Sugar Daddy Business Thriving in China

Sugar Daddy business is flourishing worldwide, including in China, as wealthy men and women search for ‘sugar babies’: young students who need money to pay off their college and living expenses.
Sugar Daddy Business Thriving in China
Some 1.9 million students, especially female students dubbed as ‘sugar babies’ have signed up to some sugar daddy dating websites, where these students connect with rich men who pledge to pay their tuition fees in return for companionship. Sugar babies hook up with the rich “daddies” in USA, Canada, UK, China, and Australia for financial arrangements during study period.
Sugar babies have the opportunity to earn up to $4000 or £3,000-a-month to accompany men, to restaurants, parties, as well as join the parties. All of this, according to the world’s largest Sugar Daddy dating site that has over 2 million members worldwide.
Some Chinese see this as a controversial solution. However, sugar daddy dating website have helped facilitate hundreds of thousands, if not millions, of arrangements that have helped students graduate debt-free. More and more Chinese people think it’s a good relationship.
Besides, China is alluring young girls from universities for a “mutual arrangement. People who are willing to trade their personal numbers for cash are more ‘datable’ than those who don’t, and this makes life easier for the rich and successful date seekers by the Chinese version of sugar daddy apps, such as SudySA and some Chinese apps.
According to data, the majority of date seekers on sugar daddy apps are men who make 200,000 yuan to 1 million yuan a year. They gift their partners an average of 600 yuan ( £60 or $100 US) on first dates. And the top events people choose on first dates are movies, dinners, and sports activities.
We have no reason to doubt that China will be the biggest sugar daddy relationship market.
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