Psychic Symptoms and Signs: 51 Symptoms of Psychic Abilities     

What are Psychic symptoms and Signs?

Have you always dream of an unusual event that resembles to predict the future?  Do you feel or see something that others can’t?  Do you always feel different?  If your answer to all these questions is YES, well, ALAS!  You have those amazing psychic abilities.

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What is a PSYCHIC? 

Psychic is a term that is pronounced by extraordinary sensitivity, mysterious perceptions, and understanding.  This kind of experience is naturally occurring in our daily life. 

However, there are still people who may not be able to believe or may be unaware of those mind-blowing experiences. 

But, every one of us has those innate psychic abilities.  

All you need to do is to deal with it. Whether you want to take it into a deeper level or you just want to ignore it.

Are you ready to find out if you already embodied a psychic ability?

Manifestations, Signs, and Symptoms of Psychic Abilities     

 Here are some signs and symptoms that reveal your psychic powers. 

  1. Unusual feeling prior to certain events or situations – You usually feel uneasy or you have that unpredictable feeling or jitteriness prior to a major event or calamities such as an earthquake or sudden death of a person close to you.
  2. Always seeing something unusual – Even if white mist, shadows, and/or sparkles of lights are not really there inside the room, but in the corner of your eyes, you always see them flying.
  3. Get woken up in the middle of the night – They say that spirits are usually strong and mostly felt during the night.  If in the midst of your sleep, you suddenly woke up and felt that someone is watching, then that feeling might be probably right.
  4. Sensitivity to energy – In a room full of people, you feel a mixture of emotions of happiness, sadness, anxiety, or excitement around you.  Or sometimes, you feel the tension bursting out between two people.
  5. Having symbolic or disturbing dreams – Dreams seem to always have meaning for most people.  One way of figuring out if you have psychic abilities is having symbolic dreams.  Dreaming of being in places that you don’t usually go, or dreaming symbolic items or animals may be a sign that your psychic powers are already developing.
  6. Bothered easily by noise or crowd – In a crowded place, you always feel suffocated.  Or sometimes, you even feel that people are drawing nearer and nearer to you.  You are easily get bothered by noises even if you turn down all the sources of sounds – like television, radio, or mobile phones, around you.
  7. Feeling of empathy – You always sense other people’s emotions while envisioning their feeling or what might be thinking.
  8. Experienced telepathy – Telepathy is the ability to communicate between the minds.  It is usually the power of the mind.  One example of this is thinking of someone and suddenly a text message from that same person pops-in.
  9. Having a well-developed intuition – If you anticipate what happens next, or you are good in detecting the cause of the problem, you know the best way to depict something out, and then you have that high level of “gut-feeling” or intuition.  Some people even use this intuition in decision making.  Because for them, through intuition they can see things more clearly.
  10. You hear voices – You hear voices even when no one is around or there is no source of sounds.  Most likely, this psychic ability shows that you might be a medium of spirits.
  11. Able to sense the past – By just simply holding an object, you already sense its past history or past owner.  Or you just hold someone else and you clearly see his past experience.
  12. Déjà vu – This is simply a strange feeling of knowing a situation but not definitely know it.  One example of this is when you curiously stare on the road as if you knew something was happening there before.  Suddenly an accident occurs right there at that very moment.
  13. Clear scent – Randomly, you smell things that are not near you.  Some people smell fragrances, peppermints, smokes or alcohol.
  14.  Clear taste – This is an unusual experience of tasting something without even putting anything in the mouth.  There are times that you feel that you taste alcohol even if you don’t actually drink that substance at that time.
  15.  See images of people you don’t know – You often see images of people you don’t know especially when you close your eyes.
  16. Appreciate nature and animals – Nature and animals are usually connected to our psychic ability.  If you have the ability to communicate with the wind and to sense the feeling of a cat, then your psychic power may already be developed.
  17.  Unexplained anxiety and nausea that usually leaves quickly – This is spiritual anxiety.  Spiritual anxiety is a feeling of sudden onset of anxiety or energy.  It happens usually because this is a sign that a spirit is trying to contact you.
  18.  Self-talking all the time – Talking to yourself all the time is also called as “clairaudience”.  But, you’re probably not just talking to yourself, you’re definitely getting Divine guidance.
