Strong Free Love Spell Chants without Ingredients

Are you looking for free love spell chants that won’t require ingredients? If yes, then you are in the right place. This piece will make you understand the different types of free love spell chants that necessarily doesn’t require ingredients.

There are tons of love spells with different formats. In most of these magic spells, ingredients are always a must-requirement. Some love spell chants require some tools such as candles, precious herbs, saliva, personal belongings, spices, salt, needles, clothes, water, and timing while others require just chants.

You must remember that for a love spell to work, it depends on your amount of faith, your strong feelings towards the target, and your strong belief in the highest power.

1. Imagination love spell chant

This is the most straightforward love spell chant that can be done from any location without straining your pocket to obtain ingredients. You will only require a dark, quiet, and isolated room free from any distractions.

What to do

  • At midnight, in an isolated dark room, sit on the floor with your legs crossed.
  • In a prayer position, close your eyes and begin meditating about the person you wish to cast the love spell.
  • Be specific as you can, flooding the person’s image or name in your mind.
  • Once you get the person in your mind, tell them what you want. You should not speak out loud but instead, talk with them directly using your inner soul.
  • You can mention the strong feelings you have towards them, how you wish to be in a relationship with them, and your undying love to meet them.
  • If you feel like you’ve exhausted all your desires, try to visualize the two of you coming together and fulfilling the wishes of your spell.
  • Complete the love spell by saying a small prayer to the highest powers, asking to be blessed in your relationship, and to get the desired outcome.
  • Open your eyes, then go to sleep. Wait for a few days for your spell to come to fruition.

2. The Heart Love Spell Chant

This is another free love spell chant that doesn’t require ingredients. This love chant should be conducted at night before going to bed. For a desirable outcome, you will need to follow these steps:

  • Before going to bed, sit on the ground with your legs crossed.
  • Clutch your hands together to form the shape of the heart.
  • Close your eyes and start envisioning the person you love.
  • Flood your mind with the person’s images for a few seconds.
  • Using your inner mind, think about the things you want the person do for you or how you want your relationship to flow.
  • With your eyes still closed, say the following chant;

“Thank you the highest powers of wind, air, and water for bringing Mr. X’s to my conscious and subconscious mind. Lasting love is all that I need from him/her. Make Mr. X last for me.”

Your spell will be delivered immediately if you have a strong faith.

3. Attraction love spell without ingredients

This is one of the most simple but powerful love spell chants without ingredients that gives you effective results within a short time. The love spell involves attracting someone without necessarily using ingredients such as powerful herbs or candles. Follow the following procedure for your spell:

  • Take the person’s picture in your room. Note; You must be alone in the room for the spell to work effectively.
  • The photo must be in sound quality. Look for a brightly colored picture that shows perfectly the person’s eyes.
  • Before going to bed, look into the eyes of the person.
  • Have a strong feeling that the person is there with you and also looking you in the eyes as well.
  • While still staring at the photo, wish the person goodnight with a strong emotion of love.
  • Upon waking up the next morning, repeat the same procedure, wishing the person good morning.
  • Repeat this ritual for the next one week until you feel the person’s presence in your room.
  • Finish the spell by saying the following chant:

“My beloved, you are already in my life. Come to me and hug me physically. Come show me your love that I’m dying for. I am waiting for you.”


4. Throat singing

As the name suggests, you must seal your magic by mentioning the person’s name deep down from your throat. For this spell to work according to your desires, your timing should be critical. You must only do the spell when the person you are directing it towards is at home. Follow this procedure:

  • Time the person when they are at their homes. You can consider doing the spell at midnight because you will be sure that the person will be asleep.
  • In a dimly lit room, close your eyes and focus your intentions on the person.
  • Try to be as positive as you can, and at the same time, have a strong belief.
  • Chant your beloved name multiple times. For instance: Mike! Mike! Mike!
  • Ask your beloved to hear from you and show you the love that you desire.
  • Mention all your demands towards the person.
  • Seal the spell by saying the following chant;

“Ooo, goddess of love. Stretch your hands from above to our relationship. Cover my beloved with love until he/she starts thinking of me. Let the person not disobey my commands but instead honor them.”


5. Lust spell

This is a love spell meant to make someone lust and need you. The spell involves using your conscious mind to communicate with the highest powers of the universe to make your desires come to pass. Follow the following steps:

  • In an isolated room, sit on the floor completely undressed.
  • Close your eyes and start to visualize being together with the person you want to love you.
  • For more than 60 seconds, flood your mind with positive thoughts about the person.
  • Say the following chant and try to be as emotional as you can;

“I invoke the highest powers of the universe to make person X lust for me. Make them need me and love me. Make the person think of me every night before going to bed, and every morning upon waking up.”

With firm faith, wait for your spell to work in the near future.

6. Spell To Make The Person Dream Of You

Dreams always have powerful implications. You can use this love spell chant by invoking the highest powers of the universe to communicate with the subconscious mind of the person. Follow the following steps for your spell to work and make the person dream of you.

  • Before going to sleep, take a shower.
  • Change your beddings to be white sheets.
  • While naked, go to bed.
  • Relax and make yourself comfortable by sleeping backward with your legs fully stretched.
  • Close your eyes and flood your mind with the person’s images.
  • Start whispering the person’s name multiple times, while focusing your thoughts on them.
  • Cover yourself with a white sheet, and repeat calling the person multiple times until you fall asleep.

Repeat the procedure for 2-3 days. Remember, the spell will only work if you have a strong faith and strong feelings towards the person.

7. Use Of Magic Words

For this love spell to work, you must have strong feelings towards your target. Moreover, you must have strong faith towards the spell to enhance its psychic power. You can use a combination of magic words to cast your spell. Furthermore, you have to verbalize the magic words so that the highest authorities can listen to your intentions. Upon waking up, you can use the following magical word in your chant;

“Abracadabra! I command person X to start showing me, love. Let my desires come true.”


8. Use of invocation

Invocation, also called supplication prayer refers to issuing summons to the highest powers of the universe to come your way and make your spell work. Using invocations, you can beg the demons or angels to make your love spell come to pass. This love spell doesn’t involve complex ingredients. You need to follow the following procedure for effective results.

  • In the evening when the sun is setting, sit in the corner of your dimly lit bedroom. Choose the time you know you won’t be distracted by anyone.
  • Using a pen and paper, draw yourself and your loved one, the way you want to see your future. You can draw holding each other hands, hugging, kissing, or making love.
  • Write down your name and the person’s name below the images.
  • Draw a closed heart around your image.
  • Kiss the paper and fold it two times.
  • Now, every night before going to bed, think about your loved one. Unfold the paper, kiss it, and say the following chant:

“I invoke the goddess of love to come forth and make person X think about me! Make the person feel my love and love me!”

  • Repeat the ritual for 2-3 weeks until your desires are fulfilled.

Note: Even after your desires have been fulfilled, do not throw the drawing away because it will destroy the magic and your relationship.

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