Sugar Daddy Today Reviews [Pros vs. Cons]: A Complete Walk-Through

Are you tired of exorbitantly priced sugar daddy dating apps? Do you seek an affordable option that lets you access a huge audience? If either of the answers to these questions was yes, Sugar Daddy Today is an option you have to consider.
Established in 2007, this site has amassed an enormous fan base and retained the least subscription charges at $5 monthly. Unlike sugar daddy apps with sophisticated designs, this app prides itself in a simplistic layout.
In this review, I will discuss the features that make sugar daddy today stand out from its counterparts. Also, the article enlists the pros and cons and whether the app is worth your time and money.


Unlike popular dating apps that limit members from accessing features, sugar daddy today offers a one-week trial free. As such, the site allows you to gauge their service before committing to monthly premium packages.
Although this approach is sure to attract users, I found it negative as it gives spammers a gap to exploit. Besides this, the app has a weak verification system making it vulnerable to fake profiles.
Besides, the app requested little information on the profile compared to its counterparts. While it saves users time to immerse themselves in the sugar daddy dating experience, it lowers the quality of search results.
As such, users are subjected to sifting extensive search results in a bid to get like-minded users.

Is Sugar daddy today free?

While some sugar daddy today reviews oversell the one-week free offer and christen it as free membership, it is not the case. After creating your account, the developers allow you to enjoy the full monty of services free for a week.
After the week, you have to get a premium subscription to continue enjoying the service.

How does the site work?

Unlike other sugar dating apps, this app charges both sugar daddies and sugar babies. While this approach helps raise revenue without subjecting either party to stress, it defies sugar daddy dating norms.
Owing to this approach, the app inclines more to traditional adult dating apps than sugar dating. However, I admired the fact that the app was free of ads as opposed to its equals.
Additionally, the app is suitable for finding a partner, regardless of sexual orientation. For instance, you can find a sugar daddy, sugar mommy, sugar baby, and partners of any sex by adjusting your search options.
While many question the apps option to search users before signing in, it’s necessary to gauge the productivity of the app.

Sugar daddy today Sign up

sugar daddy today signup Sugar Daddy Today Reviews [Pros vs. Cons]: A Complete Walk-Through
Joining sugar daddy free is as easy as it gets. On their site, I selected the welcome tab and clicked join below the login option. Here, the app required general information, including location and email.
Here, the app offers a list of sexual orientations to select from to yield relevant search results. Next, the app requires the age, physical appearance, habit, and the about me tab to finish the registration process.
After completing the signup process, it takes between four hours and a day to get approved. Once approved, the app sends you an email confirming the account creation. In the case that you don’t get an email; however, the developers suggest that you try to log in.
If you are unable to log in after the 24-hour window, contact the customer support for assistance.

Special features

Hot and reverse hot features

The hot and reverse feature is similar to favorites on other sugar daddy websites. However, the reverse hot features allow you to see who added you to their favorites tab.
By gaining this knowledge, you can engage users with an assurance that they like you. This does away with shooting darts in the dark and helps you approach members who are interested in you.

Last search saved

Among the disorienting features on dating apps is having to fine-tune your search settings every now and then. To avert this tedious procedure, the best sugar daddy apps enable auto-saving of search parameters.
Sugar daddy today, also employs this ingenious feature. After adjusting your search parameters, the website stores this info and applies them on subsequent searches.
This helps you go about searching for a sugar baby faster without getting stressed out.

Private photo

While you wish to upload images to reel in sugar daddies, there are those images you would love to keep secret. As such, this platform allows for private photos, which need your permission for access.
Besides this, the app offers ten photo slots which are above the average of what websites provide. For a better chance at landing sugar daddies, I would recommend that you place authentic images of high quality.

Category Blocker

We all have a set of people we would not wish to engage in online dating platforms. Among the many sugar daddy apps, Sugar daddy today shows the most understanding of this.
To keep users that least appeal to you from contacting you, set your preferences. As such, you regulate the engagements on the app and gain a more engaging experience.


sugar daddy today verification
Complex websites limit access by users and restrict users from accessing various options. The simplistic interface ensures quick access for lesser tech-savvy members. As such, you can easily navigate through opportunities to engage users or fine-tune your settings.

Safety and privacy

Privacy and security are the top parameters for gauging a sugar daddy dating website. True to the reviews, the app invests little in the two sectors and is susceptible to scammers.
By letting free users enjoy their services in totality, the app makes room for scammers. This exposes users to scammers and other prying eyes. However, it is essential to recognize the efforts of the app in private photos and to block various categories of users.

Direct contact

As for me, the reason for using sugar daddy dating sites is to maintain anonymity. As such, I found the direct communication feature incongruous with anonymity.
On sugar daddy today, users can directly reach out to you if you have provided an email address. To avoid exposing your private details, ensure to edit the profile and opt-out of direct contact.


To boost security, developers would consider the advanced photo and video verification. With these options, they can curb fake profiles, thus, yielding better engagements.
To help users gauge the authenticity of users, the app should add a verified sign on profiles. This feature will help users determine how much caution they ought to take when dealing with users.
While the simplistic design is appealing, organizing the features more attractively would be ideal. This would change the feel of the app and give users a sense of luxury when navigating the app.
The developers should also consider establishing a forum/ blog for sugar dating advice. This move will make the app more fashionable and help members understand how to maximize security and yield more relevant searches.


  1. There are tons of users with no profile photos.
  2. The app’s interface is outdated.
  3. Search options do not offer an option for user habits.
  4. Low subscription charges make the app susceptible to scammers.
  5. The app has an imperfect verification process which leaves loopholes for fake profiles to exploit.
  6. When signing up, the app offers the United States and Canada on the country parameter. This undermines the registration of users from other countries.
  7. The app lacks a forum, blog for helping its users navigate the sugar dating venture.


sugar daddy today options Sugar Daddy Today Reviews [Pros vs. Cons]: A Complete Walk-Through

  1. The search panel is specific on the region and physique of users you are searching for.
  2. Monthly charges are affordable compared to other sugar dating apps.
  3. Sugar daddy today has a broad audience spread throughout the world, making it ideal for users worldwide.


You get what you pay for. A precept that is most applicable in the dating arena. While the app offers affordable prices, the services cannot compare to the best sugar dating apps.
However, the app boasts of a broad audience, thus assuring you engagements. When using the app yet, be cautious as the chances of coming across a scammer and fake profiles are high.
Although the cons seem to outweigh the pros, the website has the potential for growth if it betters their service delivery. Overall, this website ranks the best value for the money given the features it offers.

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