Roman Atwood Net Worth 2019: Age, Wife, Mom, House, Merchants

Roman Atwood Net Worth (Youtube Personality)

Roman Atwood Net Worth Roman Atwood is an American Comedian, Pranker, Vlogger and Youtube Personality. He is Best Known For His Youtube Channel and Vlogs where he keeps his Daily life and Stuff on his Vlogging Channel Named RomanAtwoodVlogs. Roman Atwood Net Worth is Around $13 million. He has 13 Million Subscribers and 3.6 Billion Total Views on his Youtube Channel. His channel is in the 50 most subscribed channel on youtube from all over the world. People watch his videos and vlogs on youtube and other social media websites and enjoy it. People started loving his videos when he started vlogging from all over the world. He is a well-known youtube vlogging personality. His 2nd Youtube Channel named RomanAtwood Where he Makes the Prank Videos  In this channel he has 10.6 Million Subscribers and 1.4 Billion Total Views On the youtube from all over the world. His pranks are really hilarious and funny where he makes fun and prank videos with walking on the streets people.

About Roman Atwood

Roman Bernard Atwood born in Millersport, Ohio, the U.S. on 28th May 1986. Atwood has been taping and delivering recordings since secondary school. He started his autonomous vocation by delivering a progression of DVDs called “The Nerd Herd” which he sold at the Warped Tour in 2006. Atwood has likewise chipped away at different film undertakings and ads in Columbus, Ohio until 2010 when he chose to center around his enthusiasm of parody and made the YouTube channel “Portray Empire”. Before his YouTube profession, he worked at his family’s rope processing plant called “Atwood Rope”. In 2001, he wedded Shanna Riley, who brought forth Atwood’s first child, Noah Vaughn Atwood. In 2008, after his significant other went behind his back with a companion while in the midst of a furlough, he petitioned for a divorce. He right now lives in the place where he grew up with his better half, Brittney Smith, with whom he has a child and a daughter. In 2013, Atwood established his own particular stock line called “Grin More”, offering T-shirts, hoodies, wristbands and different things.

Roman Atwood Important Information

Full Name Roman Bernard Atwood
Date of Birth 28th May 1986.
Place of Birth Millersport, Ohio, U.S.
Occupation Comedian, Pranker, Vlogger and Youtube Personality
Nationality American
Religion Christian
Height 5’8 Ft
Weight 67 Kg
Hair Color Dark Brown
Eye Color Green
Build Slim
Race/Ethnicity White
Zodiac Sign Gemini
Shoe Size 9 (US)


Roman Atwood Net Worth

2010 $7 million
2011 $7.5 million
2012 $8 million
2013 $9 million
2014 $10 million
2015 $10.5 million
2016 $11 million
2017 $12 million
$13 million
$14 million


Roman Atwood Interesting Facts

  • He is partial to puppies and has a pet pooch named Flash. He additionally has a fish tank.
  • He has tattoos on his body.
  • When he was 16, he just had a 20% survival chance because of carbon monoxide harming.
  • He is the second YouTuber to get two Diamond play catches (from YouTube) for the two his channels.
  • His family has its own rope processing plant where Roman worked. It was called Atwood Rope.
  • He has his image which offers stock, for example, hoodies, T-shirt’s, and so on called “Grin More”.


Roman Atwood Other Source of Income

Another significant source of salary for Roman is supported endorsements. He has a generally perfect picture, such huge numbers of come thumping on his entryway. The most acclaimed one is his arrangement with car maker Nissan where he highlighted in a Super Bowl advertisement. Also, he has been on a visit with FouseyTube around North America and Europe, holding appear in a wide range of urban areas and town. Each show was sold out. Another thing that has been a noteworthy commitment to his total assets is his cell phone amusement Smile Inc, which got the chance to number one on the App Store.

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