4 Effective Love Spells To Make Him Want You Back in Simple Steps

Learn to Cast 4 Effective Free Love Spells To Make Him Want You Back in Simple StepsSteps-by-Steps even if you’re an absolute beginner.

When your heart still loves someone, it can be challenging to overcome the strong emotions initially attached to him. Every minute, you will be thinking about him and the best moments spent together.

Such a feeling might grow wild day by day making you feel like you cannot leave without him. Luckily, you can change the situation for the better after going through this article. Below are spells to settle your addictive emotions of love towards him and make him want you back.

1. Casting the spell via meditation

Meditation involves the ability to focus your mind on a particular object. This spell has proved to be effective to make him want you back. Before you begin the procedure, you will need the following tools.

  • A white piece of paper.
  • Red pen.
  • Red non-toxic candle to represent a session of love or romance.
  • Red ribbon.
  • Any sugar solution (preferably honey).
  • His picture (you can obtain from various social media platform such as Facebook).

How to cast the spell

  • Choose a quiet location that gives you inner peace for the 20-30 min duration of the session. The site should be out of loud noises and free from any distractions.
  • Wear comfortable clothes that won’t distract your attention. The clothes should have loose endings around the waist or the hips.
  • Dim the lights in the room to give you an opportunity to focus on the candle’s flame.
  • Position the candle for meditation just a few inches away from you (50cm away).
  • Sit down in a comfortable position, take his picture and look at the flame.
  • While staring on the candle flame, focus your thoughts on the beauty of the flame and visualize the two of you together in love again.
  • Take the white piece of paper and write down your name and the name of the person you wish to get you back.
  • Using the red pen, circle the two names and sprinkle the sugar solution on top of the written names.
  • Cast your spell using the following chant:

“I need my troubles to go away. I need you to want me back. A little love is all I need. I need to stay in your arms forever, for all our remaining days. With this spell, I invoke the powers of magic, to make “Mr. X” want me back and forget the past.”

  • Bring your mind back to the candle’s flame and repeat citing your spell at least twice.
  • Break the papers into pieces and put them on top of his picture.
  • Wrap the picture with the broken paper pieces, take the red ribbon and tie.
  • Hide your charm in a secret place no one can find.
  • Finish the ritual by turning off the candle.

You can consider the spell successful when you receive a notification from him in the near future.

2. Casting spell using your pubic or head hair strands

If you really desire to make him want you back, you must not only be brave but must also be ready to go an extra mile to fulfill your desires. Human hair is one of the most powerful tools to cast a love spell.

Hair is more personal, and that’s why hair love spell never fails. It gives you desired outcome in a short time, more especially if you consider using pubic hair. This kind of spell works faster than you would imagine provided you focus on the person throughout the ritual and have strong feelings towards him.

Materials/conditions needed

  • Waxing moon.
  • Sacred herbs.
  • Strands of pubic hair.
  • Red ribbon.
  • Red scentless candle.
  • Blue pen.
  • White paper.

How to cast the spell

Conduct your spell at the most powerful time, paying attention to the various phases of the moon. Hair love spells can only be cast when the moon is waxing or else you will most likely fail.

To increase the psychic power of your spell, a majority of your ingredients should be red because it is associated with love or romance. Follow the following steps to see effective results in the next couple of days:-

  • Choose a quiet location, away from loud noises or distractions.

Note: For effective results, you should conduct the procedure in a place where nobody sees you. You can consider turning off your phone or switching off your TV to eliminate background noise.

  • Wear a pink or purple shirt into your ritual to increase the psychic power of your spell.
  • In a dark and quiet room, light the scentless candle on top of a table.
  • Sit down in a comfortable space, take the sacred herbs and burn them to purify your space. The sacred herbs are likely to help you cleanse the negative energy that would interfere with your desired results.
  • Focus on your desired outcome by articulating a powerful chant which is short, simple, but with a direct
  • Put all your ingredients in front of the burning candle and shut your eyes, imagining him of loving you again, and the kind of love you wish him to give you.
  • Open your eyes, take a white piece of paper and using the blue pen, write down your name and your partner’s name. For stronger results, consider writing down your surnames.
  • Put the hair strands on top of the paper and fold it severally such that the hair does not fall.
  • Wrap the red ribbon around the paper and tie the knot firmly.
  • While holding the paper in your right hand, think of him and say the following chant:

“Bring me love; I just need my share. Unite me with my true love. I ask the air, wind, and time to make him want me back. Heal my heart and ease my dream.”

  • Repeat the chant three times and finish the ritual by turning off the candle.
  • Take the charm and hide it in a crack of a small tree. The more the tree will grow, the more the person will desire to want you back.

Note: Believe in what you are doing. You should also believe in every word mentioned as you chant your ritual. Moreover, patience is a virtue you must have after casting your spell.

3. Auto-suggestion magic spell

Auto-suggestion magic spell uses the law of attraction which states that “Your thoughts turn waves, and then your dreams come true.” Therefore, this law can make him get back to you provided you have strong feelings towards him and chant your spell at the right time.


  • A scented candle.
  • A powerfully articulated chant.

How to cast the spell

  • Before going to bed, light a candle next to the bed.
  • Close your eyes and clear negative feelings from your mind while focusing on the feelings of love at the same time.
  • While seated on top of the bed, take control over your inner power and focus on that person you wish to get you back.
  • Open your eyes and start staring at the candle flame. Try to inhale the scent.
  • Chant your spell which should contain positive words such as: “Come back to me my true love,” “We can get back together” rather than “I want to get back with him.”

Note: Your timing is critical. Cast the spell before going to bed and in a quiet place. Moreover, believe in every word that you chant.

4. The Moon Magic spell

The moon has a substantial impact on your love spells. The light shining from the moon has a compelling energy that can fulfill all your wishes. To conduct this spell, you will only need one red candle, the control of your inner mind, and the full moon.

What to do

  • Wait for the full moon. You can choose the time between 12:00 am to 3:00 am.
  • Engrave the name of the person on the side of the red candle and light it.
  • Close your eyes and begin meditating on that feeling of having him back in your life.
  • When done, open your eyes and look up to the moon.
  • Begin chanting: “Ooo! I summon the energies of this moon to Mr. X. Awaken the feelings of Mr. X towards me. Make him want me back.”
  • Repeat the chant severally while meditating him and the good memories you had together. Most importantly, believe in every word you say while chanting.
  • Repeat the spell for three days in a row.

Your spell can be considered successful if he calls or texts you in the near future.


If you are looking for love, love spell chants are the best alternative to consider. The spell might work or fail to give the desired results. It all depends on your power to believe in the spell and maintain a positive thought after the ritual. And if you want to be loved, you must first begin by loving yourself, trusting your instincts, and having faith in the psychic power. All in all, don’t over-rely on magic for personal gains to the extent of making someone a slave to you. When your spell becomes successful, you can focus on building a better relationship with your partner.

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