18 Romantic Ideas For Your Boyfriend to Spice Up Your Love Spells

Even if he doesn’t admit it, your boyfriend is romantic at heart. Most guys like getting gifts. Since they expect a gift on their birthday, Christmas, Valentine’s Day, and your anniversary, it is great to give him a gift just to say, “I love you.” There are plenty of romantic gift ideas for your boyfriend that he is sure to love. Even if he isn’t the most romantic guy in the world, he will love your gift because it came from you.

#1 Dear Boyfriend Mug

If your boyfriend is a big coffee drinker, this is the perfect gift. Whether he drinks coffee at home or at work, he will think of you each time he pours a cup. He’ll probably get a good laugh. The mug reads, “Dear Boyfriend, Thanks for being my boyfriend. If I had a different boyfriend, I would punch him in the face and go find you. Love, Your Girlfriend.” This is great as a “just because” gift.

#2 The Best Boyfriend Memory Book

If you have trouble telling your boyfriend how much you love him and how much he means to you, this is a great gift. This book helps you fill the whole thing out, which makes it a great gift even if you aren’t the most creative person in the world. The book includes a number of sections including your love story, a picture section, your special songs, your favorite places, and a “9 things I love about you” section. This book is a great way to let him know how you feel, and it is something that you can look back at for years to come.

#3 Inspirational Bracelet

If your boyfriends is a jewelry guy, this is a great gift. The bracelet is made of stainless steel, and the band is made of silicone. The bracelet reads, “To My Love, When I tell you I love you, I don’t say it out of habit. I say it to remind you that you are the best thing that ever happened to me. I LOVE YOU FOREVER.” Each time he looks down at his bracelet, he will be reminded of you. Best of all, it is comfortable enough for him to wear every day.

#4 Sweet Pillowcases

Many men love to nap. It is in their DNA. If you want your man to think about you every time he puts his head on the pillow, this is a perfect gift. There is one pillowcase for him, the “Big Spoon,” and one for you, the “Little Spoon.” It is the perfect gift for a guy who isn’t too mushy, but you want him to know you care, this is a great gift.

#6 Memory Jar

This gift will show your boyfriend how thoughtful you are. The jar comes with 180 tickets and a pen. Each ticket reads, “A memory to keep…”, and on the back, you write down some of your favorite memories. You can also add other special mementos to the jar. He can read each of your favorite memories, which will bring you closer. The jar is an excellent way for the two of you to walk down memory lane together. It is a keepsake that he can hold onto forever.

#7 Couples Necklace

If you have been trying to get your boyfriend to wear anything for couples, but he has always refused, this couples necklace might change his mind. The pendant is two halves of a heart that fit together. His half is black with two diamonds, and your half is silver, and also has two diamonds. Both halves say, “I love you.” His half is manly enough where he will want to wear it every day, and you will finally be wearing something for couples.

#8 I Love You More Picture Frame

If you are in a long distance relationship, this picture frame is the perfect gift. The wood frame is 8” x “10 inches, and it holds a 4” x 6” photo. The plaque reads, “I love you more than the miles between us.” When you put your favorite picture of the two of you in the frame, he will have something to remind him of you every day that you are apart.

#9 Video Game Love Mugs

If you and your boyfriend love to play video games, these mugs will make a great gift. One of the mugs read, “I will always be your player 1.” The other reads, “I will always be your player 2.” This gift is sure to make him smile, and it will show him how much you love him. If you’re looking for a gift that isn’t too mushy but still shows him your love, these 12 ounce mugs are great.

#10 Our Love Story Mugs

If your boyfriend is a big coffee drinker, this personalized mug will be the perfect gift. The mug reads, Every Love Story Is Beautiful, but ours is my Favorite.” At the bottom, you can have both of your names written on the mug, along with the year that you got together. When he pours his coffee every morning, he will be reminded of how much you love him.

#11 Drive Safe Keychain

If your boyfriend is a truck driver, a bus driver, or spends most of his day on the road, this keychain will be a great gift for him. The message on the keychain will remind him how much you care every time he gets behind the wheel. It reads, “Drive safe. I need you here with me.” It’s simple, sweet, and he is sure to love it.

#12 Why I Love You: A Journal Of Us

If you have trouble telling your boyfriend how you really feel, or if you just can’t find the words, this is a great gift. The book contains 96 pages of questions about you, your boyfriend, and your love story. This is a great keepsake to let him know how you truly feel.

#13 Swiped Right

Did you and your boyfriend meet on Tinder? If so, this is an excellent gift for you. It is a scented candle, and on the label, it reads, “I’m so Happy I swiped right.” The lid reads, “I’m so lucky to have you xoxo.” You can also have your name engraved in the top. This is a great way to tell your boyfriend that you love him.

#14 Sweet Couples Pillowcases

Most couples lie in bed side by side and spend most of their time on their phones. This isn’t an issue with couples who are completely obsessed and always engrossed in their phones. These pillowcases make for a cute gift. One pillowcase reads, “There is no one else I’d rather lie in bed with.” The other pillowcase reads, “And look at my phone next to…”

#15 I Love You Spoon

If your boyfriend loves cereal, this is the perfect romantic gift for him. The part of the spoon that holds the food reads, “I love you.” It is simple and to the point. Every time your boyfriend eats a bowl of cereal, he will be reminded of you and your love for him.

#16 His And Her Keychains

His and her keychains make for perfect gifts for your boyfriend. Your keychain is a heart with a heart-shaped hole in it. His is an arrow, with a heart for the tip. The two keychains fit together perfectly. The keychains are made of high-quality stainless steel and is something that you and your boyfriend can share.

#17 Mad Libs In Love

If you have ever played Mad Libs, you know how fun it can be. The game requires you to fill in nouns, verbs, and adverbs. After filling in all of the blanks, you come up with a hilarious story. This version of Mad Libs is designed for people who are in love. It might not be the most romantic gift for your boyfriend, but you can have a lot of fun playing it.

#18 To My Man Keychain

If you are looking for a sweet and romantic gift for your boyfriend, this keychain is perfect. It is stainless steel and great for a guy. It reads, “To My Man. I was a little late to be your first, but I want all of my lasts to be with you.” It is sweet and to the point. It’s the perfect gift if you want to give your boyfriend something to let him know how much you care.

Final Thoughts

Buying romantic gifts for guys isn’t always easy. Some women don’t want to give something too mushy. Some women can’t tell their boyfriends how they feel, and they rely on the gift to do it for them. Whatever you are trying to achieve when it comes to your gift, something on the list above will be perfect.

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