18 Romantic Ideas for Her Birthday That She’ll Actually Appreciate

This list is full of cool, unique and most importantly romantic gift ideas for her birthday that she will actually use (and enjoy herself while doing so!). It can be really difficult to find that gift that you know she will use and a lot of time we just go for a gift card or more jewelry or something common like that, and while those gifts can be very appreciated, this list is full of ideas that are a little more out of the box and are sure to be used and KEPT rather than shoved in a drawer or thrown away months later.

  1. Spa Gift Box With His And Hers Bathrobes Sets

One of the most romantic and relaxing gift ideas in the list, and one she is sure to use! Who doesn’t want to cuddle up in comfy, matching robes and relax all day with some self-pampering? And the fact that it is something that you guys can do together makes it all the more special for her. This set comes with essential oils, rose petals, tea lights, lavender washes and scrubs, and champagne flutes, This is the epitome of romantic birthday gifts and she gets to use it with the one she loves the most!



  1. Our Bucket List Adventures: A Journal For Couples

This gift is so special because it tells her that you are thinking about the future and you want to spend it with her. There is nothing someone wants to hear more than the fact that you want them in your future! You can spend time together planning out the adventures and trips you want to do together and spend all day talking about how exciting your life is going to be! She will feel special and wanted and it will be a gift she will remember forever.



  1. Keepsake Gift Jar

In this jar, there are 31 cute and romantic messages for her to read whenever she is feeling down or missing your company! This gift is really special because the messages will always be sure to lift her spirits no matter how many times she reads them. It is a gift she can keep forever and use over and over whenever she needs a positive love-filled message that reminds her of how much you love her during those times when you can’t be there. This is the type of gift her friends will get jealous over!



  1. Hand Casting Kit

A fun and super romantic gift that you guys can use together! Casting your hands together is a fun project to do on her birthday this year and there are so many kits that now make it really easy to do at home! If she is a sentimental person, she will go crazy for this gift, because after the model is made, she can use it as a decoration and every time she looks at it she will remember how much fun you had making it together and about how creative you are to think of such an awesome gift that will always be meaningful!



  1. An Art Project

This is another fun crafty idea for her birthday that she is going to love and keep forever, and of course, it is a gift that you guys can use together! These paint by number projects have become a lot more intricate than the ones we used to paint as children and they create some breath-taking images once you are finished! Pair this activity with a nice home-made dinner and some nice wine or champagne for a low-key but super meaningful night in with her that is sure to make her special day that much more amazing!



  1. Polaroid Snap Instant Digital Camera

A really cute gift that can be dedicated to being used when you are spending time with each other. She will love the idea of encapsulating those special moments together and having a special gift that is just for the two of you. Take it on your trips for amazing memories or snap silly photos of each other during lazy days! Make this gift even better by buying a scrapbook or picture book to put the photos in and then you can have even more fun decorating the book and adding in those personal touches or inside jokes that only you guys will understand years down the road!



  1. Take a Fun Trip Somewhere Random Together

Take her on a fun trip to a place neither one of you have been before and discover hidden spots to make the most amazing memories! This gift is super exciting and it doesn’t even really require going somewhere expensive! Go to that random town you guys always drive through but never spend any time in! Maybe make it a longer trip and drive (or fly) to that state you always imagined as super boring! You can make the most memorable and unique memories just by trying something new together and turn random places into something really special

  1. Breakfast in Bed

Everyone gets hungry, and everyone loves to feel like royalty! You can start her day off right by going that extra mile and waking her up to all of her favorite breakfast foods right in bed! There is nothing better than knowing that someone else is there and willing to take care of you and prove to you how important you are to them. This may seem like a very cheesy gift, but these small things can genuinely mean the most to her because honestly, it’s about the thought that is put into something that makes it important.

  1. Our Q&A a Day

3-Year Journal Between the two of you is the best gift to give her on her special day. Each day of the year, there’s a question and space for you both to put an answer and once you have filled the whole thing up you can go back and read it together and see how you guys have grown and changed over the years. This is another gift that tells her that she is really important to you and that you plan on holding on to her for a long time (or at least for three more years).



