The Best Exercise Bike Reviews and Advice

The Best Exercise Bike Reviews and Advice

Marcy NS-716R Magnetic Resistance Recumbent Bike Review

Exercise Bike Reviews

The thing is that not all exercise bikes are created equal. Certain equipment is better at achieving  different results, whether it’s weight loss, lower body strengthening, or cardio conditioning.

Find out which​ bike is best for you!

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Exercise Bike Advice & Tips

To know what type of bike suits you the most, you need to get to know the different designs, resistance types, drive systems, comfort features, and why not – tracking features.

Exercise Bike ReviewsAir Bike Pacing

Air Bike Reviews

If you’re interested in buying one, read on as we review some of the finest models and look into what separates the best air bike from the rest.

Folding Exercise Bike Reviews

Some of the best exercise bikes for home cardio workouts are folding bikes. If you’ve never tried one or never really stopped to consider the benefits, you’re about to find out.

Losing Weight With Your Pedal ExerciserChoosing a Stationary Bike

Recumbent Bike Reviews

The majority of recumbent bikes focus on cardio and lower body workouts. But they usually provide low- to medium-impact resistance levels, which means that they’re easy to use.

Upright Exercise Bike Reviews

Upright exercise bikes are among the best low-impact training machines. You can work out on your own at home or in a cycling class at your local gym.

Stationary Bike Workout

Under-Desk Cycle Reviews

Do you really need the best under-desk cycle if you’re just trying to stay awake at work? You actually might.

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