15 Obvious Signs A Cancer Man Likes You More Than A Friend

Let’s begin by learning about the Cancer man to see if we want him to be more than a friend. You want to know, “what are telltale signs a Cancer man likes you more than a friend?”

For starters, he is ruled by his heart and emotions, so he’s thoughtful, affectionate, and cares about your feelings.

He is in it for the long-haul, his family is of its most important. He is looking for a home, comfort, and stability.
So, if you are just looking for a good time, the Cancer man is not for you.

signs a cancer man likes you more than a friend

A few Cancer Man, Cancer Male Characteristics,

If he’s looking for a long-term relationship didn’t scare you off, let me just tell you how awesome he really is. You will always feel loved and he will always make sure you are taken care of.

He has a great sense of humor and is a very romantic person. Most Cancer men not only make great husbands but fathers too.

Remember, with good comes some bad. He is a very jealous and controlling person, falls in love very easily.

He wears his emotions on his sleeve, but just simply wants someone to love and be devoted to him.

The Cancer man is a hard worker and expects the same from you. After a hard day’s work, he simply wants to come home to his family.

He’s not a partying kind of guy, would much rather be at home alone with the one he loves.

When you meet him, he’s not going to be the life of the party. As a matter of fact, you will find him more at an art gallery, hardware store, or arts and craft store.

He wants his home looking good for when Miss Right shows up. You will have to take the lead for the relationship to go anywhere because he has a big fear of rejection. Don’t come on too hot, too quick, he is wanting a good, wholesome girl to love and keep for his own.

He is looking for a June Cleaver type. He needs to know that you can cook, clean, and provide a good home for him. Yet, he loves femininity too. So, it’s good to dress like a lady for him.

Emotional support and approval are very important to the Cancer man. Be someone he doesn’t have to worry about trust.

He absolutely loves being pampered, so nice candlelit, a home-cooked meal, or a sensuous massage is exactly how to get to his heart.

He’s an extremely hard one to get to know though. He is shy and quiet, even when you are alone.

He would much rather you tell him about yourself. You will eventually get to know him, but it will be like pulling teeth, just one thing at a time.

Remember, actions speak louder than words. He will gladly show you how he feels about you, but you just don’t get to hear it very often.

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Cancer Man Compatibility:

I guess before we look into the 15 signs a cancer man likes you more than a friend or more, we need to know if we are even compatible. You are going to be on the edge of your seat for this if you are extremely interested in the Cancer man.

The list is in order from the incompatible to the most compatible.

Good Luck!

  • Aquarius and Cancer – Cancer man’s stable, home-bodied, loving self combines with Aquarius’ affectionateness, Sci-Fi freak, laughing with you and at you at the same time self. This can work, but a very hard one.
  • Aries and Cancer– you are looking at a very selfish person, who the Cancer man will spoil rotten given the chance. While the Cancer man is a little clingy, Aries has to have freedom.
  • Sagittarius and Cancer – once again Cancer man is all about family and being settled, while Sagittarius needs to travel the world, be free, and adventurous.
  • Gemini and Cancer – Cancer man loves to hover, Gemini can’t be smothered. There are similar interests, but totally different temperaments.
  • Leo and Cancer – It’s not good for both signs to be all needy and bossy. You’re as different as day and night but share quick tempers.
  • Libra and Cancer – you are both awesome hosts, maybe you should have a dinner party, but I would think really hard before a relationship.
  • Capricorn and Cancer – Cancer man needs to be touched and longs for affection. Capricorn holds feelings inside and ends up facing depression.
  • Cancer and Cancer – The Cancer’s feel safe together, the insecurities and fear of rejection have to go out the window.
  • Virgo and Cancer – Both of you are such givers, it’s hard for either of you to take. Seamless companions and immediate friends from the start.
  • Taurus and Cancer – No matter the age the two of you met, you look like high school sweethearts. Taurus can be blunt, secure those feelings Cancer man.
  • Pisces and Cancer – Romance came about because of the two of you. You both love to play the victim, just let go of the problems.
  • Scorpio and Cancer – Both of you have trust issues, but go with the flow. You share an emotional bond that can be moved into an intimacy that few people will ever see.

The 15 obvious signs a Cancer man likes you more than a friend:

Finally, we have made it to the 15 signs a Cancer man likes you more than a friend

1. He makes future plans with you.

Cancer man can be very persuasive when it comes to building loyalty and commitment to you.

2. He wants to connect on a spiritual level.

Cancer man is often associated with the spiritual element of life and wants to create a spiritual love connection with you.

3. Extremely passionate with you.

Cancer man has extremely intense emotions and enjoys showing it by being very passionate with his lovers.
He just wants to build a physical and emotional connection with you.

4. He takes you shopping.

His stuff is very important to him, makes him feel secure. So, when he offers to take you shopping, he’s wanting to buy all your favorite things just to show he likes you.

5. He invites you to his place.

It’s not what you think at all. Cancer man is big on family and home. He treasures his home. So, you should feel honored if you get this invite, it’s a big step for him.

6. He wants to know everything about you.

Cancer man feels if he knows what you want, you’ll be happier. He will make it his goal to know your likes, dislikes, and all in between.

7. He’s extremely loyal.

Since he expects your total devotion, he will give you no less. Once the Cancer man falls in love, he falls all the way. He plans to make your every dream come true.

8. There’s no problem at all with public display.

Cancer man is very shy, but there comes a time when he could care less about how people look at his relationship. You’ll get lots of physical attention even in public.

9. He wants to cook for you.

Cooking for you is an extreme turn on for Cancer man. He wants to take care of you and make you happy in every way. Pampering you with some home-cooked food seems simple to him.

10. He breaks down and tells you how he feels.

Cancer man isn’t shy about having feelings and once he catches that bug, he can’t keep it to himself. It’s very important for him to connect with you on an emotional level.

11. Now, it’s time to meet the family.

Cancer man has a big bond with family, it’s very important to him. So, if he’s asking you to meet them, he’s already planning to keep you around for a long time.

12. It’s all in the actions.

Cancer man wants to make his woman happen in every way he can. So, if cards, flowers, and candy start popping up, it’s a sure sign.

13. Mr. Homebody has shown up.

If you notice him start doing chores around the house, such as washing dishes or doing laundry, he’s getting extremely comfortable.

He just doesn’t want to go out anymore, wants to cuddle, rent movies, and just stay home with you.

14. If he does everything in his power to make you smile.

Cancer man is usually pretty moody. So, when you notice him start being goofy, yet charming, doing crazy stuff just to make you smile. You can bet he’s into you.

15. He starts sharing.

Cancer man is very protective of his heart and feelings, he’s a closed book and it’s hard to know him.

When you notice him start opening up telling about his childhood or old football days, you know, you’ve won him over.


So, now, it’s totally up to you, the proud owner of a Cancer man’s heart if you want it. How could you not? He sounds so perfect.

All I can say is, don’t forget he can be moody and he’s very shy. However, the best thing about having a Cancer man is all he wants to do is make you happy by taking you shopping, buying all your favorite stuff, and cooking for you. I believe I could be a taker for the rest of my life.

Of course, you have to pamper him sometimes too. Enjoy!

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