15 Clear Signs a Shy Aries Guy Likes You But Won’t Tell You

Normally Aries men are not shy or hide their intentions.

But when an Aries man genuinely likes you without any hidden lustful agenda, he can be shy. He is a proud man with an ego he protects by all means. With that in mind, he is likely to hide his interest in you until he is sure the feeling is mutual.

When he is sure that you like him back, then that’s the time his true nature will come out. In the meantime, let’s discuss hints that your shy Aries man likes you but won’t show it.

15 Clear Signs a Shy Aries Guy Likes You Secretly:

1. He’s Charming When Around You

When an Aries man is interested in you, he will be on his best behavior. He will want to prove that he is a worthy partner and wants to sweep you off your feet. He will be charming in every way possible. He is the kind to send you bouquets of your favorite flowers, hang balloons, or anything flashy to get your attention. He lets his actions speak louder.

2. He gets clumsy and awkward around you.

The Aries man can be awkward or clumsy around a lady he likes. He tries to look casual but fails miserably. This is because he is trying so hard to get your attention and is trying to impress you. Naturally, he is a cool guy with smooth vibes, but it’s only when flirting with random girls. When he sets his eye on a lady he really wants, the cool side disappears, and his inner shy side comes out. Don’t worry; he is struggling to act cool, but he will get over it soon.

3. He asks you a lot of questions

Generally, when an Aries man is attracted to you, he wants to know everything about you. He asks a lot of personal questions to try and understand you as a person.

He is a great listener as he wants to catch every little detail. He is also very observative, noticing things you do subconsciously. When he has feelings for you, everything you do will be amusing to him, and he wants to know it all.

4. He shows you off to his friends and family

An Aries man is an outgoing person with a busy social life. He is the kind you find at parties, galas, red carpet, or anywhere that creates a buzz, and chances are he is the one creating the buzz.

So when he likes you, he wants to show off his newest prized possession. Aries men like to be on top of their game, and when he has you at his side, he feels lucky and wants everyone to see.
Note that if he fancies you, he thinks you are amazing and will be eager to show you off in front of his friends, family, and anyone else.

5. He texts or calls you regularly

Does your Aries man call or text regularly? That’s because you are on his mind, and he wants to hear from you. It’s his way of showing interest, and he wants to check up on you. He might not bombard you with a million texts or calls in a day, but he will make sure to check on you first thing in the morning or wish you a good night. It might seem innocent, but that’s his shy way to you show his interest.

6. He considers you in his plans

As discussed earlier, an Aries man is not an indoor man. He is outgoing with a very active social life. Hence, he will always consider you in his next plans. The guy will plan creative dates with fun activities.

He wants to have a good time with you as he is getting to know you better. He is cautious about sending you mixed signals, so he might plan something general or even have a few friends join you. After a while, he will be comfortable enough, and you’ll be glad to have him all to yourself.

7. He flirts openly and aggressively with you.

Usually, this happens when he is sure that you like him too. Aries men are not quiet about their intention and pursue their interests with great aggression and precision. At this point, you won’t be guessing if he likes you or not.

The Aries man will openly tell you how he feels about you and what his real intentions are. He might be blunt about it, but he means well. He is not trying to be rude, but they are wired that way.

8. He shows signs of jealousy

Another sure sign you’ll notice bits of jealousy. He might not be very open about it because obviously, you’re not dating. But it will pain him to see other guys flirting or hanging out with you. You’ll notice mood swings and anger outbursts as he tries to hide his jealousy.

He knows you are just friends, but he wants you all to himself if he likes you. He might not tell you about it, so he might even start ignoring you to hide his feelings.

9. He challenges you

Naturally, Aries men are adventurous with a competitive edge. When he likes a lady, he wants someone who is equally as ambitious and loves life. You will notice him trying to challenge you to do better and be better. He will challenge you in every way possible, but he is not trying to put you down. Push back and rise to the occasion and see how turned on he will be. It will strike his ego, and he will work extra hard to show you he is the man.

10. He has lots of positive energy around you

An Aries man is confident, ambitious, and full of energy. When he likes a lady, he wants her to like him back. Yes, sometimes he is self-centered but also wants the best for the people he cares for. With that, he is likely to cheer you up when you are feeling down, run your errands, fix your car, or anything to make you feel good. He will be a positive influence in your life with a fun side to these dull moments.

11. He gets touchy

The most obvious sign is when he breaks the personal space barrier and becomes touchy. This means he wants you, and he shows you by touching or kissing you. He is not afraid of public displays of affection and will hold your hand whenever he can. Sometimes he can overdo it, but he can’t help himself. He is fond of you and cannot keep his hands to himself.

12. He tells you jokes

He might not be the funniest guy you have met, but he does have a good sense of humor. When he is relaxed around you, he will crack a few jokes to lighten the moment. He wants to see you laugh and fall in love with your beautiful smile. He will not embarrass himself to make you laugh, but he knows how to drop a few humorous remarks at the right time. It’s never a dull moment with an Aries man.

13. He’s interested in knowing your friends

Of course, he wants to know everything about you, including your friends. He wants you to be happy and will be okay with entertaining your friends. He will plan group activities to get to know them and understand your interests through them. He understands the saying, “show me your friends, and I’ll tell you who you are” well.
Don’t be afraid to bring your weird friends along; trust me, his friends are worse than yours. He is likely to have a rowdy group of friends as he does not hang out with boring people.

14. He plays hard to get

An Aries man likes to do the chasing. The best way for you to know if he is really into you is by stepping back and let him do the chasing. If he is into you, he will step up and come after you strongly. He enjoys the thrill and finds you attractive, and will cherish you much. This is simply because he feels like he won, and you are his beautiful trophy.

15. He opens up to you

Generally, Aries men do not like to feel or be vulnerable to anyone. So when he starts opening up to you, he really likes you. He does not want people to know about him and is usually emotionally guarded. But once he trusts you or feels safer around you, he will start opening up to you. He will share his secrets, struggles, dreams, and ambitions. This means that he can see a future with you, and he is welcoming you into his lonely world. Embrace it because this glorious man loves genuinely. That’s why it’s hard for him to settle down.

In conclusion

The Aries man knows what he wants and will pursue the lady of his dreams. Drop him a few hints that you like him back or flirt with him once in a while. But be careful not to come out too strong as he will see you as cheap or desperate and lose interest. The guy wants to be the one doing all the chasing. Lead him on and let him do all the work.

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