9 Obvious Signs a Cancer Man is Serious About You [NEW]

A cancer man can get attracted to a woman, and this is something every woman should know. When you are in a relationship with a cancer man, remember he doesn’t like making jokes, most notably in relationships.

A cancer man can act in some ways which will automatically tell you that he is serious about you. There are many signs a cancer man is serious about you, and you need to know them.

These signs will help you understand what to expect and be ready for what might come in the future.

A cancer man might not tell you directly if he is earnest about what you two have together, but his signs can directly tell what he thinks and even feel about you as his partner.

Here are signs, and you need to know them since they are crucial if you have a relationship with a cancer man.

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9 Signs a Cancer Man Is Serious About You:

1. When He Takes You To His Family

A cancer man always takes the family as the priority in everything he does. He has always considered his family as the closest people in his heart since he knows very well how his family has lived and struggled to be with him in his health conditions.

So when you see a cancer man that you are in a relationship with becoming very close to you to the point of taking you to his family, then with no doubt figure out and know that he is earnest about you.

A cancer guy can not tell you directly that he wants to marry you, but you need to understand this whenever you see him introducing you to his family member.

At this point, a cancer man has already figured out and known what he should expect from you. All that he wants is to see you bonding and interacting well with his family.

2. When He Wants To Make Smiles In Your Face

Most cancer men are known to be quiet and moody, and this is surprising o find that your cancer man wants to make you feel happy and laugh all the time.

What you should know is that this is among the signs a cancer man is serious about you.

If a cancer man can afford to put his feelings and mood swings aside and make efforts to see you happy and laughing every time, then it is evident that he is happy being with you, and he is earnest about you.

He might not tell you directly but his actions by making sure you are not broody, and whenever you are down, he is there to comfort and be with you that is evident enough to tell you he loves you.

3. When He Takes You Out Often Times

You can most find that your cancer man likes taking you for small dates and even for dinners and lunches and even our coffee cups.

It’s not like he wants you to get satisfied and happy only; he is also crazy and has fallen in love with you.

He loves you and is serious that you have a relationship together. You should know that he wants to be with you, and that is why he is doing these small, simple things for you to ensure that you are happy and satisfied.

A cancer man will always take his time and even sacrifice some of his duties for himself to make sure he has treated you out, and this is a solemn thing because not everyone can afford to do it.

A cancer man will always want to make the woman he loves delighted, and that is why when he takes her as his priority, everyone will know that he wants her as her future wife.

4. When He Enjoys Your Company

You can find that a cancer man enjoys being with you wherever you are and doesn’t tell you about it.

He can even call you and ask if you can come over to be together sometimes.

Often, he tells you that he missed you the last night or when you left each other. He won’t tell you that he is seriously in love with you, but this is among signs a cancer man is serious about you because he wants to know you better and more.

He is even already in deep love with you because he finds it difficult to be away from you. You should be careful when this happens, and don’t disappoint him.

You need to take the chance and show him how you too really enjoy and love his company. That is a friendly way of giving him hope about your future together.

5. When He Helps You Duties At Home

Doing women’s duties at home is something bot no man can afford to do unless it is deeply in love with his woman.

When you find a cancer man helping you with some duties at home, even cooking for you and asking you to relax and be patient, and he serves you, know that man is already in deep love with you.

When a cancer man loves, loves, and showers his woman whatever it might take to, he sees her happy.

He can help his woman wash dishes, clean the house, cook, and even go shopping together in the market as he puts his feelings aside.

It is a deep sign that this man loves you and wants your relationship to glow to another level.

6. When He Opens Everything To You

Opening up your personal life, dreams, visions, and future is nothing that can be done to any person.

Not even a man in his health condition can do that, more so the cancer man due to his condition.

However, when you find a cancer man being so emotional and telling you what his plans, visions, and dreams are, you should know that it is among the signs a cancer man is serious about you.

He wants to share his future with you, yet a reason he is telling you all these plans.

He can’t directly tell you if he wants to spend all of his life with you but telling you about his plans is a specific sign that prepares you for what he is thinking about.

7. When He Feels Jealous Seeing You With Other Guys

Everyone tends to feel jealous but with a specific reason. A cancer man too is a human being, and whenever he is thinking of sharing a future with you, he will act in a way that you can easily notice.

Just the way a cancer man only sets eyes for a single woman, he wants the same in return from that woman.

When he sees the woman he loves flirting and being together with another or other men, he will feel sad and jealous. He wants you to himself because he loves you, so he doesn’t want to share his woman. This is another sign among many signs a cancer man is serious about you.

All he needs is your respect and unconditional love like the one he offers to you.

8. When He Introduces You To His Friends

Friends are seen as significant people for cancer men. No, any cancer man can take it in life if he doesn’t have a friend to comfort and be with him through happy and sad times.

Also, a cancer man tends to have mood swings, and the true friends are the ones who will stay with him even though these moments.

When you see a cancer man introducing you to his friends, then no doubt that you are loved. He values his friends so much that he sees them as a family.

When he introduces you to his friends, he loves you, and, seriously, you two can have something big together.

He has already seen you as part of his life; no wonder he even introduces you to his friends.

You need to figure out this by yourself and make a good step to officialize your relationship and make you a couple.

9. When He Treats You Gently

When you see a cancer man so much interested in you to the point that he wants to treat you gently, then be sure that he loves you dearly since it is among the signs a cancer man is serious about you.

Love him back and make him feel a superior person before you by allowing him to protect you and make you feel secure.

Nothing will make a woman feel pretty good than being protected in the hands of a man.

Whenever you see your cancer man protecting you so much, then know that he loves you and is serious that you can have a great time together.

Love him back and let him have a chance of showing you that he loves you.


When you see any of the signs among the above ones, you should know that your cancer man loves you and is very serious about having you.

There are many more signs a cancer man is serious about you, but the mentioned ones cover almost all of them.
You only need to play the game back by responding positively to his signs if you love him, and you will have a future together.

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