Let “Sugar Hater” Talks

“Sugar Hater” Talks

Sugar haters are people who hate sugar relationship and even criticize sugar seekers. The most common case is girls jealous, because they scare to try and think of it’s gonna lose something or they’ll get hurt. The rest of sugar haters consider sugar relationship as prostitution, but sugar is a relationship of some sort mutual. All sugar seekers know what it’s about. So about sugar haters, most of the sugar seekers have some experiences of falling across hates, for that reason, I want this post which gathering real sugar seekers’ quotes can give all of you useful reference.
sugar hater
Q: Have you met sugar haters? Can you talk about that?
yes! sugar haters are real and there is a lot of them! most of the biggest haters I have met are girls jealous because they are too scared to try it, or men jealous because they are too poor to afford it. Haters will exist no matter what you do, don’t let baby haters stop you from living your baby life with your boujee ass things their hating selfs can’t afford.

——Annie(Sugar Baby)

That’s the thing you don’t deal with them, you do not have to. There are indeed sugar haters but what does that matter. You give them a reason to talk while they give you a reason to smile even harder. Even if you have to deal with sugar haters your business is your business and they are just bored. You walk with pep in your step. You flip off haters as if your flipping your gorgeous hair.

——Liya(Sugar Baby)

Yesss. My friends are one of those, they always tell me that I should hang out with goys of my age, because being with someone older it’s disgusting. But they don’t understand I really like how they treat you, they are more gentle, they are real gentlemen. I think that that should give them a chance and don’t judge them so fast. I’m sure that my real love will be a man 20 years older than me.

——Ana(Sugar Baby)

I just recently joined Sudy and have had to block so many people saying “send me pics and I’ll pay you,” or even hate comments such as “you’re so ugly why would anyone want to be your sugar daddy, you’re too young anyway”. And I see it as, it’s my life, and I’ll live it the way I please. If you think I care about others opinions I don’t. I just want to find someone to give and share love with. Is that so bad?

——Mic(Sugar Baby)

Your always going to meet someone who’s hating on you got no reason and if they are hating on you they are just jealous because your getting the attention that they wanted. If that happens I say be kind to the even more because if they are hating on you then they are i belive miserably and you know the saying if your miserable then misery loves company. So just always be kind and have a smile on your face


Yea I have met sugar haters. I personally think it’s a level of jealousy or insecurities people have with themselves. I take it as just another boost of confidence because I can do something that other people can’t and that’s the honest truth. Everyone has their own hobbies and things that they like to do and this just happens to be mine. So I continue to do what I do, and I do it happily.

——Am(Sugar Baby)

yessss a lot of people is gonna hate because they dont have what u have its how life works but they dont bother me they are not paying my bills or anything so they can think and say whatever they want because i am gonna still live my life to the fullest and enjoy it to the max. its just a little funny because there is a lot of haters they are just wasting their time


Haters are everywhere but when it comes to sugar haters, I think these are people who have at one time in their lives wanted to try it out but they were unable to or have tried sugar dating and it didn’t work out for them. Now that it works for someone else, they simply start hating. They shouldn’t make you feel like you’re doing something wrong. Whatever made you turn to sugar life is not anyone else’s business so never feel like you owe anyone any explanation. Let them hate as you keep on progressing

——Ali(Sugar Baby)

No. I havent met a sugar hater yet . . .. I think there isnt any of sugar haters cuz this site is for those who want love trust and the belif..this site is for those who want to feel loved and if there are haters. Whats the point?? Everyone wants love and being loved here.lets be together and lets not spread hatred… Lets just spread love and exchange our emotions together.😊

——Ky(Sugar Baby)

Of course people aren’t going to like it because they feel it’s not a real relationship, but it is. They tend to feel they know everything about the relationship and how it works but they don’t. I suggest just ignoring them, if their opinions matter to you then they should be close to you enough to know not to judge you. Don’t let strangers bring you down about what makes you happy

——Crist(Sugar Baby)

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