Serta Ultra Plush Heated Microfleece Blanket Review

If you face a cold climate on a daily basis and your home does not provide enough insulation against the elements, you will need help to stay warm.

A space heater uses a lot of electricity, but the right heated blanket will keep you warm, won’t hurt your bank account by attacking your heating bill and will be soft and comfortable.

The Serta Ultra Plush Heated Microfleece Blanket is made from polyester and has ultra-thin wires to ensure your comfort. It comes equipped with low voltage technology that will keep your energy usage low. It has a 10-hour auto-shutoff and a pre-heat feature.

It has dual controllers so you can decide which side of the bed needs to be warmer, and it is machine washable and dryer safe so you can focus on the important things like surviving the day outside, not keeping your blanket clean. It is available in four colours, so you don’t need to decorate your bedroom with a colour you don’t like.

In this review, we will list the features of this blanket, take a look at the pros and cons and give you an overview so you can decide if this blanket will hold up against the climate as well as you do and welcome you after a long day in the wind and snow with the warmth you deserve.

The Serta Ultra Plush Heated Microfleece Blanket Review

The Serta Ultra Plush Heated Microfleece Blanket Review

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  • It is made from 100% polyester
  • It is made in the United States of America and imported
  • Its low voltage technology saves energy as well as working as a safety feature
  • It has ultra-thin wires
  • The blanket is divided into two separate zones that can be individually adjusted.
  • It is machine washable and dryer safe and does not pill or shrink
  • It has an automatic shut-off feature after 10 hours for added safety
  • It has a pre-heat and holds feature
  • It is available in four colours, ivory, charcoal, khaki, soft blue
  • Dimensions: 90 x 84 x 0.5 inches ( 228.6 x 213 x 1.2 cm)
  • Weight: 8.8lbs ( 3.9 kg)


  • The blanket heats quickly and evenly
  • It is well made with good seams and sewn well
  • It is safe due to its low voltage design
  • It has no thick uncomfortable wires
  • It is comparatively lightweight and very smooth
  • The controls are quiet with no clicking noises and are easy to operate


  • It works better with another blanket on top to keep heat in
  • The fleece feels a little stiff and cheap
  • It has a low tech analog controller
  • It can take a long time to dry in a dryer


The Serta Heated blanket heats quickly and is well made. It has not thick wires to annoy you when you want to sleep soundly after a long working day. Its low voltage design is safe and will save energy and will keep your heating costs low, and prevents hot spots. It is thick enough to keep you warm even when it is not turned on. It does work better if you put an extra blanket on top to keep the heat in.

The fleece can feel stiff and cheap right out of the packaging, and it may take a few washes for it to soften up, but it is machine washable and safe to put in your dryer without it shrinking or piling.


The controls are quiet and don’t have clicking sounds like other analog controllers. It heats up very quickly for a low voltage blanket. It has very thin wires and is light for a blanket of this size and warmth.

It is not the lightest blanket available but will not slip from the bed. It needs a separate outlet for each control and won’t work well for camping but will work in your home.

It compares well to other lighter heated blankets, it heats and other blankets but has the added safety and energy saving of a low voltage design.

The heat covers the entire blanket well, ensuring that your feet and shoulders are treated to the same warmth.


The Serta Ultra Plush Heated Microfleece Blanket’s best point is the low voltage design that heats quickly, saves energy and is safe. It is available in different colours that will look good in the most stylish of bedrooms. It is a good quality blanket that does what it promises and is not filled with extra trimmings.

It has basic controllers, is thick and smooth and won’t move around on your bed. This is a good blanket for you if you like something that doesn’t have unnecessarily complex controls or thousands of settings.

This blanket is good enough for someone living in a shipping container in a very cold climate, or for a large bedroom, it is soft and warms quickly without using huge amounts of electricity. It will keep your bed nice and warm when you need a good night’s rest to face the elements again in the morning.

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