Shaving Against The Grain

Shaving Against The Grain

Shaving against the grain simply means shaving along the opposite direction of the beard growth line. While this is what many barbers called as close shaving, however there are certain drawbacks when you use this style of shaving; a good way to spurt blood and cutting facial hair below skin surface which can result to inflammation or skin infection. Fortunately, there are some helpful tips to follow in order to avoid these drawbacks.

Determine The Course of Resistance

It simply means as the “against the grain” (ATG) area and you can detect it by tracing growth beard area and the portion which you feel bumps are the so called ATG; take note of these. The reason for determining the resistance course is that not all men have the same beard patterns and going against the grain is dependent on the growth direction.

Steps on How To Improve Shaving Against The Grain

Yes, the only way to avoid issues when it comes to shaving in the opposite direction of the growth line is to improve on shaving techniques and these are:

  • Rinse and warm your face thoroughly before shaving; either you take a warm shower or wash your face with warm water.
  • Hydrate and exfoliate facial skin for at least three minutes to soften facial hair and the skin as well and doing so will help reduce shaving resistance.
  • Perform three shaving phases; first phase to lather and shave along with the grain, then lather again with shaving cream and shave across the grain, then re-lather for the last time and shave against the grain.   Do not forget to use only sharp razor blades.
  • Once done, moisturize your face after shaving.

Whether you shave against the grain or not, it is important not to overshave in order to minimize skin irritation and razor burn. Finally to keep the razor sharp for longer period of time, rinse it well but do not wipe it with a tissue or dry towel; just shake it well to remove moisture.


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