The Negative Side Effects of Love Spells – The Dangers of Love Spells

In this article, we will discuss the Negative Side Effects of Love Spells (The Dangers of Casting Love Spells), the signs and symptoms that love spells are working or not. We will also discuss what happens when a love spell backfires and what you should do.

At the end of the article, you will find a video of a true story of a spell that backfired.

The negative connotations of spells are deeply rooted in popular culture and have been sources of fear throughout history. Say the word spell, and immediately images of witches conspiring around bubbling cauldrons or sinister figures in black cloaks inflicting pain and suffering for their gains come to mind. But is this an accurate interpretation or a common misconception? Can a spell be cast in goodwill and serve to bring about a positive outcome?

What is a love spell?

A love spell is essentially when you emit positive energy, which manifests itself in positive intentions towards the object of your affection through the use of a ritual or belief. These good intentions and positive energy, if pure, will lead the object of your affections to feel more open to you as they will invite your positive energy in. A love spell can take many forms, including a written spell or chant, a potion, a ritual, an amulet, or even a doll. However, as with all forms of spells, a love spell comes with its risks. If you intend to bend or break the free will of the one you love, be warned: this could have disastrous consequences.

What happens after a love spell is cast?

When a love spell is cast, your intentions and positive energy are sent out in waves to your intended target. In many ways, a spiritual conversation between your angel and their angel can begin, which can either open the door to your energy or close it. If your intentions are pure, then a love spell should mean that your loved one will invite your energy in and begin to develop feelings for you.

Physical symptoms of a love spell

Developing sudden intense feelings for someone can often be a confusing experience which may lead your loved one to behave in an out-of-character manner. If this occurs, it doesn’t necessarily mean that the love spell is not working. It can mean the exact opposite. The following are some of the physical signs that a love spell is taking hold:

  • You feel depressed or anxious without any reason
  • You may experience heart pain
  • You may experience mood swings
  • You may begin to withdraw from friends and family
  • You may lose track of yourself and who you are as a person

Signs that a binding spell is working

So, you’ve cast your spell on your intended target. Now what? How do you know that your spell is working? Well, there are many signs that a spell is taking effect, and these can vary from person to person. One of the most common signs is the transference of the positive energy you have projected, being returned to you. In this case, a feeling of immense happiness can be a very early sign that a binding spell is taking hold. This can often be accompanied by constant thoughts of your loved one as your emotional connection gets stronger. If this occurs, your loved one is likely feeling the same, and the positive energy is rebounding off them onto you.

Another sign that a binding spell might be working is a noticeable increase in chance encounters with your love. For instance, you might receive a higher volume of text messages or phone calls from the person in question. Or perhaps you might see them in person on a more regular basis.

Signs love spell is working on ex.

There are a number of ways to know if a spell is working on an ex, and some are a lot more obvious than others. One sure-fire way to know if a spell on an ex has worked is if your ex begins to contact you via email, text, or on the phone. You might also see your ex, by chance, when you are out and about. If you are very perceptive, you might notice that a particular song, TV programme, or film that has significance to your relationship becomes more apparent to you in your everyday life. For instance, you might hear a song you both loved on the radio or while you are out in the shops. These are signs, offered by the universe, that a spell is working.

How to know if a candle spell is working

A candle spell is one of the most popular and effective ways of casting a positive love spell. It can be quite obvious, even from the initial burning of the candle itself, as to whether the spell will achieve its goal. For example, if the flame crackles and pops when it is burning, it can be a sign that a conversation is taking place between your angel and your loved one’s angel. If your flame burns erratically when lit, this can be a sign that your spell will reap quick rewards.

Another clue that a candle spell is working is to look at the shapes made by the wax residue after the candle is extinguished. If you can detect a heart shape in the wax, you can take this as a sign that your spell has taken hold.

Negative side effects of love spells

While many love spells have been cast with good intentions, it is sometimes very difficult to avoid infringing on your loved one’s free will. The very action of influencing the free will of others can harm karma and may result in dire consequences for you and the person you love.

Headache after a love spell

A headache after casting a love spell may be a sign that you have expended too much energy through the spell and might also be a sign that it has taken hold of your intended target. Another reason why a headache often occurs after a love spell has been cast because the body is receiving a new energy source from its intended target. An overload of reciprocated feelings can often overwhelm the body and disrupt the normal balance of energy, resulting in a headache, which in some cases can be as powerful as experiencing a migraine.

Feeling sick after casting a spell

Feeling sick or nauseous after casting a spell is a common problem, particularly for those new to spells in general. Much like a headache, feeling sick after a spell has been cast can also result from a misalignment between your negative and positive energy levels. Your everyday levels of energy must be held in the right place in your body, and there must be a balance between both positive and negative energy for you to function well. Once this is moved out of sync, your body can react badly.

Anxiety after casting a spell

A very common side effect of casting a spell can be a feeling of anxiety. This, like a headache or sickness, can be related directly to the use of energy to make a spell work. However, anxiety can also be linked to a lack of preparation for the consequences of a spell. For example, it can be very easy to fret over the possibility that a love spell may not work on the intended target. This negative energy can overpower its more positive counterpart and can result in heightened levels of anxiety.

What happens when you cast a love spell then change your mind?

From time to time, a love spell is cast for the wrong reasons, and sometimes the person who has cast the spell realizes they have made a mistake. Rather than panic and think that all hope is lost, there are several ways to undo a love spell. One of the most effective (and easiest) is to create a beacon of energy aimed at your loved one, which will draw the spell back from your intended. It might be advisable to leave the beacon running for a week to ensure that the energy you sent out returns to you.

Side effects of love binding spells

Love binding spells can have a number of negative side effects. These can be both physical and mental; however, it is the mental side effects of binding spells that perhaps inflict the most damage. The mental side effects can be sudden aggression or anger, triggered by nothing tangible. There can also be feelings of depression, anxiety, and hopelessness, as well as lethargy and a loss of appetite. These are all signs that a binding spell is having a negative impact on the receiver.

What happens when a love spell backfire?

Even with the best intentions at heart, there are times when a love spell can backfire. The consequences of such an occurrence can range from minor to extreme, depending on individual circumstances. A love spell can backfire when the intentions in which it was cast were not pure and good. We have already mentioned the dangers of bending freewill for your gains, and this is often the catalyst for a karmic reaction. When a love spell backfires this way, your loved one may reject you or behave in a cold manner towards you. If your loved one suspects that you have cast a spell on them, they may fight against it, and this may result in a complete loss of contact and communication.

What to Do When Love Spell “Backfires”?

When a love spell backfires, there is no need to panic; there are several ways to ensure that order is restored without too much damage. The best way is to unbind your emotions from your loved one by using a burning ritual. Take something from them that has their DNA on it. This could be a lock of hair or even bodily fluid. Create a spell or chant that means something to your connection with that person and burn the item carrying their DNA while reciting the chant/ spell. This will sever your ties with the person once and for all and will hopefully act as a spiritual cleansing process for you.

Another way of coping if a love spell backfires is to adapt your spell by carefully altering it in stages. Although this a longer process, it is also one of the most effective. The key element is to take your original spell and add or take away a certain element each time you perform it. In time this will alter its effect and should mean that the energy sent with your original spell will return to you in an unaltered form.

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