Top 5 Tips for Your Medical Assistant Cover Letter

The medical assistant cover letter plays an important part in getting you through step one of the interview process of job applications: getting considered. Thus, an effective medical assistant cover letter must convey availability, sincerity, commitment, capability, and professionalism.

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Here Are The Top 5 Tips for Your Medical Assistant Cover Letter:


The medical assistant cover letter must contain all your contact details to enable interested employers to get in touch with you without any difficulties. Don’t limit information to your mobile, home number and official email address. If possible, include a fax number and alternate contact number, just in case. If you happen to be employed at the time of application, including the hours during which you would be available to freely discuss is the smart and respectful thing to do. Just as your current employer wouldn’t want you taking personal calls during work, so would your prospective employer in the event you get hired.


Emphasize your sincerity by remaining truthful throughout your cover letter, avoiding any unnecessary embellishing that may make you look good, but can also be your downfall. Instead of admitting to personal deficiencies in terms of job qualifications, emphasize your strengths instead, and indicate a willingness to learn and grow under your prospective employer’s tutelage and guidance.


Underscore your commitment to the job by doing research beforehand regarding the mission, vision and present needs of your prospective employer. You can mention your career objectives in relation to company goals, and adapt your cover letter contents to meet each specific job detail listed in the posting, if available. Finally, reiterating your interest in the position can be done by declaring your intent to follow up application results personally within a specific time frame, instead of passively waiting to see if you receive an invitation for interview.


Summarize your relevant educational background and qualifications that render you eligible for consideration, placing special emphasis on significant achievements such as graduating at the top percentile of your class. Again, itemize your skills and abilities in a way that complements job requirements, while mentioning others that may give you an added advantage over others.

In essence, your medical assistant cover letter should confidently state that yes, I am qualified for the job because I can do everything that the job requires of me, and then some. A flair for writing is essential at this point since dry statements droning on about your accomplishments will put the reader to sleep. Use bold words of action to drive your points across confidently without appearing pompous.


Maintain a professional image by using simple but formal language, proofreading your cover letter for grammar, spelling, and punctuation errors, formatting the letter properly, using plain but quality paper, and last but not least, underlining your efficiency by editing your content till it comes across as striking but concise.

Although a perfect medical assistant cover letter may not always do the trick, it can certainly open several doors of opportunity, and eventually, you’ll land the perfect job.

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