Spells for kids: Introduce Your kids to Wicca and Wonders of Magic

Have you ever wonder why your kids love to read enchanted stories or watch fairytale movies?

It’s because deep down they wished to be like the fairies and have the powers to cast spells and live a fairytale life, a life of happiness, to be who you want to be and be in control of what you eat, drink, wear and even go.

Children believe what they see more than what they are told.

Practicing or performing a simple spell to your child is a practical and exceptional way of showing them what you believe in and how to use them.

You can also teach them from a tender age how to connect with the energies or higher forces.

In kids magick, your kid will need to know that spells don’t always mean the use of herbs and oils but using your intentions right to change a normal object or toy to a magical object.

Children have a clear mind and find it easy to connect to other worlds than adults, their minds are open to imaginations maybe because their minds are still clean and free from the world’s idea of magic as an evil thing.

Children have a higher chance of succeeding with magick than adults.

What are children spells?

Children spells are spells or tricks which parents teach or perform to their kids to help them to live or have a fulfilling life. This spell is also aimed at helping them find a lost coin or toy, healing, happiness, courage and also to help them let go or release negative emotions.

Children can be made strong and unafraid of all nightmares how? By giving them a portion or spray which is made for nightmares and telling them it will cast away nightmare when they spray it in their dreams. This alone gives your kid some kind of control over their dreams and they grow up knowing they have some powers to control their dreams.

Children spells are amazing ways of helping your child find a lost toy or coin.


By drawing the lost item on a paper and putting it on a box with moonstone and believing you will find your coin or toy and you are offering or exchanging the drawing for your lost item. This method has been tested and it works.

Children love fun activities and love to imagine things. If you have that kind of child you can try the fairy summoning spell, by putting a flower on top of a leaf and have the child say the fairy chant and if your child loves imagination then he will be glad he tried the fairy summon.

Most kids don’t know how to deal with their emotions and sometimes make them feel unhappy. But you can use the bubble spells to get them to release their emotions. Tell them each bubble the blow takes away one of the negative feelings they have which could be inferiority, anger, frustration and many more, just so they know the more bubbles the blow the more those negative emotions go away.

Let your kids know that hiding feelings or emotions are wrong for them and the will always feel free and happy when the release those emotions.

Let your child knows that for his spell to work he will need to take action toward making the spell work.

I guess you are wondering why should you use kids spell? Then this section is for you!

Why do you need to cast spells on kids?

Children spell like all other spells will not work if it is used for an evil purpose. The intentions must be good and from a clear mind

Children spells are cast with the aim of dealing with any problem that has to do with your kid. When your kid is experiencing a physical, spiritual or mental problem then casting a spell might just be the right solution for your kid.

Sometimes kids try their best and never succeed in academics or physical activities but when you cast this spells your children will succeed in all aspect of their lives and it makes their mind strong enough to face any problem and also lives happily.

Child spell is also used to remove the curse from your child’s life. Sometimes your enemy will cast an evil spell on your children with the aim of having revenge at you, therefore, causing a serious problem in your child life. But you can undo the spell by casting a backward naming spell that is, the child’s name will be spelled backward and if it’s done then no harm or spell can befall your child.

Spells are also used for healing in children. When your child is ill and isn’t getting better then a healing spell will be just right for your kid. A healing spell works well on your child because his heart is pure and free from evil. If your child is having a cold, give him a paper and ask him to draw what he thinks cold looks like with a blue pen or crayon, when he is done, have him say the cold healing spell and let him scrabble the drawing with a black pen and cut it to pieces, put it in a container and freeze it, your cold will be gone.

Kids spell is also good for the enchantment of their blankets to make them feel warm and loved when they go to sleep. When the blankets or bed is enchanted you kid have a sound sleep and sweet dreams and they never have to deal with nightmares.

Children spells can also be used as a reminder. When your kid is forgetful then kids spell might be what your child needs. Children often forget that they have made a promise because they forget easily, in order to help them become more responsible people in the future you will need to cast the unforgetful spell. This spell needs a professional to cast it in order to avoid mistake.

Finally spell casting for kids improves their self-esteem. It gives them courage and self-love. It makes them strong and independent, wrong or bad comment doesn’t affect them because they are proud of themselves. They grow up with so much confidence to speak and help whoever needs their help. I believe you are now convinced on why to cast spell on your kids.

Risks associated with children spells.

Like every other spell, the children spell also have risk. Most time, kids spell have little risk associated with it but you might still have doubts about the spell and have these questions running through your mind, what if it fails? What if my child gets harmed in the process? What if my child never recovers but get worse? All these question parents consider before casting spells on their children. Below are some risk associated with kids spell.

Weirdness: spells affect your child and make your child behave in weird ways which can be disturbing. Sometimes he is chanting and speaking in abnormal ways which can make other children avoid or be scared of him and that can make him feel lonely and unloved. Sometimes if spells are cast wrongly your child might have low performance in school or at home.

Laziness: spells can make your child lazy because he always has an easy way out by using magic. He might get very comfortable with magic that he depends on it for his assignment, making of friends and almost everything in his life.

Spells on children can be life-threatening or cause your child to be mentally unstable. When a spell is not cast properly it might lead to the death of your kid or even make him mentally unstable. Sometimes black magic is used on children which affect the way they think and behave. So when casting a child spell you need to be careful of what you use and how you use them to protect your child’s life.

How to cast a children spell.

This totally depends on the type of children spell you are casting. It could be for emotional stability, health, nightmares, or finding lost toys or coins.

Whichever one you chose, they all have some common items. Note that children spell does not necessarily require a professional the parents can do it themselves.

Firstly you need to clean yourself

Clean your environment

Focus on your intentions

Say your incantations

Give thanks

And believe the spell will work.

Below is a simple way to make a wishing magic box.


A shoebox


Color markers or pen

Stickers or colored papers



. The box must be big enough to contain lots of wishes.
. Decorate your box by using stickers or any positive image you like.
. Make the box personally by drawing pictures you like.
. Write boldly on top of the box “THE MAGIC BOX.”
. Believe it will work and put some efforts towards making your wish come true.
. Remove wishes that come true from your box and continue to add new ones.

You can also make a magic box for the family if you like.


You will agree with me that kids spells have more advantage than disadvantage. This is a perfect reason why you should cast a spell for or on your kid. Like the nightmare spell, it gives your kid the belief that nothing can harm him even if he is asleep or alone in the dark, that alone has helped in him conquering his fears. Nobody wants an unsuccessful child or a child who is timid and afraid to speak and defend himself. No parents also want their children feeling sad because they lost something and can’t find it. Children spells are just amazing ways to help you connect and have good times with your kid. Go enjoy your time with your kid with the help of a little spell.

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