Sexual Relationship in Sugar Daddy Dating

In sugar daddy dating, there are various relationships that basically it all depends on girls, if girls don’t mind, sugar daddy dating usually turn to sex. Most of the sugar babies don’t reject sleep with their sugar daddies if they like them. But the sexual issue may be the biggest drawback for young girls in sugar daddy dating world. This post is for every sugar seekers who in sexual relationships with their sugar partners and remind them keeping safe.
Sexual Relationship in Sugar Daddy Dating

Sexual Sugar Daddy Relationship

When Sex Become a “Certain Thing”

In South Africa, sugar daddy dating is popular among young people, they give it another name called “blessers”. And blesser and blessee relationship in South Africa is basically all about sex, men spoil girls financially or materially to live a lavish lifestyle in exchange for the sex, which is “be blessed”. And blessers know clearly about that, “Here is the thing—The fact that this is, for the most part, a financial relationship. If you ask me if I love him, I don’t know how to say, it’s may not a normal ‘love’ but I indeed put more cares on him and I like to be with him, he is much more than cool.” A blesser, aka sugar baby, said that.

When Too Young to be Sugar Baby

Sugar daddies are men who are probably married, and they’ve got multiple partners. Young girls lack common sense, and now today with social media, they want to be Kim Kardashian. A sugar daddy told me that he had dated an underage sugar baby before, she is quite pretty and too hot to look like an underage girl, he didn’t have sex with her but bought her a new cellphone and send her shoes as Christmas gift. I believe mostly sugar daddies are like this guy who would never sleep with a teenage girl, but we can’t guarantee every stranger especially online.

Always Keep the Safe of  Yourself

Like I said sexual sugar daddy relationship in South Africa, according to some theory, countries in South Africa grappling with HIV epidemic, 20 percent of the adult population in South Africa has HIV. Sugar daddy relationship may become transactional sex relationship and may be dangerous if you don’t protect yourself well, never compromise principles just to obtain or maintain a luxury lifestyle.
On the contrary, educated and ambitious sugar babies would know how to manage their relationship to sugaring safely, see your time as being valuable, don’t let others push you or force you to do things, just follow yours.

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