27 Signs He Loves You When Making Love to You

Unless you have a casual hook up or a one-night stand, sex with someone you love is fantastic. 
Making love with your partner is considered as a passionate affair. However, you can still find men who know how to fake love easily.
You might be dating for years or several months and still not being able to decipher your man’s true feelings.
Some men might fool you only to his benefit by getting the better of you. On the other hand, reading a man’s mind is never that difficult.

When you decide to analyze carefully, you can easily judge all his feelings. Therefore, in this article, we shall be discussing the 27 signs he loves you when making love.


The 27 Apparent Signs He Loves You When Making Love to You

27 Signs He Loves You When Making Love

1. Looking directly into your eyes

There is no doubt that eyes have incredible power when it comes to communicating feelings. You can quickly tell what is inside someone’s heart by looking through their eyes.
When you are making love to your partner, he will not just be staring at the walls or outside the window, waiting to finish it off.
However, if he truly loves, you will find him making most of that moment; you will feel his emotions without him having to express with words.
With his eyes, he will speak the unsaid. When your partner is avoiding eye contact, he will be lying about loving you.
Nevertheless, it might also mean he is shy, which is often awkward in some cases but can be acceptable, or it can say that he is manipulative.

2. Kisses

A kiss helps to seal your love; we have robust and susceptible nerves on our lips that will pick up signals.
Furthermore, a kiss is the first intimate touché in any relationship; with a kiss, you can arouse the entire being.
If he loves you, then your partner will be engrossed while kissing; you will be able to feel your partner’s needs, passion, and emotions, allowing you to feel how much he is craving having you in his life. This will make you forgive everything around you.
With intense kisses, you will have great memories, and all your worries will seem insignificant.

3. Communication 

Excellent communication is said to be the key to a beautiful relationship. If he loves you, he spends most of his time asking you, things that make you feel great, what you need, if he should go slow, or be rough while making love.
Furthermore, he will try and make sex pleasurable for you, and he will let know what to work better to best suit both of you; he will make it feel like a learning process.
You should enjoy having sex; this means that it doesn’t have to be painful if you are sufficiently foreplay.
In addition to that, you will be able to notice all his efforts are directed towards involving you in the act.
Even when the making process is over, if he loves you, he will cuddle as he speaks to you.
Communication plays a vital role in building your relationship and determining whether he loves you or not. Furthermore, communication is not only verbal, but it can also be achieved through non-sexual touches.
Your partner will not be able to do without touching you in one way or the other.

4. Romantic atmosphere

A person who loves you will try to create a romantic atmosphere; he will try to achieve this by making an effort to learn things that turn you on. This means that he will avoid rushing into sex and causing pain in the process.
As a man who loves his girl, you will consider starting the entire process slowly.
Furthermore, women love escalating at a plodding pace.
Therefore, you might consider having a candlelight dinner, watching a movie in a dark room, watching sundowners, and counting stars, among other fun activities. This will be enough to prove you love her while making love.

5. Emotional during sex 

This is often common during the initial period. However, it does not necessarily mean he will cry, but few do can.
If he loves you, his feelings may attain an incredible state which will force his affection for you to erupt like a super-volcano.
In addition to that, he will be expressing all his gratitude through expressions or verbally. Sometime, he will come back after he is gone for a few minutes and then kiss you and give you a tight hug. This will be clear to you when you are in sync at that moment.

6. Never mind about his professional life. 

When a man loves you, he will create time for, and he will never make his professional life an excuse if you want to make love even though some men who come up with excuses when it comes to making love, some will never come up with any reason, including an office excuse if he loves you.
If he loves you, he will make your sex life a top priority as well in addition to professional life.

7. Comforting you

As an individual who feels insecure when having sex without any protection, he will not force it on you if he loves you.
Some individuals will trick you to accepting unprotected sex despite you being uncomfortable with having it.
In addition to protection, a new sex position can be awkward for some individuals; therefore, a man who loves you will keep that in mind and avoid forcing it.
He will keep your comfortability in mind allowing you to enjoy the sex experience even more.

8. He will not undermine you for not being perfect. 

Whenever you make a mistake in bed, he will not whine or complain about it. For him, you might not be a pro; however, when you try, he will appreciate you, and when you make any fault, he will not undermine you in any way; he will hug you and forget about it.
Moreover, he might end up helping you master some things that you might have never given a try before.
During this period, you will need to observe and see if he is looking for a slave who will just satisfy his sexual desire, and he is never into you.

9. Not only receive but also give

Most men don’t love giving oral sex to their partners; on the other hand, women are a bit submissive and love to do things that will have their partners fully satisfied.
Often, men prefer getting rather than asking for a blow job from their partners.
Therefore, if he loves you, he will allow you to enjoy every inch of you as his own; without any conditions. He will as well try his best to please you just the way you are doing to him.

