offers and emails on helping with surveys. How you receive this notification can tremendously affect your timeliness to respond to issues. You get notifications through emails, SMS or in-app.


Rich meet beautiful is committed to ensuring that your privacy is not tampered with. As such, it has a privacy feature that allows you to take charge of your visibility. To access privacy settings, click settings on the lower left side > privacy settings. Here you can choose an action that suits you.
Rich Meet Beautiful Privacy


Paying premiums is what pains dating site subscribers. There are free services, but it is always essential to pay a premium. This way, you benefit a lot.
Here is the breakdown:
Rich Meet Beautiful
Select what suits and proceed to pay. There are different methods of payment, i.e., credit/debit cards, Netteller, and PaySafe. Your credit card information is usually fully encrypted. Besides, the site guarantees you 100 % confidentiality. The subscriptions are automatically renewed.
You can also get a six-month package through “Secure Payment”. This package costs €119.94, but you cannot withdraw once you subscribe.

Members and user ratio

The website boasts of over 5 million active users. The site has garnered these members within a short time, considering it was only established in 2017. Since the site is for the rich singles interested in meeting beauty, the ratio of men to women is 3:7. So if you are a man, you can land your beauty at a faster rate.

Deleting profile

You have two choices: deactivate your profile or delete it. To deactivate your profile, you need to contact the site owners through a form linked to the site. To access the form, click settings then at the lower end, there is a statement with a hyperlink (this form) at the end.
On the other hand, deactivating your account means temporarily disabling it. It is an easy step that requires you to give reasons and then suggestions. Finally enter your password, before deleting.

What I liked about rich meet beautiful

The privacy that the site offers is top-notch. First, it provides an opportunity to conceal your face. You can blur or use a face mask. Besides, you can upload private photos. Only those members you’ve given private keys can access such images. Payment methods are secure too.
There is an app. The app offers a similar layout to the main website. This makes it easier to browse.
It is easier to use the website. The design and layout are user-friendly, which makes navigation easier.
You can try the site freely in an anonymous way

What I disked

You have to pay to send a message, a wink or a gift. Besides, to see other people’s images, you must upgrade to premium or verify your account. Account verification requires using your phone number and an additional method – social media account. This offer questionable safety to your information.
The premiums are pretty expensive. No wonder it is a millionaire dating club.
When you use the app, it will take you to another casual database but ran by the same company.


Rich meet beautiful is, without a doubt, one of the most successful websites for finding a date. The success of a website depends on easy usability and security features. Besides, the use of the app makes it easier to access features.
Remember, this site was established recently. It has no longer history. However, it has managed to incorporate all essential features that a dating site must-have. Much as it has its focus worldwide, its primary focus is Europe because the population is higher. That is why you pay in euros.

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