The Best Philips Electric Shavers

The Best Philips Electric Shavers

We analyzed reviews for the most popular Philips shavers available on the market(read about our accurate, unbiased method).

We compared them side-by-side and scored them according to a range of factors, including ease of use, functionality, close shaving, durability and blade options.

Below you will find top-ranked shavers (click on the product name to read the full review).
Electric shavers
turned into a must nowadays as more and more men use them. They are versatile tools that can provide a professional shave in the comfort of home.

The fact that many products on the market can make it a bit hard to find the right brand for you. The purpose of this short article is to point out an overview of Philips electric shavers.

Philips, the Reliable Brand

Royal Philips is a renowned company from the Netherlands. Its products are designed to improve consumer’s life.

It is specialized in the following areas: consumer lifestyle, healthcare, and lighting. Efficient solutions rely on the latest technology and can be experienced in cardiac and acute care, lighting solutions, home healthcare, male grooming, and oral healthcare.

The Shaving Experience

Philips is specialized in rotary shavers, and the results achieved with their products are quite impressive. They can help you obtain a clean shave with no irritations. If your facial hair does not grow uniform or you find it hard to reach certain neck areas, you need to give these incredible devices a try.

According to your budget and preference, you can choose between various models. Some shavers can be used only dry, while others are waterproof. The return policy is excellent. You have 45 days to test the products and decide whether they are good for your skin or not.

There are many useful features included, as can be seen below:

  • contour detect technology for the cheekbone area;
  • V-track or dual precision blades;
  • easy clean;
  • great battery life, there are models that require only one hour of charge for
  • 40 minutes of shaving;
  • flex and float system for excellent maneuverability;
  • wet and dry capability;
  • increased portability.

Advantages and Drawbacks

Philips electric shavers seem to be reliable products with useful features. In order to test their credibility, it is a wise idea to check what the customers have to say about them.

Here you can find the major advantages and drawbacks so you can understand better how these devices work. Only after you analyze them you can make the right decision.


  • They are quiet;
  • They can help you achieve a close shave, just like you would with a traditional razor;
  • They ensure a quick and comfortable shave;
  • The trimmer feature works excellent;
  • The motor is very quiet so that you can shave with no problem at any hour of
  • The day or night;
  • They deal very well even with thinner hair;
  • Some models are compatible with shaving foam or gel for those who are not keen on dry shaving;
  • They require almost no maintenance;
  • They can be used even when they are plugged in;
  • There is an indicator that signals when they need to be charged.


  • There are many plastic components;
  • The rotors spin a bit slow when they are running out of power;
  • The cleaning brush is not well-enough designed for holes and small parts;
  • You need to be a bit careful when shaving the neck to avoid pinches.


Philips electric shavers seem to be high-quality products. They do not irritate the skin and require almost no maintenance. Considering the 45 days return policy, you can test them yourself. There are various models available with incredible advantages.

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