Sugar Baby Allowance? How Much Do You Want to Have?

Sugar baby allowance is not fixed, every baby has her own expectation. Here are some real answers from sugar babies:
sugar baby allowance
Answer 1:
Money isn’t everything to me. Though I will say I would love if my SD would be interested enough to invest in my education. But I also think just exciting dates, travel opportunity or shows/plays are nice treats as well. Of course, I would not expect anything if I am not taking good care of what my SD needs from me. If I can’t attend to what he needs then I would not deserve his gifts.
Answer 2:
$300 weekly is fine with me I’m a hard working young woman so providing for myself has never been a problem but $300 is just enough to keep me looking, smelling and feeling right for daddy. I love money so I can never have enough just have to find that one who will go all the way through with it. Or am I asking for too much? You tell Me! But it’s not all about money!
Answer 3:
I want a minimum of £100 a week. Mainly for the fact there’s a reason why everyone has joined this site, it’s not to get attention or find relationship tests to be spoilt. The money isn’t an issue, its gifts as well. If they ask for photos and videos then I’ll talk to the sugar daddy to arrange a price. I’ll always except half first and the rest after I’ve sent the image or video.
Answer 4:
Allowance isn’t everything to me. Going out and spending time with a passionate and open minded sugar daddy equates to a great allowance. However, when my SD’s and my schedule cannot be the same pattern a substantial allowance would be preferred. I feel it’s up to my SD to decide on what my allowance should be as it depends on what kind of sugar baby I am to him. Am I attentive? Am I genuinely caring for my sugar daddy? The answers to these should let my Sugar daddy decide on what I deserve.A sugar baby should always ask herself what she brings to the table in a SD/SB relationship and neither parties should come off as too demanding. Hopefully my sugar daddy will see me as a valuable person and be more than willing to do what it takes to keep us both happy and full of life.
Answer 5:
As a SB I would have to say that an allowance is not an important part of the arrangement. I would have to say that the most important thing is getting to know someone who is intelligent and successful and even positive. For me I feel like sitting in the presence of a SD is a privilege and I must treat him as so. If my SD insisted that I gave him an allowance amount for myself I would have to say my allowance would be 800 weekly only because I won’t be asking for personal things I can go get things myself or I would have to say 800 every 2 weeks but I would need to shop once a week and spend time with my SD too show my appreciation. 😊😘
Answer 6:
I don’t mind allowance, i feel like it builds a sense of loyalty to the baby and the daddy. Id want the allowance to start lower and then build up as i show the daddy I’m ready for commitment and I’m willing to be patient, I think it shows a lot about a baby and a daddy to be able to express and communicate their needs before hand and be able to negotiate something that both parties would be happy with.
Answer 7:
My standard is $500 per meet, any lower and I walk. I don’t demand a monthly allowance, since there are times when school takes up most of my time, but some sugar daddies would still offer and of course I’m not complaining. Other than money, I enjoy extra gifts, or shopping money. I love shopping with my sugar daddies! A lot of you may think, this shouldn’t be just about money! You’re basically selling sex! No, I’m selling my time, my company, my affection, my attention. This is my work, and this is how I pay my bills and my life goals. You want my time and attention, and these are my terms.
Answer 8:
Even though this is the reason I came to the site, it is not as important as it is to be shower with positive attention, conversation, and affection. I love being the star in a person’s eye. However, being given gifts and other great perks is considered a bonus and shoes that the person really enjoys your time spent with them. Being realistic everyone needs a little help in one way or another. So it’s like a great business agreement between two people.
Answer 9:
Allowance? Not really. I simply prefer to be a “kept” woman and have an appreciation for the finer things in life however I’ve been doing it for myself quite well and have no expectation for someone to hand over their entire life savings. Can we replace allowance with “gifting”? That way it doesn’t sound like there are any obligations tied to it. This is coupling not adoption.
Answer 10:
I’m not super picky, but I love to be spoiled! I grew up not having much, and once I got a job most of the money was for school, and my mom made me pay her $100 from every check I made. I’d prefer receiving $300+ every week and if my Sugar Daddy believes I deserve it, then a small amount for shopping money, too. It all depends on how well i treat my Sugar Daddy, and I plan on treating one amazing!
Answer 11:
Allowance is not something I think about or want but would like to have it. The most important thing for me is going out having a great day & a great communication. I mean if you gonna get allowance yet you not even enjoying yourself when you with your SD what’s the point of having one. One should take care of herself & her SD listen to the guy & male his life a lot easier if he has problems try to slove them with him & getting an allowance will be a bonus.
Answer 12:
It should be enough that I look good for my sugar daddy and support myself, but this is for him to decide. And I do not only want money. I want time and attention. Gifts.things that say: I care for you and want you in my life. It also depends on what the sugar daddy wants from me. Certain things equal certain things. Otherwise you’re lowering your self-worth.
Answer 13:
I would like an allowance of at least $500 a week, plus up keep, shopping trips, travel fair, and gifts. I would like my SD to be generous with me. I definitely would return the favor, with time, energy, effort, affection. I’m your baby, and I must be tended to and cared for. And as my Daddy there’s nothing I wouldn’t do to keep you happy, and satisfied.
Answer 14:
I think the allowance should depend on the relationship between the Sugar Baby and the Daddy. My personal expectation from an allowance would be from $200-400$ weekly, but again that’s just depending in the wants and demands from my Daddy. I feel like the more intimate a relationship is the higher the allowance should be. If you’re meeting in person or enjoying a long distance relationship also should factor into that allowance. Much love!
