SugarBook Reviews [Pros vs Cons]: Creating Account

Are you looking to venture into luxury dating? Do you find the plethora of sugar dating sites confusing to choose from?
If your answer to either question was yes, it is ideal to consider using the Sugarbook dating app. Although it started in 2016, the app has gained traction and more members than most of its counterparts.
Besides creating a safe environment for nurturing mutually beneficial relationships, the app also strives to ensure that its users are genuine. Also, the app shows an equal balance of sugar partners, making it easy to land a like-minded match.
As such, sugarBook gives sugar daddies a run for their money and saves sugar babies from exorbitantly priced dating services.
In this review, I will guide you through the use of Sugarbook and the perks that you ought to employ for beneficial relationships.

Security and verification

Impersonation and malicious activity are not foreign on dating platforms. It is essential to engage a site committed to maximizing security to ensure your safety.
Faithful to its aim of making an ideal sugar dating environment, Sugarbook emulates heightened verification processes as the best sugar dating apps. Here, images uploaded and salaries undergo examination by experts to ensure they are genuine.
As such, you get more meaningful endeavors free of malicious, prying eyes.


In the dating arena, few sites can achieve an equal feat to that of Sugarbook within a similar duration. While the app ranks among the most recent sugar dating apps, it has surpassed its counterparts and gained a bigger audience.
Even more, the app employs suitable terms for students, thus allowing them to savor quality service within their means. With 500+ daily logins, the chances of meeting a match are higher with higher chances of growth.
Owing to their refined verification process, daddies can ascertain the appearance of babies. Also, babies can view the worth of partners, thus, creating better-informed arrangements.


Sugarbook interface
In the ocean of dating apps, few showcase quality interface design. Unlike its counterparts, Sugarbook is easy to use with organized tabs for each option.
Besides this, you can change the parameters for viewing users hence getting better suggestions.
Thanks to the simple interface, you can change notification settings, the method by which you view profiles, and contact users.

Quality profiles

Knowledge is power. A precept whose truth applies most in the dating niche. By getting more information on users, you can seek partners with congruent needs reducing the margin of failure.
For better suggestions and matches, Sugarbook requires users to fill out an elaborate questionnaire. In this, the app captures one’s sexual preferences, habits, financial status, and body make.
Afterward, the app runs the data through its algorithm, thus offering suggestions that are likelier to succeed. For a better experience, ensure to complete your profile, therefore, giving the algorithm more items to compare against.

Customer service

A dating site requires strict supervision and help to prevent bullying, and offer help to its customers.
A testament to its user-oriented approach, the app has an active customer care service devoted to solving customer’s issues.
In the case of bullying or abuse of their policy, the app takes appropriate action making it a better environment for sugar daddies and sugar babies. For instance, when seeking help with verification, the agents got back to me in a short duration, helping me faster navigate the signup process.
When contacting the customer care, ensure to express your issue clearly to gain for faster address. Due to its popularity, consider engaging social forums for users’ guidance on navigating various hurdles.

Sugarbook signup

LDA15 SugarBook Reviews [Pros vs Cons]: Creating Account Creating a sugarbook account signing in to Sugarbook
Creating an account on Sugarbook was a straightforward process that took less than 3 minutes. Upon installation, I selected the “sign up for free option” on the login page.
Afterward, I keyed in my gender and what I was seeking on the platform. I.E., sugar babies should select successful for matching with wealthy partners that meet their criteria.
Next, the app prompted for an email and password of choice before requesting for a profile picture and the D.O.B.
After this, I received an email for verification.

Setting your profile

LDA13 SugarBook Reviews [Pros vs Cons]: Creating Account sugarbook Sign up
Among the determinant factors on Sugarbook, a complete profile bears the most weight. After signing up, enter your habits, preferences, education levels, and marital status.
Although it is optional, consider filling the profile to give users a more precise representation of you. On the about me tag, it is essential to employ engaging content that inspires users to know more about you.
With this step done, I had gained access to the apps free features before verification. However, the app withheld the ability to message users until I acquired a premium package.

Editing your profile

In the case of error or additional information on the profile, the process is also as easy. First, click on the control panel button on the top left to access various options.
Next, select the settings tab and proceed to edit the profile. Here, cover all elements with as much precision as you can. This offers users a better grasp of personalities, bringing in more sustainable relationships.

Premium packages

LDA12 SugarBook Reviews [Pros vs Cons]: Creating Account sugarbook premium
As is the nature of sugar daddy dating apps, the Sugarbook offers various premium plans for both sugar daddies and sugar babies. For sugar daddies, the prices range between $49.95 per month, a three month $42.95 (per month) package, and a six month $35.95 (each month) package.

  • Among the perks enjoyed by premium members include:
  • Advanced privacy features that cater for hiding personal data from the general public.
    Unlimited messaging ability to members.
  • Instant profile approval allows you to embark on a sugar partner hunt on time.
  • By going premium, the app allows for viewing those that viewed your profile and made an impression.
  • Read receipts confirming the delivery and status of messages by users you have engaged in.


Free for student’s premium upgrades

Among the features that make this app stand out from its counterparts is the free premium membership for students. To enjoy this, students ought to join using a valid student email/registry.
As such, students go about sugar daddy dating and get the support they require to navigate campus life.

Deactivating your account

deleting a sugerbook account
Like activation, I found deactivating a Sugarbook account quite easy. On the settings tab, click on deactivation and select the issue leading to the deactivation of the account.
While at this, the app prompted me to suggest areas they would improve on.
A testament to their will for improvement. Unlike other apps, Sugarbook allows you to write further your dating story from where you left off.
By logging in, you activate the account and re-install the data from your previous account. As such, you pick relations from where you left off without having to pose for new pictures to refresh your tab.


What would lead to suspension of a Sugarbook account?

By contravening the terms and conditions, customer support is mandated to take action to ensure healthy relationships. For instance, you should not post sexual content or use vulgar language when engaging other members.
Even more, the app controls members from selling sexual content, thus ridding the app of pornographic activity.

What is the average wait duration for approval of uploaded photos?

Both photos and the account undergo an examination before getting shown to members. This avoids impersonation, therefore, doing away with catfishing. On average, the process may take up to 48 hours.
However, it is essential to note that you cannot post content without completing your profile. For help, engage the experts in their support section, thus laying your sugar dating woes to rest.

Sugarbook cons

While you can use a free plan, the app limits messaging abilities denying your ability to engage users. This forces users to invest in a premium without testing the service, which puts many users off.
In some cases, users have raised issues of delayed approval, which may span up to two days.
Existence of some inactive accounts.


While the app has its cons, they are outweighed by the pros twofold. However, I would enjoy the services of the app better if they included a swipe feature and offered limited messaging prompts in the free version.
In my view, these features would help in making decisions and gauging the service against their expectations.


While it is a new app for sugar dating, its counterparts would pick a leaflet or two from the SugarBook. Unlike its peers, this app is concerned with the user’s needs, thus, ranking among the best dating apps 2019.
Also, the app keeps bettering its services, thus, assuring future growth.

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