Sugar Daddy Website VS Millionaire Match Maker

Actually, most of the people think of sugar daddy is equal to the millionaire so that sugar daddy dating is equal to millionaire match dating. The truth is they have differences in user composition so it decides that they are two different relationships. Sugar daddy website such as Sudy should be the right place for every sugar seekers, not just rich people find love matches or girls who need help yet cost lots of money to just one-month time to connect with generous wealthy people.
Sugar Daddy Website is Different from Millionaire Dating

Sugar Daddy Website VS Millionaire Match Maker

Sugar Daddy Website is not for Gold Digger

The public seems that consider “gold digger” a derogatory term, which might because it represents greed for money. Women who date wealthy people would easily be called as “gold digger”, same result for any kind of rich people dating site out there—I agree that there must be real gold digger dating sites. According to urban dictionary, gold digger represents any woman whose primary interest in a relationship is material benefits. A woman who cares more about a man’s bank account than she does about the man, she must be a gold digger. Users on gold digger dating sites, are all the material girls who only want money and always use the body for exchanging, and there are also escorts, call-girls, gigolo or toyboys who service wealthy people no matter male or female, homosexual or heterosexual people. They state what they want, used to be an amount of money, and how they give, phone sex, video chat, meet in reality for one night stand and so on.
Sugar daddy website is a professional dating site for elite people seeking arrangements they want, getting accompany from gorgeous girls and sweet babies who want to connect with rich people for many needs. The importance of money is well below the free choice of every sugar seekers, every arrangement every date depends on free will and there’s no gold digger because potential sugar daddy and sugar baby will mutually agree on the specific amount of allowance, and it’s up to you to spoil a sugar baby in what ways.

The Difference Between Users

Users on sugar baby dating sites prefer to meet people who are experienced in many things, they may want to connect rich people for getting allowance by offering to accompany, they may want to make friends with older, successful people who can give them guidance to learn things. There may be sexual relationship or friendship only, it’s up to themselves. So there is always the number of sugar baby far less than the sugar daddy.
Users on Millionaire dating sites, they often have a code is that it’s not acceptable for users who are from non-developed countries, they want to make sure that the members are mostly rich people. They focus on millionaire’s love-match and even there are also users like sugar baby existing, but only allow the rich countries’ girl to connect with these rich people.

The Difference Between Subscription Packages

If you have any experience with porn sites, escort sites like somewhat auction the first night of virgins, you will know that there can’t be free if you want to “contact” any girls, not mention to “see” them. We don’t talk about the legitimacy of this site, but these kinds of sites seem like E-Commerce Market and users are “buyers” or “sellers” only. Based on that, we can imagine that it must be high if you want to buy a membership on gold digger sites to date the girls or other pornographic dating sites to order the girls.
Besides, all of the millionaire dating/rich dating/luxury dating sites and few of sugar daddy sites you will notice that that’s the same subscription price no matter what type of account you registered, which means millionaire may cost $100 for one month gold membership, and you just a broke girl who want to find a millionaire to spoil you, you also need $100 for one month gold membership.
On the contrary, sugar daddy websites always have a difference subscription price between sugar daddy users and sugar baby users, and there will always be free-trail plans if you want to become the gold member. Users on sugar daddy websites have diverse needs but all looking for the sugaring match, there are many successful dating stories, even couples fell in love and got married, which is rare though. Except who wants to find love with millionaires, the rest are people who just seeking for proper matches, rich people match young attractive singles for companies, young singles match riches for financial support.

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