Sugar Daddies Love Free Review (Pros and Cons)

Many online daters are espoused to the fallacious belief that free apps yield low-quality engagements. While I too held similar views, Sugar Daddies Love Free Dating App disproved the notion.
After engaging many sugar daddy dating apps and reviews, I found this app unique. Unlike its counterparts, this app employs modern, intuitive features that redefine online dating.
With elegant chatroom’s and games, the site proves fun and gives users a better experience.
In this review, I will walk you through the intricacies of and how to use it to your benefit.

How it works

Sugar Daddies Love Free Dating App is an online platform for sugar daddies and sugar babes seeking romantic arrangements. Unlike popular sugar baby apps, this platform allows for various sexual orientations.
For instance, you can enroll as a male or female sugar baby seeking a sugar mummy/ sugar daddy. Similarly, mummies and daddies can find straight/gay and les sugar baby; thus, a one fit all needs app.
A testament to its fruitfulness, the site boasts of a wide range of members worldwide. According to the developers, the app features, hot, mature, and confident sugar daddies.
Beside the intuitiveness and easy to use interface, Sugar Daddies Love Free Dating App is 100%. To enjoy their service, you can engage their website or download the mobile app from Google Play.


While I expected the site to be crammed up due to the heightened number of features, the interface is well organized and easy to navigate. With every tab accessible from a single page, navigating windows is a straightforward procedure.
The mobile version also showcases equal usability with options placed on the top-right control panel button.

Signing up join
Creating a Sugar Daddies Love Free Dating account was an easy process. On their homepage, select your gender and what you seek to gain from using the app.
In the case that you make the wrong entry, you can easily change these parameters on your profile. On the next page, input your email and choose a suitable password. To finalize the procedure, select a username and Date of birth.
Unlike the usual list selection, this app gauges your interests with a simple panel. However, the app assesses fewer parameters, which means sifting through some profiles that are incongruous with your needs.
Creating a SugarDaddiesLoveFree dating app should take less than five minutes. To get fruitful endeavors, upload a picture, and fill your profile.

Making contact on Sugar Daddies Love Free Dating app

The area that this free sugar daddy app has outshone its counterparts is communication. With a chatroom, street chat, and messaging features, users have excellent ways of interaction.

Messaging users

sugar dadies love free getting in contact
Upon clicking a user’s profile, the app gives you an option to add a user to favorites or message them. If you feel lucky enough, you can plunge into messaging and take your chances.
Alternatively, you can add a user to favorites and wait for them to like back before engaging. By engaging a user with mutual feelings of attraction towards you, it is easier to start a flourishing sugar daddy relationship.
To check the progress of your favorites users, you can engage the mutual tab on the control panel. On the PC version, messages can be accessed as you navigate other pages on the website.
A green or red shade marks the message option on a user’s profile. Red indicates a slow message reply rate while green shows a reasonable reply rate.

Video chat

Among the reasons, I ranked this among the best sugar daddy dating sites 2019 is the video chat option. By video calling prospective sugar babies/ sugar daddies, you can authenticate their profile.
This covers loopholes for scammers and helps yield more meaningful engagements. Even better, this reduces the need to share private contacts when making contact with users.

Voice call

Besides the video call, voice calls are another great feature of this free sugar daddy dating app. With voice calling, you can engage in conversations without necessarily sharing your private contacts.
As such, you maintain anonymity and only divulge personal info to users when you are ascertained of their authenticity.


Sugar Daddies Love Free chatroom
Another feature I upvote on Sugar Daddies Love Free dating app is the chatrooms. On the chatroom, members can engage each other in an open forum.
Here, you can foster relationships before proceeding to their inbox. This is a great place to get in touch with active members and begin a relationship.

Street chat

SugarDaddiesLoveFree streetchat
The street chat feature is among the futuristic features adopted by any sugar daddy dating app 2019. Here, users can change the standard background of the conversation and meet a variety of people.
The street chat function operates in the same way as a chatroom only with the ability to change rooms.

Special features of Sugar Daddies Love Free dating site

Hot or not

The hot or not feature ranks among the trending features on sugar daddy dating apps. Here, you are shown users within your set parameters in an easy to select list.
By swiping a user to the right, your favorite them pending a mutual connection. Swiping user profiles to the left adds them to the not hot tab, thus removing them from your search results.


While a sugar daddy relationship is a serious arrangement, it does not imply sacrificing all the fun. Seemingly, the developers of the app recognize this fact.
To ensure that sugar daddies and sugar babies engage in fun activity online, the app features a games tab. Here, you can select a game and join a user that is nearby. As such, the app has numerous methods of meeting members who share similar interests with yours.

Extended search

Sugar Daddies Love Free extended search
While you can search for users based on their location and age, the apps extended search option allows for more parameters. By narrowing each element to your ideals, you get more like-minded suggestions.
By getting suggestions that share your interests, you increase the chances of success in a sugar daddy arrangement.

Security and privacy

Among the areas, the developers of Sugar Daddies Love Free dating app succeed in is privacy. For instance, you cannot view a user’s image without verification. Also, users can upload photos for public or private purposes.
Private photos can only be viewed with a user’s permission. Besides photo control, the app invests in verification to curb fake profiles.

Deleting a account

deleting a account
Deleting an account was relatively an easy process as creating a profile. To do this, select the settings option and scroll down to delete profile.
Enter your password and click delete. It is vital to note that you cannot retrieve the deleted account. As such, you are required to recreate your account to engage services.


  1. Site is easy to navigate and features many numbers of users in all regions.
  2. The hot or not feature does not limit the number of profiles you can view.
  3. Many options of making contact allow you to meet users that share similar interests.
  4. Search options can be managed to yield searches congruent with one’s needs.
  5. Joining is free of charge


  1. Profiles lack a last seen option to inform you of a user’s activity online.
  2. The games do not work well on the mobile version.
  3. There is a high number of inactive users, as chatrooms rarely have members online.
  4. It takes longer to get your profile picture verified.


  • Developers should consider adding more elements to profiles, thus yielding better recommendations.
  • The verification procedure should be heightened as it is manipulable by scammers.

How does raise money

While the app intends to introduce premium membership, it solely depends on user donations. If the developer sees their plan through, the basic membership will be sustained by advertisements.
The premium membership, however, will encompass a myriad of features inclusive but not limited to tighter security. However, this will be the cheapest sugar daddy dating app as it intends to charge $10 monthly.
Also, the app intends to introduce credits for $2 for 100 credits, which is on the lower price spectrum of credits.


The best things in life are free. A maxim that accentuates the fact that costly elements do not imply quality service.
Sugar Daddies Love Free app is a testament to this maxim. While there are some fields to improve, the app shows the most promise on redefining the sugar dating norms.
While it is free currently, the app may start charging for premium membership in the coming future. For a peek into similar apps, consider check:sugar daters and SugarBabies.

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