How to Cast Free Lust Sex Spells Chants Without Ingredients

Do you want to Learn How to Cast Free Lust and Sex Spells Chants Without Ingredients…?

No ingredients spells generally are not suitable for beginners due to the mental power they require to manifest. However, beginners can cast such spells by using magical tools to help them direct energy more efficiently.

Moreover, magical tools are ubiquitous in our surroundings, and they can be of great help in magical workings. Anything can become a helpful and potent tool. You only need to improvise and adapt. 

The following, the article depicts guidelines for casting lust and sex spells without ingredients. For a spell to work, energy needs to be absorbed, transformed, and redirected towards accomplishing a goal.

Manipulating energy is easy when you have a trained mind. But as a beginner, you might find difficult to concentrate. So, by using words, you can channel your thoughts more efficiently. Thus, we advise you to chant when casting spells without ingredients.

The spoken word holds great power and meaning in its essence, so be mindful of what comes out of your mouth during a ritual.

Read further to find information about what time, moves, gestures, and magical words you can use to manifest a lust spell without ingredients. 

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Timing your lust and sex spell

Traditionally, synchronizing the spell casting with specific astrological phenomenons was believed to maximize the magical outcomes. Moreover, failing to do so could have compromised the entire ritual. 

Nowadays, magic has a more flexible character. Thus, many modern witches are not concentrating too much on the right timing, but rather on the right mindset to perform a spell.

If you want to take into consideration some of the correspondences that might help you schedule your spell, here are some pointers.


Planetary magic

Mars and Venus are the planets associated with love, passion, and lust. However, each planet has its own particularities you want to take into account before making any decision about which one to invoke in your ritual.

Mars is the masculine energy of sexuality. Besides being the Roman war god, Mars governs over the impulsivity, sexual potency, lust, and sex drive. 

On the other hand, Venus is the feminine aspect. This planet brings to the table sensuality, fertility, beauty, and passion.

Venus has a more delicate touch than Mars. Mars can be aggressive and impulsive.

If you want to use Venusian energy in your ritual, aim to perform it on a Friday. If, on the contrary, you desire more masculine vibration to work with, Mars will do the job. In this case, cast your spell on a Tuesday. 

Planetary hours

On the same principle, hours are associated with different planets, just as days are. The planetary hours are not affected by the ticking clock we are obsessing about in our mundane lives. Planetary hours are calculated according to the exact sunrise and sunset times. Here is how:

  • Find out how many daylight minutes are in the day you are performing your spell.
  • Divide that number by 12. This way you will find out the duration of one planetary hour.
  • Starting from the exact sunrise hour, add the duration of each planetary hour to find out at what time start, and ends the influence of a specific planet on the particular moment of the day. 


How to calculate


  • sunrise: 6:17 AM
  • sunset: 7:17 PM
  • Daylight minutes: 13 hours of daylight multiplied by 60 = 780 minutes
  • Duration of a planetary hour: 780 divided by 12 = 65 (a planetary hour on this day lasts for 1 hour and 6 minutes)

The first planetary hour will start at 6:17 AM and end at 7:22 AM. To find out the next planetary hours, start from the sunrise moment and keep adding the duration (in this case 1 hour and 6 minutes).

Following this procedure, you will convert the daylight time into planetary hours.

Next, using the same pattern, calculate the 12 nighttime planetary hours.

Now you should have figured out the 24 planetary hours of a day.

After completing the calculus, assign a planet to each hour by respecting the Chaldean sequence (Saturn, Jupiter, Mars, Sun, Venus, Mercury, Moon). Keep in mind that each day starts with the planetary hour corresponding to the planet that governs that specific day. 

For example, Venus corresponds to Friday, so the first planetary hour on Friday will correspond to Venus, the second to Mercury, the third to the Moon, the fourth to Saturn, and so on.

If you find it difficult to figure out the planetary hours by yourself, check out some apps to help you with it. Here are some examples of planetary hours apps:

  • Planetary Times
  • Planetary Hours 
  • Astro hours (star of the Magi)
  • Astro clock (planet hours)
  • Horocal

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Moon phase

Scheduling your spell depending on a specific moon phase is easy. You just have to know how the main 4 moon phases influence magic.

The full moon is very powerful and is suitable for almost any type of magic. You can perform healing rituals, spells to enhance your intuition and magical abilities. This is the time to meditate and to be grateful for what you achieved.

The new moon is great for planning, setting goals, and making resolutions for the new moon cycle. On the new moon, you can perform purification rituals, and spiritual cleanses.

The waning moon helps you get rid of unwanted things, energies, persons, and so on. Banishing rituals are commonly performed during this moon phase.

The waxing moon is suitable for attracting and multiplying aspects of your life. So, cast spells to earn more money, to attract a person in your life, and so on.

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Casting a lust spell with no ingredients

After setting a date, an hour, and a moon phase for your spell, you want to think about how you are going to perform your ritual. What things are you going to use, and how. 

Even if you are aiming at casting a no ingredients spell, you can still use your body, your mind, and your words to direct energy towards accomplishing your goal.

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Use your senses

The 5 scenes help us to communicate with our surroundings. We decode the information that makes up the world around us. Exterior stimuli influence our disposition, feelings, thoughts, and decisions. Therefore, incorporating different stimuli in spells can aid in focusing your thoughts in the right direction.

The biggest organ in the human body is the skin. Not only it is a protective layer wrapped around our bodies, but it also helps us feel pleasure, pain, and other sensations. Keeping that in mind, we can take advantage of that and use nothing more, but our tactile sense in spell work.

Considering that you are casting a spell for lust, touching your body to raise sexual energy is what you should aim at. Touch the sensitive areas of your skin, or try to climax and release your intention full force into the universe.

Draw symbols with your hand in the air

Another way to use your body when casting a no ingredients lust spell is to draw symbols with your hand in the air. For example, if your spell is about harvesting feminine energy, you can draw an Ankh in the air to empower your thoughts.

This is a powerful technique and combined with the proper symbols is going to have marvelous results.


Ritual Dance

Dancing is another way to raise energy while performing a ritual. Put on some music to help you sensually move your body and attune your vibrations to the desired result of the spell you are casting

Don’t think about what you are doing. You don’t need a specific choreography for this. Follow your intuition and let your body move and twist to the music. 



As magic is not necessarily an exact science, there is a lot of room for improvisation. What resonates with you, might not work for another witch. Therefore, we recommend writing your own chants and incantations.

Use words that inspire you. Try not to overcomplicate things, and use simple, easy to remember lyrics or words.

For example, if your goal is to make a man become sexually attracted to you, say something like: “Want me, come to me, burn with desire for me.” 

The purpose of a chant is to bring your mind in trance and make it concentrate in a specific direction. This will keep your thoughts from straying away from your desire.



Imagining your wish like it is already coming true is all you need to do for a spell to work. But this is not simple for an untrained mind.

You need to focus all your energy and mental power to create a believable image in your head, in order to convince yourself your spell worked. 

Believing in your powers as a witch is crucial for your success in spell casting


Create a rhythm

Clap your hands, stump your feet, hum, or make percussion sounds to create a hypnotic rhythm. This technique is great to raise energy and, you can easily combine it with some dancing or chanting to enhance its magical efficiency. 



Spells without ingredients spare you from the time consumed on gathering ingredients and are easier to perform in public (if you decide to only use visualization). Although these types of spells require less prior preparation, they demand a trained mind and might not be suitable for a beginner witch.

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