Secura 1500W 3.4 QT 3.2L XL Large Electric Air Fryer Review

One way to live a healthy life is by eating healthy diets. Air fryers are among the leading cooking devices recommended for making healthy foods. The appliances reduce the need to use cooking oil up to 80 percent; hence enabling you to make clean and tasty food. One of the best air fryers to try out is the Secura 1500w 3.4 qt 3.2l Xl large electric air fryer.

Is Secura electric air fryer suitable for all homes?

Well, in this article, we are going to review the Secura 1500w air fryer device and why it is suitable for you. We will tackle the features that make this an outstanding tool and the benefits of using it for healthy cooking. This device has cons as well, and so, we will share some of its drawbacks, plus the warnings as outlined by the previous customers. This product review is aimed to provide our readers with the right information regarding the Secura air fryer so they can know what to expect.

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What’s Secura 1500w 3.4 Qt 3.2l Xl Large Electric Air Fryer?

This air fryer utilizes hot air circulated at high speed to ensure the foods cook evenly and fast. It allows you to fry your favorite food without oil, or by just adding a little oil. Whether you want to fry or grill, the Secura 1500w 3.4 Qt 3.2l Xl large electric air fryer comes with three cooking accessories for preparing different foods. There is a basket, a rack for grilling and a skewer.

The temperature control ranges from 180 to 400f, which allows one to prepare meals that require both low and high heat. The basket has a 3.4 qt which is a good serving for a family of 4 people. For timely cooking and to avoid overcooking the meals, the air fryer has an auto shut mode. The fryer is suitable for cooking different menus using different methods, and it also comes with a recipe book.


The features:

  • Sturdy and durable materials: The body of the air fryer features an elegant, durable plastic material. The cooking parts which are the basket, rack and the skewer are crafted with stainless steel materials. Therefore, you can detach and clean these parts with water.
  • Wattage: The Secura 3.4 XL air fryer runs at 1700 watts. With this power usage, the device can comfortably cook in different methods, including the processes like baking that require high heat. Note that the device is only compatible with North America’s electrical standards.
  • Certification: This air fryer has been tested and passed by the relevant authorities to be safe for use. So, although the device may provide some plastic smell when the food is cooking, rest assured that it cannot harm you.
  • The cooking capacity: The air fryer has an extra-large 3.4 qt capacity which is a good serving for a small to medium family. So, you can prepare French fries for about 4 to 5 people. It has a basket and a grilling rack to cook different foods. It also has skewers for making a barbeque.
  • Manual control knob: Although this device does not feature digital control buttons, it is equipped with manual knobs which are quite easy to operate. The knobs are marked with different cooking options to choose from. It also has an on and off button to press.
  • Non-stick cooking basket: The extra-large 3.4 qt cooking basket features a non-stick coating that ensures your food cook evenly without sticking on the sides. This feature also makes it easy to prepare non-liquid foods such as French fries.
  • Warranty: In case you notice the air fryer has an issue after buying it, you can always take it back for replacement or repair. The device comes with a two-year warranty against the manufacturers’ defects.
  • Efficient cooking time: The Secura air fryer allows you to prepare different foods that take different cooking time. It has a time limit that starts from 0 to 60 minutes. So, you can comfortably use it for baking your favorite cakes or pizza for your kids.
  • Comes with a recipe book: Learn how to prepare different kinds of the meal using the Secura fryer with the provided recipe book. The book contains a few diets and procedures to follow when making them.
  • Different cooking methods: Secura 1500w 3.4 Qt 3.2l Xl large electric air fryer comes with three accessories which make it easy to experience different cooking methods. Whether you want to prepare barbeque, fried foods, or roasted chicken, you can quickly achieve it with the three provided accessories. It comes with a basket, a rack, and a skewer. Some of the cooking methods compatible with the fryer are; frying, roasting, grilling and even baking.
  • No oil needed: Secura air fryer is an excellent cooking gadget that ensures you prepare the best and healthy meals without the need to add oil. The hot air feature plus the cooking speed ensures the food cook evenly without burning. Another feature that makes the device functional without fat is the non-stick coating on the basket.

Pros vs Cons:

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Although the Secura air fryer comes with the recipe book, it does not give enough details of the provided menus. Therefore, you may need to find recipes from other sources. The equipped rack is small hence cannot grill foods for more than four people. The fryer comes with a skewer, but there are no recipes to cook with this accessory.


The air fryer comes with a recipe book that consists of a few guides of the diets to cook with it. It also comes with extra accessories for preparing foods.

Who is Secura 1500w 3.4 Qt 3.2l Xl Large Electric Air Fryer for?

Secura 1500w 3.4 Qt 3.2l Xl large electric air fryer is a great cooking device to buy for a family setting of not more than four people. It has a capacity of 3.4 ideal to feed a couple or a family of four people. The device allows one to prepare healthy meals using methods like; frying, roasting, grilling and steaming.

If you want to save up in buying different cooking gadgets, Secura air fryer is a recommendable choice. Its ability to prepare meals in different methods supplements other cooking appliances. This fryer is also ideal for people with a small kitchen that cannot fit multiple cooking gadgets. It takes up a small space on the cooking counter.


Secura 1500w 3.4 Qt 3.2l Xl large electric air fryer is a healthy cooking device that is ideal for a small family setting. It is made of durable materials that are resistant to damage. The small structure of this fryer ensures it does not take huge storage space, and that is why it can fit in small kitchens. Using this device is straightforward, including teenage kids and older people.

The price is another crucial factor that makes the fryer stand out since it is cheaper as opposed to some brands. Learn how to prepare a variety of meals with the packed recipe book. Although the device produces plastic odor for the first few times of using, don’t worry since the device is certified to be safe for use. The plastic odor disappears after a while of using it.

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