  19.  Fascinated by paranormal things – Having psychic powers, one might be a medium to contact spirits.  Being a medium is a way to communicate between the spirits of the dead and living human beings.  If you are fascinated with the way on how to communicate with the spirits of the dead, well then, your psychic power is ready to be awakened.
  20.  Giving the best advice – Your psychic power might be improved when you find yourself giving the best advice to others without knowing where it came from.
  21. Experience many synchronicities – Synchronicity is an experience that deals with one or more related events that are unlikely to occur.  If you have episodes of waking up at the exact same hours in the middle of the night to pee, then you are experiencing synchronicity.  Take notes of this experience because spirit always uses synchronicity and numbers in getting our attention.  Better to take a look around you or try to notice something unusual within you during these times.
  22. Extremely creative and imaginative – Our imagination is a way that leads us to daydreams and visions.  It is considered a very important trait of having psychic ability.  You are seeing pictures on the internal monitor of your mind.  You are also using the psychic technique of projection.  This is seeing yourself being in the future.
  23.  Have frequent nightmares – Nightmares are dreams that are usually scary and seem to be all too real.  If you have frequent nightmares, then it’s time to know that you are not alone.
  24.  Controlling your dreams – It is known that dreams are the entry place to the subconscious.  But, if you are already aware of dreaming, that’s the sign that you are already controlling your dreams.
  25.  Having visitation – Visitation is dreaming of our loved ones who are already on the other side or who are already gone.  This usually happens when a spirit is trying to contact you in other ways but you haven’t really noticed.  However, if the spirit visits you in your dreams, it is a sign that they already get your attention.
  26.  Having an object you considered as “lucky– Lucky charms are objects that usually bring good luck to the owner.  If you own something that provides good fortune for you, this means that positive energy is coming from your mind.  This way shows that you are making your direction in awakening your psychic power.
  27.  You believe that there is more out there in the universe that exists.
  28.  You are being drawn in a location, house, or building without having any clue.
  29.  You have this feeling of wanting to go home even when you are already at home.
  30.  You feel that you are always dealing with bursting energy of depression all of your life.
  31.  You are able to finish the sentences of another person.
  32.  You have dreams that come true.
  33.  You feel the energy or the atmosphere when you enter a house or a building.
  34.  You are almost losing friends and want to make new ones.
  35.  You have an imaginary friend when you were a kid.
  36.  You are afraid of the dark.
  37.  You can see other people’s aura.
  38.  You have the ability to heal.
  39.  You can see two places at the same time.
  40.  You feel physically unwell for no valid reason.
  41.  You feel a tingling sensation or increasing pressure on the forehead.
  42.  You sense that your loved ones are in trouble.
  43.  You experience severe headaches most of the time.
  44.  You have insomnia.
  45.  You feel exhausted which is commonly followed by deep sleep.
  46.  You feel extreme fear that unrealistic.
  47.  You are trying to eat healthy foods and start to avoid junk foods.
  48.  You feel a burning sensation on your ears.
  49.  You feel that things around you are getting quiet at times.
  50.  You feel like something is happening within you.
  51.  You sense spider webs into your skin.

If you experienced at least 10 of the given signs and symptoms, then your psychic abilities are just waiting to be awakened. 

Many people are just trying to ignore these signs and just let it slip and go to waste.  However, there are still some that really engage their selves into learning and developing these innate abilities within them.  Most importantly, it depends on you whether you want to put it in a trash or to take it at a higher level.

Dealing with, and Awakening Your Psychic Abilities

Having psychic abilities is the norm.  However, awakening what’s inside us takes deeper learning and understanding of what it’s all about.  Having some control over those things is very important. Here are some techniques that can help you to have some control over them.

  • Try to meditate.  Meditation brings calm and relaxation to both the mind and the body.  In order to cope with those unusual experiences, meditating is a good help.
  • Consciously practice using your abilities.  It always a popular saying that practice makes perfect. But, if you want to use some of your abilities, apply them in a good way to be able to improve them.  However, deciding not to use them may also help those abilities to be better. Not using them may help reduce their occurrences.
  • Pray.  Praying is our ultimate connection with God.  This helps us to get guidance and protection from above.  But, if praying for you is uncomfortable, then you may try it another way.  Try it in a more complacent way for you. What’s important is you are communicating with God and asking for His guidance.    

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