Sugar Daddy Relationship VS Normal Relationship

Basically speaking, date rich men in some ways just like “normal relationship”. As I said in the previous post that there is the most common case that age difference existing, and sugar babies or sugar daddies know exactly what sugar relationship is about, so they mutually provide what they have, aka sugars, then exchanging something they need, financial support, guidance sponsored, companionship and etc. So what’s the most obvious or important difference between sugaring and normal dating? Let’s see how people in sugar bowl thinking about that.
Sugar Relationship VS Normal Relationship
One is real, has meaning and feelings. This One you dream of taking them home to momma and dad, showing them off, going on family holidays and starting a family. One is the means to an end, all fun, and games, someone you wouldn’t dare let your father meet. This One is the danger, it gives you a rush. One day you won’t dare tell your kids you did this, but you’ll forever reminisce about your baby days, a life of adventure.
Never been in a sugar relationship to compare the two so my answer will be an assumption. With that being said, a sugar relationship seems to be more of an agreement an term based. The sugar relationship is clear and concise on what their needs are and how they can be met. And a normal relationships are feelings based. Not being as direct and hoping that the person feels the same about you so that you can grow together.
SDSB relationships are based on friendship and what you can do for one another. You don’t have to worry about the drama of loving and living with one another. He gets to so him and you get to do what he asks for. You don’t have to worry about your bills or being lonely because your SD will take care of you in ever aspect that he can possibly cover.
With normal relationships, there is tons of effort and commitment. A sugar relationship comes with having fun and being spoilt. You can have more than one sugar daddy and they can have more than one sugar baby and no one’s feelings are gonna get hurt because the whole relationship is just about having fun and being treated like you are nothing but a princess
Normal relationships are vanilla, exposed, and long term. While sugar relationships are naughty, with all sorts of different flavors and spoils, and lots of fun and kinky action in the bedroom. There also shouldn’t be any strings attached and there also doesn’t have to be just one sugar baby or just one sugar daddy. Doesn’t matter how big your sweet tooth is…. there’s always room for more
The difference between a normal relationship & a sugar relationship are the gifts that are provided from the more wealthier individual. The wealthy individual provides gifts to thw sugar baby for due to the quality time spent. Compared to a nornal relationship, whereas bith parties involved are not expected to provide gifts for the time spent with one another. To summarize the differentiation is receiving gifts for the time spent from the sugar baby for the sugar daddy or sugar mama.
Being sugar baby means the freaky school girl an cleaning maid to the extreme … all the time 100 .I feel like it is our duty to never be boring exciting spontaneous an never never boring. A NORMAL relationship is what lead them to getting a sugar baby a young sexy BEAUTIFUL vibrant ball of energy. I strive to never being in a normal relationship
Sugar relationships are more raw and primal, it’s mostly needs being met and rewards and sticky sweetness. Normal relationships are all the real gritty stuff and emotions and helping fix past pains; sugar daddy & sugar baby is 50/50. While sometimes normal relationships are 40/60 or just unbalanced because that’s what happens when it’s not just simple?
In a real relationship it isnt one sided. You both help each other, you work thru problems instead of running at the first sign of difficulty, in a real relationship you usually take time to get to know each other better before having sex, you get to know what the other person likes and doesn’t rather than finding out during intercourse. Real relationships are monogamous whereas most sugar relationships aren’t. The difference is the level of genuine care, respect and comfort with the other person
It reflects on how someone’s financials actually plays into a relationship. Normal dating you cannot ask what their money situation is like for a while. You don’t know if they have debt or terrible credit. Those things hurt relationships no mater how much love there is. It’s nice to be able to be upfront about what you want and need financially from these men
A regular relationship is where you grow together, only be with that petson. You’re tied down to one person. The house wife becomes your whole identity. sugar is where you go to have fun and no strings attached . You get to be taken care of, maybe be more naughty. Take care of each other’s needs, without worrying about the day to day life of crap
Non sugar relations are meant to be long term and aren’t financially beneficial, sugar relationships on the other hand are fast, hot, and very “generous” not to say it’s always all about financial gain, but a broke man is much less likely to get a sugar baby. Sugar relationships aren’t long term marriage type of relationships, they aren’t designed to last more than a few months.
Real relationships are about love without payment while sugar babies don’t necessarily involve love in the relationship. In a sugar relationship gifts are traded for time and affection via mutual agreement. Depending on the situation both relationships can be beneficial to the partners involved depending on what each are looking to get out of the arrangement
What the hell is normal anyway?? I would like to be with a man who can and will take care of me a little (my struggle has been real). Some people live on love and a prayer. Some on mutual respect and understanding. I really at this point just want to enjoy living life with someone who enjoys it with me, rather it be from time to time meetings and getaways or more. As long as I’m not the one providing everything like I have done for years

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