Answer 15:
I’d ask him what my time is worth for him (Is that correct English? I’m sorry if not ^^) and treat it like a business deal first. We are all adults and we can talk about money, time, things that will happen so there are no negative surprises. Pretty and nice surprises are welcome all the time when he feels like it! Since there are not many daddies where I live and I am not really mobile I wouldn’t demand like 500€ every week. A lady doesn’t say a price. If that’s what he wants to give me, that would be wonderful.
Answer 16:
Every sugar baby has a different amount that she would like for her allowance and that’s because we all want and need different things once you and your sugar daddy connect and get to know each other he will know what you want and need and how much your allowance should be he will know how you should be treated and how he will spoil you it’s a mutual decision.
Answer 17:
It not like we have to meet first it something he has to prove that he can take care of me while we still doing online communication,cos some man does know how to sweet talk ladies then it all ends up with different stories later on,what every my sugar daddy wants to give me it up to him then I will decide if the money is worth my time and compassion.
Answer 18:
It would have to be a reasonable, mutual agreement between my potential SD and I. We both must acknowledge our own worth. As long as my SD and I have laid out our expectations and respect each other’s request, I’m sure we can agree what allowance is proper or why there are to be an other means of gratitude given. I feel by doing such both sides of the arrangement will feel valued.
Answer 19:
I really do think it is up to SD to decide how much or how he wants to reward you cause if you put an amount an on it it is a business deal and there might’ve times that he can not give you that amount cause things happen in life but gifts are great and flowers and other thing are good Money is no every thing I this world respect caring honesty and if you find love that worth more then all the money in the world.
Answer 20:
I would think about $500 a week and gifts and stuff. But realistically I would believe that my sugar daddy would pick how much she would want to give me and how much he is willing but it’s not all about just how much I get a week I want to learn from him and see the world with him because I’m pretty sure there are a lot of things that he knows that I do not so just gaining knowledge and experience is something in itself .
Answer 21:
Normally when I get asked about how much allowance I would like, I ask “How much are you willing to give me?” I’m not a person who is all about the money, rather I would like to get to know my sugar daddy. If he offers a certain amount, I’ll agree too it and then ask if it can be raised as we get to know each other. This allows us to start off the relationship really getting to know each other’s personality rather than each other’s wallets.
Answer 21:
I feel like the relationship/arrangement will be different for everyone. I think it should be a give/take sort of thing, so it all depends on one what the sugar baby is willing to offer and vice-versa! I am in school as well as working a 32 hour/week job, so I would love to have an allowance, but would never expect for it to be ONLY on my terms. I think the sb & sd should come to an agreement about what works best for the bothe of them. 🙂
Answer 23:
I believe that nothing should be forced or demanded and everything should be earned. I would treat my sugar daddy like a king, therefore I should be treated as his queen. I would honestly prefer to take more extravagant/extensive trips or get meaningful gifts over getting handed money. Both sugar daddies and their babies are supplying some sort of service, but I think it could be reciprocated in more ways than just money being handed over.
Answer 24:
I would like my allowance to be 400 a week. I like going out to malls and would like it as shopping money. I’m also the type of person to get my sugar daddy something too! I know I give him my time and attention, but who doesn’t love candle warmers!? I also like the concert and band mercy so my allowance would go towards supporting my obsession with music as a whole. I would also get cute lingerie to show off myself for him and show him how much I appreciate him.
Answer 25:
I hate asking people for money, I really do, I just want to chill and experience new things. I’m not that type of person that will beg for money, and if I don’t get it, I won’t love you, I mostly just want to have some fun, if you know what I mean lol. I want to be appreciated and enjoy life. 😳😳 lol I am really shy too. So don’t worry if I’m avoiding you, I just need to get used to you.
Answer 26:
I don’t have a set allowance. I feel like asking for one is a bit rude. I think my daddy can decide when/if he gives me money and what for… because if he’s not happy with me to do I really need the money? No. I’m here to make his life better and be a companion. If my daddy gave me an allowance I wouldn’t argue, but I’d rather have a points system and try to earn it.
Answer 27
Allowance is a word I hate, and I don’t really like using it. Obviously, a SD/SB relationship is based on a financial arrangement, it’s not all about the money. I also like to explore an SD’s way of life, and how they live and see the world. I wouldn’t want an allowance per se, more so just money or gifts when the SD wants to gift them. There obviously needs to be a minimum, but not an allowance. It makes it sound like a job.
Answer 28:
It depends on how close we are I understand not even having an allowance until a connection is made but then I would honestly be happy with like 500- 600 a week. Then I could get what I need and still have enough to do surprises for my daddy bring him lunch to work one day or paint a picture for his house. Find what he likes and make him feel like a king for treating me like a queen.
Answer 29:
I don’t wanna feel like I’m ten, I don’t need an allowance, wanna do something nice for me just give me meaningful gifts that you wanna get me, you don’t have to do a whole lot to make me thankful. If you really wanna inch into my heart though help me get some of my family off the street with me, help me with work clothes, gas money, or occasionally paying a bill, things that’ll help my loved ones and I survive.
Answer 30:
An allowance isn’t a huge priority to me. But, it would be a huge help with my financials. I’m willing to do anything to make sugar daddy happy. However much he chooses to give me, I am content with. I am content with any amount he chooses to give me. I have had many sugar daddies offer me $400+, which is very helpful. But I never choose the amount. I am very reasonable and will respect you for any amount you choose to give me.

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