Sunbeam Luxurious Velvet Plush King Heated Blanket Review

On frigid winter nights, a blanket that keeps you warm and comfortable without being too warm or too cool is essential.

The Sunbeam Luxurious Velvet Plush King Heated Blanket has a choice of 20 different temperature settings, so you can choose exactly how warm you need to be to keep the cold from attacking at night. It comes with a selectable auto-off function, dual controllers with easy to read digital displays.

It is machine washable and has a five-year warranty. It is large enough for two blanket thieves to stop bickering and unite against the cold. It is hot and made for you if you are in a constant battle against freezing.

In this review, we will show you the features of the Sunbeam Luxurious Velvet Plush King Heated Blanket. We also list the pros and cons so you can weigh your choice evenly and decide if you want to sleep under the Sunbeam velvet plush blanket when Jack Frost comes knocking.

The Sunbeam Luxurious Velvet Plush King Heated Blanket Review

The Sunbeam Luxurious Velvet Plush King Heated Blanket Review

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  • It is made from Polyester and polyester blend plush material
  • It comes with 20 different temperature settings
  • The auto-off is selectable
  • It comes with dual controllers
  • It has a pre-heat feature
  • It has a 10-hour auto-off function for added safety
  • It is machine washable
  • It has a 5-year warranty
  • Dimensions: 100 x 90 inches (254 x 228cm)
  • Weight:9.9 lbs (4.3kg)


  • It is very soft, luxurious and has a nice heavy feel
  • The dual controls are easy to use
  • The digital display is easy to read even at night
  • It heats evenly and consistently
  • It comes with an extensive choice of temperatures
  • It has good length and width and covers a king-size bed


  • The controller cords are short
  • It slips from the bed during the night
  • It comes with dual controls but only one plug
  • It has to be laid flat to dry even though it is machine washable
  • There is no stitching between the top and bottom layers


This Sunbeam Luxurious Velvet Plush King Heated Blanket is well made, thick and incredibly soft but does not have stitching between the top and bottom layers. It has a choice of 20 different temperature settings to keep you toasty warm and comfortable no matter what the climate outside is up to or the temperature your partner prefers.

It warms up quickly and has a selectable auto-off function, so you have all the control over this blanket you could need. You don’t have to wake up in the early morning hours because the auto-off function cooled your bed before you wanted it to. It is warm in itself and keeps the heat well when turned on.

It is soft and smooth, and this may cause it to smoothly slide around on the bed while you sleep. It is machine washable but needs to be laid flat to dry, which is a bit high maintenance compared to other blankets that are dryer safe.


This is a soft and smooth blanket with a velvet softness that won’t irritate your skin. It slides around like lighter blankets but is thicker and heavier than light blankets with the same softness.

The heat settings go higher than with most soft heated blankets, and the low settings are just enough to warm your sheets and keep the chill away. It has a very large range of temperature settings compared to other blankets of this type and size.

The digital controls have a large readout and are easy to use and compare well to other controls. The display is easier to read and know what setting you are at than with analog controllers. So you’ll have no more guessing games in the middle of the night to try and figure out how to get to a warmer or cooler temperature.

It may be too heavy and warm for temperate climates or if you don’t freeze completely in winter. It also uniquely equipped with a choice to select the auto-off function.


This Sunbeam Luxurious Velvet Plush King Heated Blanket is a heavier heated blanket that is still as soft as a light fleece or micro plush version. It is very smooth and, like some of its lighter counterparts, has trouble staying put on a bed.

If you don’t mind readjusting your bedding in the morning, it will not be a problem. Because it is heavier, it keeps the heat in nicely and will work well if you need to stay warm, even if you move around.

This blanket is ideal if you like the feel of a heavier blanket that forms a barrier against the cold. It is a good blanket if you want to control options and enough warmth for even the coldest nights.

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