SeekingArrangement Review [Pros vs Cons]: My Personal Experience Charm, class, and wealth. A trio that coexists in harmony and commands both respect and admiration when matched.
In the sugar daddy dating arena, there are few apps proven to bear fruit. Among these, SeekingArrangement app shows the best balance of the three worlds.
Here, Sugar babies enjoy a luxurious life, elegant dinners, exotic trips, and allowances. In return, Sugar Daddies find the company of beautiful members at all times.
Unlike its counterparts, SeekingArrangement disrupts traditional dating norms and nurtures healthy relationships. Set to introduce partners with a taste for luxury, this dating app proves a must-have for sugar dating.
In this article, I’ll guide you through SeekingArrangement membership, tips for landing more engagements and more dating tips.

SeekingArrangement perks

Detailed user profiles

SA2 SeekingArrangement Review [Pros vs Cons]: My Personal Experience SA1 SeekingArrangement Review [Pros vs Cons]: My Personal Experience
Besides its simple interface, this app gathers user preferences when creating profiles. With this information, the app makes better suggestions increasing the chances of getting a quality partner.
By defining my preferences, I got suitable suggestions near me and among active users. SeekingArrangement aims for balanced relationships. They give their members an ideal place for this to happen.

b) Safety of users

The online dating arena is often prey to hackers, fakers, and other criminals. SeekingArrangement safety features include two-factor authentication, security questions, and thorough background checks. Together, these ensure that you don’t fall prey to catfishing.
Unlike its apps that stop at profile details, this app checks items ranging from salary to criminal records. These measures ensure safety both on the platform and when daddies meet their babies.
To curb bullying and profane content, the team of expert’s filter content posted on the app. Also, the app offers an option for reporting disrespectful users and scammers. By taking these measures, the team maintains a safe environment for sugar-bonding.

c) Huge audience

For any online sugar daddy dating platform to excel, having a vast number of daddies and babies is vital. Owing to its popularity and success in the field, SA boasts of the hugest traffic weekly.
As such, the app creates a balance ensuring that each member gets what they seek. Also, the app boasts of a worldwide audience, thus making it ideal for universal sugar dating.
Also, there are more Sugar daddies, unlike competing platforms, making it Ideal for sugar dating.

d) Signing Up

SeekingArrangement profile Signing in to Sudy S12 SeekingArrangement Review [Pros vs Cons]: My Personal Experience
Among various sugar dating sites I have engaged, SeekingArrangement sign-up was reasonably comfortable. After downloading the app, I entered my gender, sexual preferences before entering my email to create an account.
Unlike popular dating apps, SA allowed me to use a nickname, providing for anonymity. After uploading the profile photo, the app led to a step by step procedure, gathering personal information. Here, the app collects info ranging from age, location to body type, and worth.
Given the vast array of details it captures, the app understands one’s preferences best, which was reflected in my suggestions tab. Before finalizing this step, I was prompted to fill an about me tab, which appeared on the profile and helped build a reputation with fellow users.

e) Swipe feature

SeekingArrangement swipe feature SA9 SeekingArrangement Review [Pros vs Cons]: My Personal Experience
Among various intricacies of dating apps, the swipe feature ranks the most popular. Unlike its counterparts, the SA swipe is more sophisticated and easier to navigate.
On the seeking tab, I was only required to swipe left if a user’s profile didn’t match my preferences and right to add to favorites. After adding a user to your favorites, they are notified, allowing them to engage you.
When on a profile, the app provides for the button to pass a profile, send a message and one to add users to favorites.

f) Extended search filter

Despite the information the app gathers, you may need to fine-tune your searches for better results. With the settings tab on the top right, the app allowed me to change the parameters for searching.
By changing these parameters to a more precise setting, I got more like-minded suggestions within the regions of my interest.

g) Deactivating your account

Deleting a SeekingAraangement account
Deactivating a seeking arrangement account is also fairly easy. To do this, select the settings tab, and click on Deactivate account. Afterward, the app offers an option to either disable or delete the account.
To finalize the process, the app requires a reason as to why you seek to delete the account to better the platform.

g) How long does it take to get approved on SeekingArrangement?

After completing the profile, the app puts it under review, ensuring the accuracy of captured data. As such, it takes time before the profile is approved for mingling with other users.
In my case, the app took 24 hours, upon which I accessed various free SA services. For faster approval, here are some tips that ought to come in handy.

