10 Clear Signs a Cancer Man Is Playing You & Is Not Serious

Every woman looks for a rich, developed, and deep relationship with someone: bagging Cancer is almost a guarantee of getting that dream guy. Cancers are ruled by the element of water, which represents emotions: if you are after emotions, then these are the right guys for you. Cancer men are incredibly open and thus easy to read. Despite the fact that dealing with their flow and ebb could be tough, the fact of the matter remains that these waters run deeper than all the rest.

However, these men are always open and emotionally present does not mean that a Cancer won’t or can’t play you. Sometimes they put up certain fronts to make you believe that your relationship is different than it is, although there are some unmistakable warning signs that will tell you that Cancer is becoming sneaky. This article enlightens you on the signs that your cancer man is playing you and is not serious.

10 Signs that Your Cancer Man is Playing You:

‘He ignores Your Feelings’Sometimes it is hard to deal with a man who ignores your feelings. Cancers expect you to deal with the huge emotional baggage that they possess but could sometimes ignore your feelings, especially when playing you. Cancers will always want you to make them feel satisfied emotionally and equally want you to feel emotionally satisfied. If a cancer man stops caring about what you feel, you can be sure they are playing you.

1. ‘He becomes Pessimistic about Your Relationship’

Pessimism could be present in all relationships, even when the relationship isn’t headed in the wrong direction. However, Cancers are emotionally oriented, and as such, if they express lots of negative thoughts and feelings about your relationship, then they are playing you. He may not be ready to terminate your relationship instantly, but he certainly will since the first step is to check out emotionally. This tells you that he may be seeing someone else and is just waiting for the appropriate time to heartbreak you.

2. He becomes Emotionless

Emotions are always part of Cancer. It is that unabashed emotion that makes it easy to read a cancer man, and as such, if they suddenly become emotionless, it can only mean two things, both of which are devastating.

The first probability is that they fail to invest emotionally anymore, which means that the relationship is on its deathbed. The second is that they are attempting to keep something away from you, which means you are being played.

3. He Withholds Affection

Love is important to all of us. However, Cancers are emotional and view love as the most incredible thing to them in life. In all relationships, the deal is to make others feel loved and to be loved back in return. Cancers are unable to fake affection, and if a Cancer shares feeling with you, they are in for it. However, when something is wrong, they withdraw, which means that they are playing you.

4. He becomes Suspicious of You

Everyone knows the idea of projection: that notion that if a person is hyper-fixated on the behavior of someone else, the reason is that the action is a reflection of themselves. They don’t want to see it. That idea applies to Cancer men who suddenly become very suspicious of you. If your behavior is normal, but your Cancer thinks you are up to something, the truth is that they are the ones who are up to something: they are playing you.

5. He Turns on You Fast

The mood of a Cancer turns on a dime, but when they are happy, and with someone they love, most mood changes lean towards the happier end of the spectrum. But should you be hanging with your Cancer and consistently switch from ‘crabby’ to happy, and if the negative emotions are directed towards you for no reason, then there is something sketchy, they are playing you.

6. He Picks at Every Little Thing

Cancers do not know how to mislead anyone with regards to their emotional state, but they could occasionally mislead you. They get relieved by sharing feelings, and even when they hold something back, they eventually find a way of letting that thing out. When they feel unbalanced, cancers let out the bad feelings when an opportunity presents itself. So, if they have a negative reaction to every little thing you do, they are keeping something from you: there is someone else.

7. He develops Mood Swings

Cancers are prone to mood swings in almost all circumstances, which makes it trickier to figure out this as a warning sign. However, look out for whether the mood swings are more dramatic and frequent and be sure to understand why their moods are changing.

If you are able to figure out why the moods are changing, then you have no reason to worry. However, if they swing back and forth almost constantly and you have no reason why, then it has something to do with you: there is someone else in his life, your deputy.

8. He is Distant

If your Cancer guy becomes uninvolved and distant, then there is something cooking. Cancers love sharing their feelings, even the negative ones, as they like self-expression. If your Cancer lover clams up when it comes to sharing, they are hiding something suspicious, and the best way to remain safe is by sharing nothing at all.

9. He doesn’t share his Feelings

Cancers believe in sharing whatever they feel. If your Cancer guy stops sharing his feelings, then your relationship is headed in the wrong direction. He does not trust you, and he prefers to convey the feeling with someone else: that someone else may be just about to take your man. 


Those are ten great ways to tell that your Cancer man is playing you. Watch out for those signs to be sure of the status of your relationship.


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