For Sugar Baby: How to Start the Conversation?

As you might know by now, securing a sugar daddy is no simple matter. It takes time and effort, sometimes more so than finding a traditional boyfriend. One of the most common questions that people ask is how to reach out and start a conversation with a sugar daddy whether it is in a real-life or on the site. This can be tricky and will either lead to an arrangement or lead nothing at all.
With that being said, you are nor wasting your time if you do not get the response that you want.
There are a few tricks you can use when you are sending the first message. Ideally, you want to catch his attention without seeming too desperate.
First one, make sure to read through his profile and find out if he is someone you would really be interested in. you also want to make sure that you somewhat fit the description of what he is looking for as well. You can try starting off with a compliment like “wow I love stripe shirt. Is that a Thomas pink?” or if he is doing an activity like golf, you can do some research on the course near you, and you can ask if he is tried one out there. There are plenty of secrets hidden in his profile that will show you cared enough to go through and say something that is actually meaningful.
The key gets him talking is to get him talking about himself. Everyone is an expert on themselves. So you can surely ask him something about his style or career that will quickly get the ball rolling. Whether you are texting or messaging on the site or talking on the phone, you always want to leave the conversation on a high note and keep in wanting more. If you two are just connected, chances are not you going out that night. When you feel alone in that conversation, you can let him know that you have to go, and you will talk to him tomorrow. Then you can maybe toss him some cute pictures so he has something to think about until you two do reconnect.
Another thing that you can do is trying to encourage a date idea. If he has a picture at a restaurant, you can ask if he is tried the food at a certain local bistro, then playfully suggest like “you should take me there sometime”. A settle command is a great in person trick too. You give him a chance to easily ask you out, and if anything does not feel the same way, you will note instead.
No matter what, make sure to keep the conversation fun and lighthearted. Flirting should make him want to get to know you more, not think you are a spoiled brat. In the first exchanges, you do not want to bring up an allowance either. If you do end up vibing and going on a date, that is when you can discuss an allowance. But when he asks the initial what are you looking for, do not start out by acting entitled just say you want to be spoiled, and if you two end up hitting it off, you can talk about it then. And the most important one is that never say I do not know because your sugar daddy wants a girl who knows exactly what she wants.

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