The 10 MOST See Through Leggings Ever Created in 2021

Is there any better way of showing off your curvy body other than with a pair of see-through leggings? A couple of these tights is all you need to regain your confidence and show the world the fruits of your weird positions and exercises. This article focuses on the ten most see-through leggings ever created and what makes each of them stand out from the other.

Among the ten prospects, there is an option for everyone. If you are on a tight budget, several candidates are available at pocket-friendly prices. If you are in it for the premium stuff, you will have to cough up some coins.

Of course, our criteria for choosing these see-through leggings was focused on aspects like flexibility, material, and durability.

Although our list only mentions ten, available products fitting the criteria are inexhaustible. Major brands brag about dozens of products across the genre, making you spoilt for choices. For a satisfactory purchase, make an informed decision by going through our article on the most see-through leggings ever created.

The 10 Most See Through Leggings Ever Created

1. Sofsy Opaque Microfibre Tights for Women

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Elegance is a word that entirely describes the sofsy opaque microfiber tights for women. These black, slimming tights explicit to the feminine gender are genuinely a trendsetter. And we would not expect less, considering they are from an Italian manufacturer, for this and other premium characteristics that they feature in our most see-through leggings ever created.

40-denier nylon is what is used as material for making the pair of leggings. They make you have a feel of the smooth texture while ensuring they give you a lasting service. As you would expect, they tightly caress your body, leaving no room for sagging. Of course, you will have to give your correct measurements for a perfect purchase.

The fabric holds tightly and does not lose its elasticity after frequent wear. You are guaranteed to feel comfortable all through your wear, improving your performance in whatever you do. On another point, what do most individuals despise about leggings? The answer to this is the waistband cutting your skin. With this product, you no longer have to worry about such issues.

For a smooth and non-irritating wear experience, go for soft opaque microfiber tights.

2. Sofsy Super Opaque Tights

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Softy super opaque tights are another pair of Italian excellence. Every string visible in this piece of clothing spells out nothing short of sexy and strong. Because of this, there is a current offer on leading stores concerning this item; it would not hurt to check out.

These tights are opaque and feature a silky texture that creates a warm, fuzzing feeling when wearing the pair. Of course, before purchase, you will need to customize your order in terms of colour and size. You must pick the correct size to avoid sagging or being too tight. Their elasticity is dependable and can last multiple wears, and still hold tightly onto your body.

An added advantage when it comes to this pair is the existence of a reinforced toe. These are executive pairs and can fit into most venues, be it your office, to the gym, or even for a run. If you are looking to show off your curves, this will be an excellent place to start.

3. Sofsy High Waisted Slimming Tights

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By now, you may have observed that Sofsy is a significant brand in the legging market. Therefore, it is no surprise to find the Sofsy high waisted slimming tights feature in our list of the most see-through leggings ever created. Sexy and bold are two traits that go hand in hand with every individual wearing this pair. You will get your atrophied curves noticed.

First and foremost, they are unique from most leggings since they feature a high waist design. It means that the waistband extends up to the lower stomach, increasing the body’s surface. This design is perfect since it provides support exactly where it is needed. Wearing the pair will improve the shape of your belly, all the way done to your buttocks and hip area.

Unlike cheap waistbands, this pair features a premium elastic band that does not pinch your tender skin when wearing. You can easily roll up your tights and adjust them until they correctly fit straightforwardly. Of course, with this purchase, you get the Sofsy promise- money-back guarantee if the purchase is not satisfactory.

4. SweatyRocks Women’s Mesh Leggings

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Are you looking to spice up your legs with a fabulous pair of see-through leggings? The sweaty rocks mesh leggings are your best pick. These floral designed leggings are outstanding from what you get to see every day, and they will show off your muscles and thighs. Also, they feature a high waist make, narrowing down its target consumer.

Made from 5% spandex and 95% polyester, the material has enough stretch to hold correctly. From the waistband down to the legs, they are covered in a floral print running downwards. Despite them being see-through, they are reliable and will remain in place with their elastic potency. They are skinny and expand according to the size of your body.

You can wear these pair without any additional clothing piece, and they will clearly define your body shape. Also, the leggings go well with dresses and long shirts. The more you experiment with your fashion sense, the more you realize its potential to rock your closet. They will look good in anyone, which is why it features in our ten most see-through leggings ever created.

5. ASFOOR Women’s Lace Leggings

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This exquisite pair of leggings from the ASFOOR store is truly a piece of art. Their design and physique are much different from what their competitors offer. For one, their length does not extend up to the toe. Another outstanding aspect is that they feature a floral lace design. They are among the few reasons why it finds itself in our most see-through leggings.

The pair is 92% cotton, meaning that they will feel warm and comfy to your skin. Also, they are elastic enough to hold on correctly to your skin and bring out your curves. The material is breathable, and allows for adequate air circulation, and reduces excessive sweating. They are perfect for themed events, mainly since their designer based the model on an 80’s themed culture. The floral lace design truly adds on a touch of class and elegance.

The ASFOOR pair of leggings are a perfect fit, provided you select the correct measurements. At the waist, an elastic band that places the leggings above your waist at all times. You have no worries about sagging when planning to wear them at a future event. In conclusion, this would be a perfect addition to your closet and is among the most see-through leggings ever created.

6. Sofsy Fishnet Tights Pantyhose

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Again, we witness Sofsy with yet another near-to-perfect pair of leggings, the Fishnet tights pantyhose. With this pair, the buyer gets to choose from over five unique colours, and a size chart is available to make your purchase perfect. If you order the right size, you are guaranteed comfortable non-sag wear.

