15 Sure Signs a Cancer Man Misses You Badly after Break Up

Are you reading this post because you want to know if a cancer man you’ve dated, a friend with benefit, or whatever the case may be, is missing you?

In this article, I will discuss 15 Sure Signs a Cancer Man Misses You after that break But Won’t Express His Feelings to you.

Dating is not as simple as people put it. It could be jealousy, poor communication, interference from other parties, distance, or financial strains that can see you end your partnership.

You are also likely to miss out on signs from your man, and the relationship can end up in the bitter end.

Some of the men find it hard to express their feelings.

They shy away from talking about their emotions. In such a scenario, you might not know your man is missing you.

He might not confess his love for you but show it in actions. You are likely to feel out of place when your man cannot directly confess his love or tell you how much he misses you.

Some men will not admit they miss you. They have egos, and expressing their feelings makes them feel inferior.

It is their nature, and they need understanding partners.

Failure to understand your partner will see the relationship on the rocks. Therefore, you have to develop a means to learn about your man and give the proper response to his signals. You can use the zodiac signs to know about your man’s character.

Each man has a character that goes along with their zodiac sign. Therefore, it is not hard for you to study your man using a zodiac chat.

You can observe some of his habits and reason with him where he is shy to confess his feelings. This article is all about a cancer man. It brings forth some of the familiar characters a cancer man will portray when missing you. If you wish to keep and impress your man, you can use the following signs to understand his feelings.

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The 15 Obvious Signs a Cancer Man Misses You Badly After Break UP:

1. He Shares jokes with you:

One of the best tell-tell signs that a Cancer Man is missing you badly is, by the way, crack jokes when he’s around you.

Cancer men are often shy and will not come forward to express their feelings for you, but if he’s missing you, he’ll throw in jokes to evoke your reaction.

However, you can be on the lookout for subtle signals such as texting you a joke or wishing you a happy day.

Such messages should alert you that he is missing you. Ignoring such texts from him could see the relationship go sour.
Therefore, you should be quick to respond and show him interest. Failure to respond can see him go cold for a while or vanish.

2. He reminds you of memorable moments

A cancer man has the best memory. They quickly note all the moments.

A cancer man will remember even the tiny details of every occasion. Therefore, he will try to remind you of an event when he misses. Do not laugh it off.

Make him feel comfortable and keep the conversation lively.

3. Cancer Will Attempt Make Every day is unique for you

When a Cancer Man badly misses you, he will try and make every day look special for you. Every couple has special days. People celebrate anniversaries, achievements, birthdays, and other events.

After the special days, people are likely to revert to old ways. However, with a cancer man, it is different. He will try and make every day look special.

Whenever he is trying to reach out and do your favor, it is a sign he is missing you. Do not develop cold feet when he has a surprise for you.

You should take the opportunity to know him better. Assure your partner you love him.

4. Cancer Man Regularly Checks on Your Social Media Status:

A cancer man is likely to make a call after a while to confirm you are on the right track.

He will ask you about your condition. Such efforts confirm that he is missing you, and you are in his thoughts.

You should give him an update and engage in a conversation with him. You do not want him to get information from your friends.

Thus, you should respond to his queries. He will fall in love with you and settle down.

5. He’ll Be Asking for a Date:

A cancer man is romantic. Whenever he is missing you, he will do all he can to get a date. He will insist on meeting you in person.

Do not frustrate him. You should agree on a date and make it as memorable as possible. He is likely to remind you in the future.

A cancer man loves going out. Therefore, he will choose the best spot for a date. Being on time creates an opportunity to catch up.

You can bond with your partner after being away for a while.

6. He’ll Be Making Frequent Calls to Check on You:

Sufficient communication is significant for any relationship to stand against all the odds. A cancer man is caring and love.

Thus, he will make an effort to contact you when you are away. Do not frown on his calls. It is a sign that he is missing you.

He could be thinking of you and wishes to be by your side. Give him time during calls, and you will win your man.

7. He’ll Be Sending Random Texts to You:

When a cancer man is missing you, he will send a random text during the day. Please do not take his advances as desperation. He is missing you and would like to share his day with you. Therefore, do not take long to respond. Again, the random texts could be a clue for you to start conversations. Do not shy away from texting first. You can lead him on topics and make him part of your day.

8. He shows excitement when he meets you:

A cancer man is unlikely to admit that he is happy to see you. He will not tell you of the lonely days when you are away. You can observe his character when you are around. Does he smile from ear to ear? Does he glance at you and show happiness? Does his face glow? Does he create an unending conversation for you to stick around? All these are signs that he is missing you. Therefore, you should use this chance to show your love and impress him.

9. Surprise gifts or visits:

A cancer man is always fond of his partner. He knows how to stay in love and will go to the end. When he is missing you, he will make regular visits to your place or apartment. He will bring you a card or even flowers and other gifts. A cancer man will appreciate that you love him and will make you feel special. Whenever you see him knocking on your day, know he is missing you.

10. Feeling envious:

When you mention how busy you are to a cancer man, he is likely to feel jealous. It is healthy and a sign he is missing you. He would rather have you by his side. Sometimes you should leave that plan to go out with your friends. Visit your man or include him in your plans. It strengthens your bond. By paying attention to such signs, you will never fall out of love.

11. Contacting you during holidays:

Whenever people go for a holiday, they tend to forget about their normal life. They are busy catching up with siblings, family, or friends. Such activities may consume their free time, and some may even forget to contact their partners. A cancer man is different. He will send you texts or also send you a picture of him on holiday. It is a sign that he is missing you and wishes you are around for the company.

