Simple Fertility Spells You Can Cast Yourself for Free

Are you in a desperate need to get pregnant and looking for remedies like Simple Fertility Spells You Can Cast Yourself for Free to help you conceive? If so, then this is the article to give you just that.

So, what are Fertility Spells?

So, what are Fertility Spells?Fertility spells are ancient magical chants that can help a woman get pregnant by magical powers.

These spells are still practiced to date for reasons related to infertility. It is true that most (if not all) women would want to have a young one at some point in life. Unfortunately, this might not be the case all the time. Some women might experience difficulty at conceiving, and this experience might be quite stressful, especially if you are in marriage.

Well, today there exists several spells related to fertility that anyone can cast. Fertility spells can be complex or very simple. So long as a woman understands what fertility spell entails, there is always a high possibility of them happening.

When Casting Fertility Spells

When Casting Fertility SpellsFertility spells should always be used for the right reasons whatsoever. In some situations, women go to the extreme of casting fertility spells just to convince and make their partners stay with them. Others cast these spells when they are not ready to handle the responsibilities that come with having a baby.

You should get to ask yourself a few questions before casting these spells.

  • Is this the right time for me to have a baby?
  • Is my partner in agreement with the issue of bringing in a new family member?
  • Have we reached the point in our relationship where it is comfortable to have a baby?
  • Will the baby’s financial needs be met adequately?
  • Is the reason I want a baby genuine or I just want to fix my fading relationship?
  • Am I stable emotionally to take care of the baby?

It is totally not advisable to cast a fertility spell just to save a breaking marriage or relationship – set your priorities right and make sure the reason is very genuine.

Free Fertility Spells You can cast

A spell to get you pregnant immediately

What you will require for this spell:

A Christian Wicca Spell to get you pregnant.

Requirements for casting this fertility spell

  • A bible
  • 7 white candles

Instructions for casting this spell

  • Light up the 7 white candles while reading from the creation stories from each bible – this should be done for seven consecutive days.
  • Believe that it will work.
    It has worked for a number of women.

A spell for enhanced fertility

You will require the following to carry out this spell

  • A twine or rope
  • An egg
  • An avocado fruit


This ritual can go a long way to help your body focus and concentrate on the current fertility desires at hand.

  • The first step is to find a place in your farm or garden. Dig a small hole enough to bury the avocado fruit.
  • Cut the fruit into half along the circumference by rolling a knife over it.
  • Separate the two parts of the fruit and extract the seed from the middle but don’t throw it away yet.
  • Crack the egg carefully enough to remove the yolk – don’t break it. You can do this effectively by pouring the yolk into a dish to and fro until all of its content has been extracted.
  • Place the yolk inside one half of your cut avocado fruit. In the same way, place the other half on top and wind a rope around to make it intact at one place. This activity symbolizes the empty womb (avocado) being filled with life (egg)
  • Place the avocado inside the hole you had dug earlier and meditate for a few minutes before burying it.

A spell done by both parents to call a baby to them

The following items are needed for the successful execution of this spell.

  • Knife
  • Wine
  • White Candle
  • Red Candle
  • Goblet (Glass)

Follow the below steps and instructions

  • Slowly pour grape wine inside the glass goblet.
  • Make a minimal cut on your finger and your spouse’s finger.
  • The female then stirs the wine with her cut finger in a way to add blood to the wine.
  • The female then proceeds to lift up the goblet and say the following words
    With Affection with present our blood, So we may conceive another This is our intent, As Nyx Wills it, So might it be
  • The male then lights up the white candle and replies
    I am the one who is to be the father, I light this white candle, To bring Balance within our hearts. We are calling to you our little one
  • The female lights the Red candle and says
    I am the expected mother, I light this Red candle so I may carry a Child. With Balance of Love and Happiness, I now chant.
  • At this stage, the male partner has to drink the wine from the goblet as the female chants
    This is the Glass from which we share, To bring forth our child,
    Oh great Goddess of Night.
  • The male partner then presents the goblet to the female to drink as he chants
    This is the Goblet which we share, To bring forth our child Oh Great God of Darkness
  • In a way to bind the fertility spell, the female chants
    With the Power of the Goddess 3
  • The male then replies
    With the power of the Consort Be
  • Together, they both chant the following words
    We Bind this spell, So Mote it Be

Fertility spell to help reduce anxiety brought about by Menstrual Problems

You will require the following for this spell.

  • 1 Hens Egg
  • Paint or Permanent Pens (any colors)
  • Paper Knife
  • Almond or Olive Oil
  • Coconut Shell
  • Tiny Straw Basket
  • Moon water (Water collected when the full moon is shining)

Steps to follow to cast this spell.

  • Pick a time when the crescent shape of the moon is showing in the sky. Take the egg and color it with Mother Goddess symbols which include spirals, birds, bees and butterflies
  • Place the egg at your bedroom’s windows for a period until emergence of the full moon.
  • Wake up early the next day to sprinkle it with drops of pure olive oil for the purposes of fertility.
  • Insert the egg into one half of the coconut shell – the coconut shell is considered the most viable fruit for fertility. You may also use a small straw basket. Then set your little boat moving on a river. If it proves impossible to sail, consider burying the egg and coconut shell below an alder tree and sprinkle Moon Water on the soil.
  • Make love on the night of the full moon or anytime within the month to actualize this fertility spell.

It should be noted however that this spell will not cur gynaecological complications but will only relieve anxiety and stress which might t be contributing factors towards blocking fertility.

The Rainwater Sieve of Conception Spell

Follow the following steps to make this spell effective.

  • Take a collection of rainwater in a container the next time it rains
  • Take the container to a refrigerator and seal it tightly- wait for a bright moonlit night.
  • Expose the water to the moon beams overnight by placing it outside.
  • On the next night, pour this water onto any woman who is willing to conceive a baby- in this case pour the water on your body – you can do this in the bathtub by pouring it over your head so that it evenly spreads over your body.
  • The woman should visualize the feeling that comes with having a baby as the water trickles down her body.

Spell for Pregnancy

Items required:

  • Small bag or pouch
  • Amethyst
  • Clear Quartz Crystal
  • Chrysoprase
  • Aventurine
  • Fresh Rosemary

To cast this spell:

The leather pouch should be filled with each of these stones:

Amethyst, Clear Quartz Crystal, Chrysoprase, Aventurine

  • Put fresh Rosemary beneath the bed when trying to conceive, and put the pouch around your neck each time you try. This will raise your pregnancy chances.
  • Once pregnant, keep the pouch until after you deliver to ease your labour pains and help ensure a safe delivery.
  • Before your little bundle of joy turns a month old, discard the stones away, particularly to a friend who is pregnant or who is also experiencing difficulties trying to give birth.

Easy Fertility Spell

During your most fertile time (usually 2 days before, during and after ovulation):

  • Light 9 white candles in your bedroom. Place them around your bed.
  • Sit or stand naked with your partner, facing the North direction, and chant the following:
    “With one mind, we call to thee.
    With one heart, we long for thee
    Child of Earth, Wind, Fire & Sea,
    Into our lives, we welcome thee”
  • Turn to the East, then South, then West, repeating this incantation each time you do so.
  • Proceed as nature requires.
  • Recite this spell for the five nights before engaging in intercourse.


Final Thoughts

As much as I strongly suppose that anyone who is having difficulties in having a new born baby should consult the doctor, these ritual may serve as a more viable mode of meditation and relaxation of the mind that may be brought about by the condition of infertility. Try them out and believe!

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