  • Upgrading to a premium membership. By investing in a premium package, you avoid waiting for approval, thus getting instant access to services.
  • Activating the email address validates your profile allowing thus catalyzing the approval process. Also, confirming the email enables you to enjoy the apps free services.
  • As is the nature of sugar baby arrangement apps, having a complete profile is always a win. For faster approval, fill out all the details in your profile, ensuring the status bar reads 100%.

h) Design and usability

Besides the safety and functional features on the SeekingArrangement mobile app, I found the interface easy to navigate. With well-organized tabs on the app, you can locate various settings and searching options quickly.
Also, the site is free of gimmicks and funny fonts, making it ideal for Sugar daddies to use. Even better, the site is user-friendly, thus suitable for users on IOS and Android platforms.

Is SeekingArrangement ideal for sugar daddy/ sugar baby arrangements?

Sugar daddy dating was never more excellent than offered by SeekingArrangement. Ranking the largest matchmaking app for sugar daddy & sugar baby relationships, it attracts both millionaires and beautiful people.
The members on the platform are inclusive but not limited to CEOs, executives, entrepreneurs, investors, lawyers, doctors, accountants, celebrities, pro-athletes, actors, actresses, top models, and the elite 1%.
With a community of over 15 million members, the app has featured in the media on CNN, 20/20, ABC, The View, Huffington Post, Business Insider and The New York Times, to name a few.
While there are many other millionaire matchmaking or sugar daddy dating apps, the SeekingArrangement app is the only app that features background verified profiles.
Also, diamond members on our apps have had their income, net-worth, and identity verified. The average wealthy member on this app has a net income of over $250K+.
The app also has a simple interface allowing easy navigation without triggering headaches.

    • Discover wealthy or beautiful people near you
    • Search for matches based on your preferences
    • Add as a Favorite or Message anyone you like
    • Easily buy one of the Subscription packages to upgrade to a premium membership
    • Searching by various parameters including age, location, ethnicity, height, hair color, and education.
    • The ability for premium members to feature higher on search results and bear as many as three profile locations.
    • Premium members can view whether fellow members are on a Standard or Premium plan.
    • For sugar babies with approved profiles, it is possible to can send an infinite number of messages for free.
    • Sugar daddies are limited to 10 messages, upon which they need to subscribe for a premium.

SeekingArrangement premium costs

The app offers many packages to ensure that sugar daddies select an option that allows them flexibility. Among the packages for wealthy partners include a $34.99 charge for seven days with unlimited access. A $59.99 package for 15 days unlimited access and a $99.99 package for 28-days unlimited access.
While the prices are higher than those of sugar babies, they are relatively low compared to what their premium equals charge. For sugar babies, the prices range between, $14.99 for a 7-day unlimited access a $24.99 package for 15 days access and a $39.99 package for 28 days’ of access.

Benefits of a premium SeekingArrangement subscription

While you would settle on the free version, it is critical to upgrade to premium. By upgrading to a premium, you get the full Monty of services which make it easier to get a suitable match.
Among the services reserved for premium members include:
Advanced search filters that help set more precise parameters on who you are seeking. This makes suggestions better and offers a profile boost to attract more engagements.
More privacy options. While SeekingArrangement is safe for Sugar dating, a premium upgrade boosts your security further. For instance, a premium member can limit the people that view their profile and status report.

    • No Ads- In the free version, you are bound to see several ad pop-ups when using the app. This helps the developers offer free service without accruing losses. By going premium, you block ads from interrupting your sessions, thus getting a better experience.
    • Gift wishlist- A gift goes a long way in courting a sugar baby. To give you this advantage free of the hassle of searching unending address books, the app features a gift wishlist feature. With this, you can connect to a store and gift for your partners without compromising your security.
    • Inbox filters- for a more refined taste in your matches, the premium package allows you to regulate the kind of people that contact you.
    • Sugar babies private pictures need permission to access, thus limits items divulged to the public.
    • Expensive Diamond Club feature broadcasts the financial status, thus attracting more sugar babies.

i) Let’s talk Sugar blog

As is the nature of relationships, many elements constitute a successful sugar relationship. With the let’s talk sugar blog, you get tips for staying safe on the app and attracting more potential suitors.
Besides this, the blog shows planned events, thus, helping you interact with like-minded people.

Is seeking arrangement legal?

Unlike hookup services, SA only nurtures relationships, thus falls within the legal parameters. However, it is critical to note that dating services are limited to persons above the age of 18.

Cons of SeekingArrangement

SeekingArrangement calender
In the mobile version, the interface for setting a birthday lacks an option for a list of years to select from. This forces a user to scroll through tons of pages when setting their birth dates.
Also, after completing the profile, you may be forced to wait up to three days for approval.


Seeking arrangements do not imply risking your mental wellness or exposing yourself to scammers. While it has room for improvement, SeekingArrangement ranks the best app for sugar dating.
Unlike similar apps, the app boasts of a vast audience and upholds its user’s privacy. For details, visit the app website or view the app on the play store.

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