12. He Likes your post:

With innovations like social media sites, your partner will try to impress you by liking your posts. Whenever you remark, he will support you by liking it.

It is a sign that he is thinking of you when you are away.

13. Talking about you:

Once a cancer man settles down and falls in love, he can share his feelings about you with friends and family. He can share his hopes and show them how adorable you are. It is a way of showing that he is fond of you and missing you when you are away.

14. He Like You to meet him at your favorite spot:

It is not a coincidence that you meet him at your favorite restaurant or joint. When a cancer man is missing you, he will study your habits. If he finds out that you hang at a particular joint in your free time, he will show up when missing you. If you find your man on your spot, you often know he is missing your company.

15. He Regularly Comments on Your Posts:

At times, you may find it annoying that he is all over your profile, leaving comments. It is a way to get your attention when missing you. Talking or texting over the phone might not be sufficient. He will leave a comment on your post to create a conversation. Do not fail him by ignoring a remark. It would be best if you created a conversation instead.

What does a cancer man feel after a breakup?

Cancer men deal with a demanding state by hiding their deeper emotional state and trying to act strong. A cancer man, after a breakup, will pretend like he is ok when he is not or will go to the extreme and show you that he is messed up emotionally by his heartbreaker.

Cancer man will typically try to come to terms with heartbreak by subduing his feelings or shutting down completely. He does not like to express his susceptibility.

Even though he does not like to show his weakness, people around him may notice that he is not himself after the breakup because of some changes in his behavior. Like being moody or likes to eat, he eats less than he is used to.

Will a cancer man come back after a breakup?

After the breakup, returning a cancer man will depend on how he copes with the heartbreak’s pain. This will govern whether he can open up again.

When a cancer man falls in love, he falls intensely, swiftly, and effortlessly. Cancer men tend to have a solid connection to the former relationships. Therefore, any past that had a significant effect on his life rolls back in his heart and mind.

A cancer man is also very cautious about that person he is authorizing into his life. He knows you can either impact his life positively or negatively. Hence this determines how horrible or satisfying things were before the breakup.

Why would a cancer man ignore you?

When a cancer man snubs you, then there is an impassive reason behind it.  Cancerous men do not disregard anyone unless you have done something that hurt them deeply.

Cancerous men are commonly known for fostering nature and taking care of those who matter to them. They are the most affectionate and considerate partners.

When he is hurt sensitively, he may start disregarding you so that he can deal with his state better.

When you lie to a cancerous man, he will surely hurt so profoundly that he will ignore you in the process.

A cancerous man who is dealing with his problems will ignore you. They are so caring but very emotional.  When they are faced with an issue, their moods will get affected by it.

How do you know when a cancer man is over you?

Cancerous men do not like to hurt the feelings of others intentionally. Therefore, if he is done with you, he will stop holding a conversation with you in-depth. Instead, he will be asking a fundamental question.

Romance is one way that cancerous men use to make a woman feel exceptional. When he unexpectedly quits with the passionate emotions that made you fall for him, then it is a way of him saying it is over.

When a cancerous man starts to act mysteriously, such that he excludes you from his private matter, then it is a way of telling you that the relationship is no longer there.

Does a cancer man move on quickly?

A cancer man cannot deal with the pain of losing the one he loved quickly. This is because when the cancerous men long for and find you, they love you with all of their beings. This is because they took their time revealing their hearts and openness to you.

Because of cancerous men’s most nurturing, stingy, and caring nature, when they are inconsolable, it becomes tough for them because of that feeling of losing a portion of their hearts.

What do you do when a cancer man ignores you?

A cancer man may ignore you because of different things, and among them, which is major is hurting his feelings. Moreover, you can do certain things during those instances of ignoring you to cause him to snub you.

You can make sure that you are also not available whenever he needs you. This is like handling fire with fire. This will cause him to come to the reality that he needs you in his life.

If playing hard is not a good idea to handle his silence, communicate with him about his silence. This is a head-on way to tackle your cancerous man behavior. He will believe that his conduct is permissible, but he will not want to hurt your emotional state.

Why does he keep leaving and coming back?

A cancerous man will always return to you because you make him want to take possibilities in love. He has a habit of unfolding his heart in gurgle wrap until he is set to share it with someone, but for somebody who does not ever take risks, like a cancerous man, he is prepared only to do for you.

If he maintains coming back to you, it is because you make him want to get out of his relaxation zone and see the petrifying parts of love as electrifying and worth it all.

His coming back is because of the deep attachment of a cancerous man towards someone he loves and cares for.

How do you get a cancer man to trust you?

Cancerous man looks tough from the outside but in the real sense that he is very lenient on the inside. A cancerous man in love is a very profound and responsive being.

One way to earn his trust is to spend a lot of time with him at home as he likes it that way rather than going out.

Give him commendations that make him feel esteemed. Because of his thoughtful nature, he nobles his self-esteem and values if his partners nurture them for him.

Be friends to people who matter to him the most, like family and special friends. He is firmly attached to a small circle, but it means everything to his life.

Will a cancer man miss me?

A cancer man will miss you if you apprehend what he is considering for in a relationship. He needs retreat but also wants it on his peculiar terms.

It is significant to cognize cancer man obsession to compel him to miss you. Such things that will make him miss you are giving him space whenever he needs it. Try and dress in a way that will excite him and undeniably keep him on toes by making him guess your following causes.


All the above signs show that a cancer man [1] is caring and will walk on eggshells to please you. Do not worry when he does not directly inform you of his feelings. You should make use of the above signs to understand when your man is missing you. Give him a call or go for a date with him. Such efforts can save your relationship. A cancer man is the best when it comes to settling down. He makes an excellent partner in marriage.

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