SugarBabies Review: (Pros and Cons) My Personal Experience

Are you tired of the many sugar daddy dating sites riddled with fake profiles? Do you find the prices charged by online travel dating sites atrociously high? If either of your answers was yes, consider reading this SugarBabies review to the end.
As an affiliate to Sugar Daddy Meet, SugarBabies ticks all checks of a good sugar dating app. Unlike common apps, SugarBabies adheres to a strict three-step verification process, ensuring genuine profiles.
By encompassing the best features from sugar daddy dating sites, this is a must-have app for users. Since its inception in 2010, the app has attracted more members than relatively older counterparts.
In this Sugar babies review, I will discuss the features that make the app outstanding and how to use the app to your benefit.

Is SugarBabies safe for Sugar dating?

A significant online dating fail is in managing fake profiles and protecting users. Of the many dating apps I have engaged, I found SugarBabies the best in the vetting of members.
While other applications settle on video or photo verification, this app maintains a three-step check. With ID, Video verification, and paper verification, the registration is foolproof to scammers.
For id verification, upload your identification document. While you can hide your home address, your D.O.B. and details you fed on the app should be visible.
After vetting by a team of moderators, you gain an I.D. verification badge on your profile. Upload a video and a photo adhering to given instructions to be fully verified.
While the video and image appear on the profile, the id is only for moderators. These steps ensure that the members are legit, thus resulting in fruitful endeavors. Additionally, profile details are only visible to verified members that fit your preferences.


After the security features, I also found the design on the app easy to interact with. With all options accessible on one page, you can navigate the site with much ease.
With a control panel button fixed at the left top, you can access the menu from any page. Even better, the site has an appealing infusion of color that makes it livelier to use.
On the dashboard, you can view, online, active, nearby and newest members. This design allows you to sift members and select the category that best suits your needs.
However, the app does not have a mobile app, although it is accessible via web on all platforms.

Sugar Babies signup

sugarbabies signup tab
Creating an account on SugarBabies is free of charge. However, the free account limits the features users can access. Among the features accessible with a basic membership include; replying or commenting on texts, free winks, greeting cards, viewing user profiles, and their verification statuses.
While the site does not push you to verify your profile, it is essential to do so for increased engagements. In addition to this, complete your profile fully, thus attracting like-minded users.
To enroll, I visited homepage and selected signup. Next, the app required my email address and chosen password. Before completing the signup process, choose whether to join as a sugar daddy or sugar baby.
Creating a SugarBabies app takes up to five minutes.

Completing your profile

You can have the best sugar daddy dating platform, the looks and the money to sustain a mutual benefits relationship. Without a vibrant profile, however, your chances of landing a sugar partner are between slim and none.
For more appropriate matches, select the profile menu and select edit profile. Here, enter details ranging from location, body appearance, habits, and your interests. Here, be as clear as you can to give members a better grasp of your expectations.
On the about me tab, be sure to use a creative phrase that makes users eager to engage you. Having done this, save your profile and proceed to images.

Uploading images

sugar babies photo tab SugarBabies Review: (Pros and Cons) My Personal Experience
Like a complete profile, pictures are essential for sparking interest in potential sugar daddies/ babies. To add photos, click the profile tab on the top right and select photo.

Contacting members

Among the reasons, I loved this app is the many methods to get in touch with members. To engage a member, you can wink to them or send a gift to break the ice.
Alternatively, sugar daddies can shoot a proposal to sugar babies. If the latter party accepts the plan, they can get in touch to further their communication.
Before plunging to a gift sending spree, be sure to view a user’s profile to ensure that their character is congruent with your ideals. Alternatively, you can fine-tune your search to get the users that have similar habits and meet your preferences.
For safety from scammers, check for the verification badge before divulging your information. Also, ensure to report any cases of bullying or abuse to customer support.


Sugar babies search ribbon
Sugar babies dating site bears one of the best search panels I have come across on online dating apps. Here, you can set the preference in each parameter before running a search.
For verified users, select the profile standards option and click on any checked or all three verification options. By setting the profile standards to verified, you reduce the chances of falling victim of malicious users.

Upgrading to elite membership

sugar baby premium subscription
Like popular dating apps, SugarBabies categorizes its members into basic and elite subscribers. While the app is free for sugar babies, sugar daddies incur a monthly charge to enjoy the service.
Also, I found the premium packages reasonably priced. This as opposed to similar apps that charge a king’s ransom from members.
For a monthly premium package, sugar daddies are charged $30. By selecting the two-month package, you incur a cost of $50 every two months.
The most extended elite membership package goes for three months and costs $ 60. To receive an elite badge and yield meaningful engagements, members can opt to incur an extra charge of $20.
Among the perks of going pro include:
Access to advanced search functions that sift through profiles more.
Elite members can send winks and gifts to users. This helps break the ice and influences the user’s opinion to your favor.
Unlike the basic subscription, with fewer image slots, elite users can have more than 25 photos on their accounts.

Travel scheduler

Among the reasons why I rank this among the top sites is that it offers both travel and sugar dating. By allowing members to enjoy both worlds, it reduces the burden of joining tons of websites.
When sending a proposal, a sugar daddy can propose a trip and the responsibilities he is willing to take. Alternatively, you can post a trip plan and accept the join trip requests from sugar babies.
Sugar babies should set the parameters to their travel ideals for better results.

SugarBabies blog

SugarBabies blog
Among the rising trends in online dating, platforms are blogs. Among the many blogs I have come across, the sugar baby website blog was easier to peruse.
On the blog, you can find tips ranging from arranging sugar dating agreements to tips for sustainable sugar arrangement. You can also set the parameters on which content you wish to read.

Customer support

While you can find a remedy to many predicaments on the help tab, the app has an active customer support service. In the case that you can’t find your query, contact the customer support.
While I cannot specify the wait time, the website assures members of the address on time. Given that most reviews are positive, it is safe to say that the developers keep their promise.

Deleting your account

deleting a sugarbabies account
To remove your account, go to settings under my profile tab. On the bottom of the page, click the delete account option and select whether to deactivate or delete.
With deactivation, your data is not shown to other users until you log back in. Unlike deletion, you don’t lose your information by deactivating your account.
As such, you need not create an account to resume the service. After selecting delete, enter your password to complete the process.


  • The app is cheap for elite subscription and free for sugar babies.
  • Navigating the app is easy as all tabs are on one page.
  • Search options can be narrowed down to bear searches that are congruent with one’s needs.
  • Joining is free of charge


sugar babies phone app

  • The site lacks a mobile app as of now. However, the website is responsive; thus can be used on any device. Also, the developers hint that they are developing apps for iPhone and Android.

Final verdict

SugarBabies is an ideal site to find sugar babies and seek sugar daddies. Besides their strict verification process, the app also boasts of a worldwide audience. Even better the premium package is free for sugar babies and costs fairly low for sugar daddies.
However, the app does not support escort services and is meant for users above the age of 18.

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