  1. Give her a nice Massage

This one is also one of those gifts that always gets thrown out in advice blogs, but no one ever really seems to take seriously, or when they do decide to use it, there isn’t much thought put behind it and the whole experience ends up being sub-par for both parties. But if you really take the time to get nice oils and become fully committed to massaging her and relaxing her body, this gift can be an inexpensive but intimate gift that both of you really enjoy.

  1. Emergency Roadside Assistance Kit For Vehicles

A roadside assistance kit may not be a gift that most people would immediately classify as romantic, but it lets her know that you want her to be safe during those moments that can be really frustrating and even scary sometimes, and what is more romantic than that? It’s one thing to get her those classically romantic gifts (which are still very much appreciated), but it’s another thing to get her a gift that tells her you always want to make sure she has what she needs.



  1. Customized items

There are so many useful items that you can get personalized to represent your love and relationship with one another. If you can think of it, there is probably some company out there that is willing to put a picture or special quote on it to make it yours. If she loves keepsake items, she will love this idea and it is really easy to do and plan in advance that way you don’t have to rush around last minute to find something.

  1. Something for her hobbies

This gift is sure to let her know that you pay attention and care about her life and activities. You look like the rockstar boyfriend or Girlfriend who is deeply invested in the relationship, and you can rest easy that night knowing that she will have something she will actually enjoy using because it’s for a hobby she really enjoys!

  1. A cute box filled with your favorite memories

This is like the keepsake box idea that was mentioned earlier, except instead of having pre-made messages you can DIY this one with your own special jokes and pictures that make it that much more personal and romantic. Fill it with movie stubs and receipts from previous dates you went on. Decorate it with hand-cut hearts and flowers. Dress-up the outside of the box by tie-ing it up with ribbon. Plus it will be extra special to her because she will know that you took the time to personally put this together for her.

  1. A romantic scavenger hunt

Have her spend the day remembering the best moments of your relationship. There can be stops at places like your first date, where you had your first kiss, where you first said “I love you”, etc. It will be a fun activity that makes her whole day special, and then you can end the night with a nice dinner! Some extra tips: try getting any staff involved at any stops you make on the hunt, they can add to the experience and make it that much more exciting for her! Also, have a lot of fun with the clues, they don’t all have to be super romantic, some can be funny or even naughty!

  1. A Fun New Game You Can Play Together

If she is a competitive person or just loves playing board games, then you should get some new games either online or from a store that you can try out together! This is another low-key option that is easy to do and can be a lot of fun! You can spend the night laughing and playing with one another and just truly enjoying one another’s time! If she is someone who is more into time spent together than actual physical gifts she will really enjoy this idea!

  1. A Journal of Your Thoughts

This one takes a lot of pre-planning, so if you have come here for a quick gift idea, then you might want to hold off on this one and plan it out for her next birthday. This one is like the Q&A journal idea, but instead, it is just your thoughts, and they can be about any aspect of your relationship. This may sound like a weird gift, but I promise your girl will love knowing what was going on in your head and that you felt the same way she did after all those days you spent together! Also if you don’t think you write well enough to pull this one off, don’t worry about it! Even a journal of brief little notes and quick sentences about how much she means to you is sure to go over well!

  1. That thing she has always wanted

Has she been talking about something for months or even years, but has never actually gone out and got it for herself? Well now is your chance to get it for her and really make her day! Even if you think the thing she is talking about is dumb or not really special if you get it for her she will absolutely love you for it! And if you really feel like it won’t make a big impact, you can always get her something else to go along with it like jewelry or candy!

Final Thoughts

I hope this list will be helpful in finding that perfect romantic gift for her that she is sure to love and get the most use out of! Also, don’t feel like you have to limit these gifts to just her birthday! A lot of these are perfect for any holiday or even a random day where you just want to show her how much you truly care!

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