How to Set a Reasonable Sugar Baby Allowance

Sugar Baby Allowance is not how much a sugar baby “worth”, it’s dumb literally, and it’s not prettier younger sugar baby get more allowance as well. The most important thing is finding a proper range that makes both of you happy. Before that, you should know first that sugar baby allowance is not based on how you look, what’s your age, and etc, it is based on the following 3 factors.
How to Set a Reasonable Sugar Baby Allowance

Find an Appropriate Range of Allowance

It based on #1 Your Expectation

How much do you want in the first place? Place it clearly on your profile when you meet potential sugar daddy on sugar site like “I want to just date, outside for having dinner or drink. It’s $300 per dinner or $500 per date would be the allowance I expected······”, “I want an allowance that typically ranges from around $1,000 to $5,000 per month. It’s fine for travels/business trip accompanying······”
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It based on #2 Your Time

If you are looking for a few hundred dollars of allowance every month, as extra pocket money, you most likely a part-time sugar baby. For this case, you better just go with dates, have dinner with sugar daddies and just get an allowance for every date, about once or twice dates for each month.
If you are looking for monthly or weekly allowance like thousands of money, covers your living expenses, full-time sugar baby would get more chance to find a proper sugar daddy. Many freelancers or people have no job would like to go with this because they need support for rent, bill, and daily routine.
If you are looking for extremely luxury life and get thousands of money every time you need it, you just need to spend all of your time with your sugar daddy. Generally, millionaires who can afford this kind of allowance would like to arrange all your stuff and make it fit what they want. They not only need your company but also most likely need to control you.

It based on #3 Your Effort

The contribution that you’re willing to make to a sugar daddy’s life is very important for setting your allowance goal. See if you do nothing like don’t hang out with your actual sugar daddy, spend little time with him and few messages or calls but you ask for thousands of pocket money as your allowance, guess what your sugar daddy will think about this? “Okay, this girl better like insane.”

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