Support Girls Reviews: Best Upcoming Sugar Daddy Dating App

Are you confused about the panoply of sugar daddy dating site options sprouting every day? Do you intend to engage in sugar dating apps without compromising your security? For easy navigation of the sugar dating arena, this Support Girls review ought to come in handy.
Owing to increased demand for dating platforms, a deluge of apps has been created. While options are great, too many options expose users to security threats and poor service.
Among the new sugar dating apps; Support Girls bears much primacy and upholds unrivalled safety measures.
Ranging from sugar daddies, travel partners to casual dates, the app is the remedy to sugar daddy dating. To help you go about creating the account and finding ideal sugar dates, we prepared this Support Girls review guide.
Here, we tackle the intricacies of Support Girls, and it’s outstanding features.


Support Girls membership
Among the items for gauging a dating app, the number of users ranks top on the list. Besides offering you more options, a broad audience assures you quality engagements.
With over 2 million verified users, Support Girls proves ideal for sugar daddies seeking sugar baby relationships. Even better, this luxury dating app is universal. As such, it allows you to engage partners from various locations and those seeking to travel to select regions.
Like some of its counterparts, Support Girls has a higher amount of female sugar babies. Also, the app follows a strict verification procedure to curb impersonation and malicious users.
Unlike typical verification processes, support Girls requires a user’s video to ascertain their authenticity. This does away with loopholes of image manipulation, thus saving users from con artists and catfishing.

Web and App interface 

Among the hurdles, an app has to jump to rank well is the interface. Owing to its simple design, Support Girls allows more comfortable use and easier manoeuvring of tasks.
Unlike startups that rely on gimmicks to make impressions, the web interface consists only of essential tools. Since most of the choices are on one window, users can navigate the app comfortably.
However, the mobile app has a lesser appealing interface and needs many upgrades to match the elegance of the website.

Verification process

Unlike the traditional image verification, Support Girls tightens various loopholes ensuring genuine sugar daddy/ baby profiles. After creating an account, the app required me to pick the edit profile tab and upload a video of me.
The app provides a badge on profiles, which informs users on the security of a profile. The symbol differentiates verified users from the rest, thus helping users boost safety. Also, the messaging ability is withheld from unverified profiles, therefore, ensuring a safer luxury dating environment.

Profile quality

The richness of a sugar dating app is gauged by the database and quality of matching algorithm. To realise quality matches, the app gathers a ton of information from the profile, thus making better suggestions.
Besides the algorithm, the app’s search option is more comfortable to edit for the location, type, and character of the users you are viewing. Unlike others, the site allows for viewing profiles without investing in a premium.
This allows you to test the quality of engagements you can make, thus making an informed decision. Also, you can access the site as a guest, therefore checking if the site suits your needs.
As a result of this, you drop the doubt of investing in a service that does not bear fruit. The app allows for changing profile details after creating the account, enabling fine-tuning of appealing profiles.

24-hour customer support

Despite having strict security protocols, customer support is required to ensure the observance of terms and conditions. For a safe environment, the support desk takes action against:

  • Profiles that ask users for money or donations
  • Harassment of users and usage of offensive language
  • Inappropriate behaviour of users both online and offline
  • Spam or marketing of products on their platform.

By protecting users offline, the app ensures that users don’t fall victim to abusive treatment from members. To achieve safety, the desk required notification from the user entailing the issue they are facing.
Unlike alternative sugar dating apps, this customer support offers quick responses, thus making ideal for users. Also, the app provides tips for users to maximise their security and proper online measures.

Support Girls signing up

Support Girls sign-in
Among the pros, I found with signing in on support girl was the easy and fast login process. On the signup page, users have an option to register or use the app as guests.
To register, the app required necessary personal information like name, age, and country. Afterwards, I was prompted to proceed to verification. Unlike some privacy intruding apps, the app did not require so much personal info.
Although the process is that natural, messaging ability is withheld until one gets a verification. As such, the developers protect users from bots and scammers. However, I was able to view the people that engaged my profile and made an impression.
Before beginning using the app, you must provide a profile picture. Afterwards, the app required me to select the “my profile” tab and upload a verification video.
While the app allows for any image on your profile, various regulations require to be upheld. For instance, you cannot use copyrighted images or nude images.
While some may argue that this feature allows users to obfuscate details on their appearance, I found it amusing to add a pinch of creativity to profiles.  It is also vital to note that logging in as a guest denies you the ability to view profiles.

Search options

New developments always imply a change from traditional operating procedures. With no doubt, Support Girls has changed the game without succumbing to the frenzy of adopting fancy options.
For instance, I could set the age and location parameters, thus getting suggestions that fit my needs best. Also, the app provides an option for searching destination travels, which is a new option in sugar daddy dating.
This allows babies and daddies to establish connections and cherish each other’s company during trips. Despite keeping the app off gimmicks, I found the app poorly organized as the search window was cramped with user profiles.

Support girl premium packages

 premium packages
Like its counterparts, support girls offers many premium options allowing users options that best suit them. Among these options include a one-month package at €59, a two-month package at €119 and a six-month package for €179.
While each package has its perks, the six-month package comes with higher listing and is cheaper in the long run. While it’s among leading on the price spectrum, their service and the ever-growing audience are worth the price tag.
By going premium, you do away with lengthy durations of waiting for verification and free travel plan selection. Also, you unlock unlimited chat options and higher ranking.

Deactivating your account

deactivating Support Girls account
While dating apps may force a user to click through a myriad of tabs to deactivate the account, Support Girls is easy to delete. On the “my profile” tab, click on delete account and confirm the deletion of the account.
It is vital to note that no refunds are made once you terminate the account.

Safety tips 

While many assume that users are smart with online protection, Support Girls does not leave user safety to chance. On the safety tab, users access tips for maximizing security online and action to take in case of malicious activity.
This avoids predatory character on unaware users and makes the platform safer for founding sugar connections.

Cons of support girls

Although it promises growth in membership, various fields must be improved. For instance, the mobile interface is inept of style, thus making it less appealing to use.
Also, the app subjects one to a task of scrolling many tabs to get an ideal partner.


For better user experience, the developers ought to consider adding an option for efficiently sorting profiles. For instance, they would include an option whereby you downvote a profile, thus, eliminating it from subsequent searches.
This reduces a load of profiles to choose from and refines your search results better. Also, the developers could improve the interface, making the mobile app as elegant as the website.


Sugar daddy dating is a field with a huge demand and an equal supply of applications. While many apps emerge daily, few defy the norms and retain uniqueness and functionality.
Support girls are among the game changers that have shaken the field and amassed a vast user audience in a short duration of time.

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