Made from nylon, the pair of leggings from Sofsy run smoothly across your body, bringing out a clear outline of your body shape. With just single wear, you can feel the quality and how strong it is. Of course, we expect quality from Italian products, which is the epitome of standard most brands should aim at. The waistband is also elastic and covered in a smooth lining to ease the irritation caused by most bands.

Like other Sofsy products, you get promised a money-back guarantee if the purchase does not meet your expectations. Be on the lookout for brand deals to get exclusive discounts from the manufacturers. If you are to experiment with clothing, you will find great use in having this item among your collection.

7. Silkies Women’s Control Top Pantyhose

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Are you looking for a pair that will maximize your comfort throughout the day? Well, the Silkies women’s control top pantyhose should be your top prospect. This pair not only fits perfectly into your body but also brings out those hard-earned muscles and sexy curves. As a woman, you should focus more on embracing your body, and that is what the leggings are for.

It brags of unrivalled comfort, which you will get to experience from your first wear till the day you overgrow them. If you are wondering how long they remain elastic, a long time is my best guess. Fabric content of 84% nylon and 16% spandex makes it strong enough to regain its elasticity after every wear. Another outstanding aspect regarding this pair of see-through leggings is the moderate tummy control design. For the few who have tummy issues, this will solve your problem by half.

The support ratio is correctly designed across all significant points. The tummy and butt are where the leggings offer the most support, and light support comes at the lower section of the leggings. An additional feature is the protective run guard between the panty and leg. It is a favourite to most, and you will not be entirely familiar with the experience until you get to try it out.

8. CALZITALY Opaque Tights

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The CALZITALY Opaque Tights are the ideal pair that fit every occasion you can think of. Whether you add on extra clothing or not, the couple will stand out and give you extra comfort all through the day. It would also be perfect to fit pyjama duty; they will go a long way to ensuring that your sleep is satisfactory.

They come in different colours and sizes, and it is up to you to give your desired specifications before completing a purchase. Since they are perfect to fit, we advise that you be keen when filling the size chart to avoid picking the wrong size.

The consequences of such a mistake include sagging or becoming stringent. The soft fibre gently caresses your skin, giving you extra comfort and confidence as you continue with your daily activities.

They are seamless tights that offer an outstanding experience; some even refer to it as a second skin. It comes with a reinforced toe and an easy to control, comfortable waistband. Why not rush to the store before the CALZITALY Opaque Tights run out of stock. Now you know why it features our most see-through leggings ever created; they are the perfect leggings for most.

9. Calzitaly Vintage Sheer Back Seam Tights

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The Calzitaly Vintage Sheer Back Seam Tights are the ideal pair of tights for a strong, classy, and working lady. Its appearance spells nothing but elegance with a pinch of sexiness and boldness. Their design features a slight hint of vintage leggings and perfectly blends with an urban touch. It is among the modern prospects on our list, and that is why you find them among the most see-through leggings ever created.

Their material composition includes Polyamide, Lycra, and cotton; 81%, 18%, and 1%. It means that the material from which the leggings are made contains all critical aspects you need to see through pairs. They are elastic, comfortable, and durability, making them perfect for daily wear, whichever the occasion. Unlike other tights, they feature a back seam that extends to the heel and is also known as the Cuban heel.

Not most brands can bring out a better definition of vintage leggings than this pair does, making them a popular product in its line. It is the perfect closet addition for a sexy and confident woman.

10. CALZITALY 7 Den Sheer Summer Tights

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Why is CALZITALY 7 Den Sheer Summer Tights present in our list of the ten most see-through leggings ever created? For starters, the pair brags of an exquisite and effective cooling system that keeps your skin feeling fresh the whole day. Complimenting this attribute is the diverse material composition used in making them; they deliver as promised.

Made with Lycra and a breeze from Nilit, the pair makes a great piece of clothing for the summer. This season, you will find the cooling system very helpful as it will keep your body cool. They make your legs look sexier and feel even better and are just enough to ensure you do not expose your bare skin. You will need to choose the right size from the range provided and confirm that the colour is as per your liking. In its design is a nude toe that makes it perfect to pair with sandals. We guarantee that you can never regret owning a pair during the summer and winter.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why Are All My Leggings See Through?

The main reason for all your leggings being see-through is because they fit that profile. If their material is not thick enough, it will be incapable of entirely blocking light rays, making it translucent. Some pairs are opaque on a purchase, but after several wears and washes, their profile slightly changes to see through. The explanation for such a scenario will be that their material could not withstand the frictional effects.

Also, try wearing leggings that are more of your size. Overstretching may affect their ability to block out light rays and maintain their opaque profile.

How Do You Practically Tell If Leggings Are See Through?

The perfect approach to knowing whether your leggings are see-through is doing squats while having them on. While in the squatting position, try and observe your underwear. If its lines are visible on the outside surface of the leggings, then they are see-through. Frequent wearing and washing will only make their condition worse.

How Do You Hide the V Shape in Leggings?

The most prominent reason for the V shape in leggings is wearing the wrong size of clothing. In your legging selection, ensure that you pick the correct size to avoid such scenarios. If you outgrow your favourite pair, accept it, and move on to another couple.

Other approaches to solving the issue of V shape in leggings are;

  • Avoid leggings with a front rise seam.
  • Correctly pair your leggings with panties.
  • Opt for dark fabrics.


We hope that our article on the ten most see-through leggings ever created will help you with your search. In this piece, there is an option for everybody.

First, get to know what you want from your leggings and then analyze our top prospects before choosing.

If you pick your option from our list, we guarantee that your purchase will be satisfactory.

We know that there exist other better products, and we would love to hear about them. Please reach out to us if you have anything to share or any inquiries concerning our mentioned leggings.

Thank you.

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