How to Cast Spells to Punish Someone Who Hurt You

Do you want to learn How to Perform 6 Powerful Spells to Punish Someone Who Hurt You in EASY step-by-Steps? If so, then read on.

How many times have you felt you are under attack from an enemy? How occasional have someone you so badly trusted ended up breaking your feelings/heart? Did someone steal your job? Did someone take away your girlfriend? If you answered yes for all three questions, then it’s time to take action and perform spells to revenge against that person until you feel you are fully avenged.

Spell to punish someone is aimed at revenge against someone who hurt you badly. Though the Holy Scriptures tells us to forgive and forget, there is always a primal instinct which dictates that an eye should go for an eye, a tooth for a tooth, and a hand for a hand.

The most practical lesson someone can learn after hurting you is ‘paying for their actions.’ If you feel like some people in your social circle deserve a payback, then it’s time to go for the following spells to punish them and make them feel how you felt when they hurt you.

In this article, you are going to learn that you have the power to cast spells against your enemies who wronged you, and how to perform such spells to punish them.

What Factors Should You Consider Before Performing Such Spells?

  • Make sure that your spell is dedicated to the perfect target. The person you are casting the spells on should be the exact person who has hurt you or crossed your path in a way that left you feeling hurt. In case you direct a spell to the wrong target, it will backfire and harm you instead.
  • Before performing the spell to punish someone who hurt you, you should send a warning earlier enough. Gain some courage and tell the person to stop what they are doing against you.
  • Ensure you protect yourself before conducting these spells. You can consider using protective spells in case the spell backfires and comes back to harm you.

Note: If you are indeed serious that you want to teach someone a lesson, you must have a strong positive mindset and a firm belief in the ritual. Patience is also a critical virtue that you cannot under look. With those factors, your spell is likely to do wonders and teach that person a lesson that tit for tat is always not a fair game.

1. Revenge Spell To Punish Someone Who Hurt You

As the name suggests, the revenge spell is directed to people you feel have taken you for granted for so long that you can no longer put up with their actions. This is one of the most popular spells used by ex-lovers or lovers who feel like they have been betrayed by the person they love.

These spells aren’t aimed to destroy someone but only to teach them a lesson that they should know the kind of person they are dealing with. For this spell to work, you will need the following items:-


  • A few minutes before midnight, light the red candle and sit before it.
  • While focusing on the candle’s flame, mention the person’s name to the Highest Powers for the spell to work.
  • Visualize the person in the flame and remember the bad things they did to you.
  • Say the following chant:

Today is my day, a day to revenge against your bad deeds. I bind you with your bad deeds, from left, right, front, and behind. Let this magic unfold, so that I may find peace.”

  • Say the chant repeatedly to invoke evil to come forth.
  • Wait for days for this revenge spell to work.


2. Demon Summon Spell To Punish Someone

Just from the name, one can know that the spell involves invoking demon to come forth and make the spell do wonders. This spell is cast on someone you want to punish for hurting you. You will require the following items: Empty room and salt.

What to do

  • At midnight, sit cross-legged on the floor in a dark empty room.
  • Sprinkle the salt around you to form a circle. The practice keeps unwanted energy away from distracting your attention.
  • In your mind’s eye, picture the person you want to perform spell against.
  • Once you visualize the person, think of great harm happening to him/her. For instance, you might see him being struck by lightning; you can also see him being hit by a car, you can also see them being hit by a stray bullet.
  • While your focus is still on that person, invoke the demon to come forth and torment your enemy.

Wait for the spell to work. It might take 2-3 days depending on your inner power and belief.

3. The Misfortune Spells to Punish Someone

This spell only works well if you have a strong belief. As the name suggests, the ritual involves punishing someone who hurt you with a misfortune.

The person you are targeting with the spell doesn’t have to hear what you say. But as long as they are within the vicinity when chatting the hem spell, the ritual is likely to bring you desirable results.

What to do

  • Look for a quiet and isolated empty room.
  • While seated with your leg crossed, say the following chant which should include the misfortune you are asking for against him.

“See the cruelty and pain you have caused to me. I turn the table three times. Let the pain come back to you.”

If you follow the procedure appropriately when doing this chant, expect that person to have a terrible day. You can direct this spell to someone who hasn’t hurt you too deep to the extent of harming your feelings.

4. Spells to Punish Someone To Destroy an enemy by Making them Sick

To conduct this spell, you will need to have a strong disliking against someone to the extent of wishing them to die. This spell is also referred to us the evil death due to its forceful nature. Before conducting the spell, you will require some protection spells to prevent the influence of negative energies.


  • A dark room with a makeshift altar.
  • A dark outfit.
  • Satanic bible.
  • Three red candles.
  • A person’s picture.

What to do

  • In a dark room, light the three red candles before you.
  • Position the candles in such a way that they surround you.
  • Fold the person’s picture to form a circle in your hand. Ensure that it fits your right-hand fist.
  • Invoke Satan to come forth and mention your desires of having someone die.
  • Remember to have the visual image of someone you want to punish in your mind, triggering all the pain you are feeling.
  • Then proceed to chant the following while lifting the Satan’s Bible.

“Get rid of my enemies, which is what they exactly deserve. Bring sickness and death to wipe them away. Revenge is what they get for their cruelty and pain.”

  • This ultimate revenge will work if you’ll do it right. You have to believe firmly that your target will suffer punishment after the spell is successfully cast.


5. Spells to Punish Someone To Make Someone Regret Hurting You

This is one of the most straightforward karmic spells where an individual transfers positive energy to someone who hurt them, making them regret their cruelty and pain and apologize to you. You will need the following items;

  • A quiet room,
  • The picture of a person,
  • A powerfully crafted chant.

What to do

  • In an isolated room, sit on the ground with your legs crossed.
  • Place the picture of the person before you.
  • Begin thinking about all the bad things they have done for you, how they have made you suffered and the pain they have caused in your life.
  • With your hands in a prayer position, close your eyes and say the following chant painfully.

“I invoke the power of the highest energy to come forth. Let Mr. X see how much wrong they have done. May they suffer long and know the pain they exposed to me. May they come back humbled and with an apology.”

  • Turn the person’s picture upside down and step on it with your right foot.
  • Repeat the chant for effective results.

The spell will make someone feel sorry of what they did. Soon, they will call and probably ask for forgiveness.

6. Spells to Punish Someone: Karma Spells for lovers

It is a spell that applies mostly to ex-lovers. It can be a boyfriend or a girlfriend who feels they have been cheated upon. The spell operates on the general law which states that ‘Karma is always watching all our doings.’

This means that one day, the bad things you do to someone will be exposed, more especially in a relationship where cheating is widespread. To remove frustrations form your life, you can consider casting karma spells to direct your power towards causing harm to the person who cheated on you.

What to do

  • In a quiet and isolated room, visualize the powerful presence of the highest powers.
  • Explain the situation to the highest powers. Be specific and mention how your lover has betrayed you in a relationship.
  • Mention how the situation has hurt your feelings, leaving you to feel miserable.
  • Say the following chant:

“I have honored our relationship with true love. It is upon you to replicate that swiftly. May you never find peace of mind if you eye someone else outside of our relationship.”

  • Believe in every want you chant and wait for karma to do wonders.


We live in a world where we are occasionally frustrated by people we trusted so much that we couldn’t think of them hurting us. Luckily, there are tons of spells we can use to direct our personal power towards causing them related harm. For the spells mentioned above to work, you must always believe in every step. Above all, remember always to cast a spell on someone who has hurt you and not innocent people.

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