10. Flawless body 

One of the major sings that he truly loves you is that; he will appreciate your body the way it is despite it not be that much flawless.
He will always admire your body more than you do; this helps you feel more secure and appreciate your body.

11. Remembering every detail  

If your partner remembers everything in detail during sex, he truly pays attention to things you love and tries to avoid all the stuff that makes you feel uncomfortable.
Furthermore, at times, you might forget something about yourself, but he still remembers; he has mastered every inch of your body, and he loves it the way it is.

12. Romance in bed

How romantic in bed your man is speaking for itself.
Usually, romance is the primary difference between lovemaking, casual sex, and a one night stand. If he takes ample time to turn you on, he loves and appreciates you so much.
He will always indulge in the foreplay, make you feel more comfortable, and please for a better sex experience.

13. Remaining after sex

This is quite obvious; if your man is after sex, he will never care about you; however, if he loves you, he will consider remaining behind after sex and taking good care of you.
He will try and help you out by cleaning, coming back to bed and snuggle with you. This is a clear sign that he loves you in bed.

14. Carefree in bed 

If a guy loves you, he will not hesitate to tell you what is in his mind; he will be able to share his craziness fantasies with you.
As a man, he will drop his defenses for you; this means that he will open up in front of you and share all his emission with you.

15. Cannot stop having his hand on you

It always doesn’t have to be when making love that his hands are all over you; if he loves you, he will love touching you whenever he is with you.
He will always hold your hands in public to feel you or even find a way to kiss you.
Furthermore, he does not have to start intimacy for sex alone but show his affection for you.

16. Regular sex 

If regular sex is not an issue in your relationship, it is an excellent sign that he loves you. He will initiate sex anytime without having to say it loud; his actions are pretty much clear. This shows that he is crazy about you and that your sex life is super spontaneous.
If this is what you are experiencing, it is clear that he is happy with everything you are offering him and satisfies him to perfection.

17. Verbal compliments

When you man loves you, he will whisper sweet things in your ears while having sex and after it. It is common for men not to compliment their women; however, when they do so, he is satisfied sexually.
However, sex should never be the only thing that brings happiness in your relationship, but it remains a significant part of any relationship.

18. Tricks up the sleeves 

He ensures that your sex life never becomes boring; this means that he will remain satisfied, and to achieve this, he will start broadening the horizon by expanding his skills.
He will always keep experimenting with new skills and tricks that will have both of you feeling satisfied. This will make you feel more eager to explore him as he comes up with new things.

19. Cuddle monster 

In a relationship, cuddling is a common thing for both partners. Most women think that men will be fully satisfied with just sex; however, the truth is that they love kisses, caress, and cuddling.
When he cuddles you after sex, mean a lot even if you are not talking that much.

20. Pleasing you in bed

 You should check if you man is trying hard to please you in bed. If he makes you see stars and feel every moment, it is a clear sign that he genuinely loves you.
As a man, he will consider it his top priority to make you feel pleased if he genuinely loves you.
Your satisfaction is his primary concern; this means that he would like to see you happy, both in bed and outside.

21. Laughs and smiles

After making love, if he genuinely loves you, he will remain by your side and make simple jokes that will make both of you laugh.
Even during sex, when he smiles at you, it is clear that he is happy with you. There is doubt that people often smile when they are around people they love.

22. Speak about the future 

If someone is after sex, talking about the future will never be in his mind.
However, for some who genuinely loves you, he will keep talking about the future between the two of you, even during sex.
He will plan on having kids with you and have a beautiful family together. When he does this, it is a clear sign that he genuinely loves you, and he would like to keep you.

23. Affectionate 

In addition to giving pleasurable sex, a man who loves you will always try hard to make you feel good.
Your man will always be affectionate during sex or towards anything else that is not sex-related if he genuinely loves you.

24. Understand your desires

A partner who loves you will try and understand all your sexual desires, things that turn you on along sex positions you find most pleasurable.
Therefore, when he asks for these, it shows how much he loves you.

25. Always beautiful in his eyes.

A man who compliments your beauty each time while having sex is a clear sign that he genuinely loves your appearance and is willing to have you in his life.
Often, there is a different and more intense energy when a man compliments a woman he desires.

26. Hardens real quick

One of the most apparent signs that your man loves you in bed is that it does not take him long to get hard.
By just kissing him or touching him, he will go hard in seconds, and it is a clear sign he loves you.

27. Fast cum

Despite that he wants it to last long, he will cum fast because he loves you. Therefore, when you see this happening more often, you should consider feeling special because he loves you.


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