Different Types Of Wheelchair Cushions For Extra Comfort

To make a long time sitting comfortably with proper posture. Sitting on a chair for a long time is not good as it has many side effects. With the wheelchair cushion, you can minimize the impact. There are types of wheelchair cushions with different materials. And you have to know the height, width, and depth of the wheelchair frame to adjust the cushion properly. Still have confusion about the cushions, then read this article thoroughly. You will have enough information to get comfortable wheelchair cushions for your grandma’s wheelchair.

Benefits Of Wheelchair Cushions

The wheelchair is a special chair for disabled people to make mobility easy. But it is not easy to stay on the chair for a long time. It may cause back pain, pressure sores, and many other physical problems. To avoid these problems and make the sitting comfortable, a wheelchair cushion is recommended. Do you want to know the benefits of using the cushions? Then check the points that are given below:

  • If you use wheelchairs for some hours or days, you might not face it, but people who are using the chair for long years have issues like blisters. This is the worst condition that makes your sitting experience hell. It will make you both uncomfortable and painful. You cannot get rid of the pain as easily as it takes a long time to heal. Sweat rash is another skin condition that happens if you use the wheelchair seat without any cushion. If you use the cushion, you can prevent these types of uncomfortable and painful skin conditions.
  • Just imagine you are on the chair but not able to sit in the comfortable position you want. We tend to change a different sitting position to get comfortable. When you use a wheelchair, you have to use the wheelchair cushion to perfect body posture.
  • If the optimal height of your wheelchair is not right, then use a cushion to raise your sitting position. Improper height makes your seat uncomfortable and challenging to reach things from a certain height.
  • Comfortable is the utmost benefit you will enjoy with the cushion. Just pick the right material to make your sitting position comfortable.
  • Your position will stay stable if you use the cushion in your wheelchair. Your mobility will get easy to handle and effortless.

 Types Of Wheelchair Cushions

As I said before, there are types of seat cushions for a wheelchair in the market. You cannot just pick randomly and use it as the material might not work for your grandma. The cushion is different for different activity purposes. As the types vary, here are the summary of them to help you pick the best cushion for the wheelchair:

  1. Foam wheelchair cushions:

This cushion is widely used for all types of wheelchair seats. If you need a basic cushion that comes in a lightweight and less maintenance feature, this cushion will work for you. The foam is high density and comes with high-quality features. You will get good back support to have proper body posture while you are in a wheelchair.

  1. Gel wheelchair cushions:

It might work for preventing pressure sores, but not entirely. The gel cushion has the gel inserted foam to make the seat stable and comfortable. The gel distributes the weight when you sit on it. This distribution relives the pressure points and supports the weight that can bear.

  1. Air Wheelchair Cushions:

The air wheelchair cushions are getting popular day by day. The weight distribution and pressure relief are far more developed than any other cushions. There are sacks in the cushion that holds the air by adjusting the weight and user needs. You can add or release the air with a pump to make the seat more comfortable. Hemorrhoids, pressure sores get relief with this cushion as it distributes the pressure points.

  1. Honeycomb Wheelchair Cushion

The name of the cushion explains the design. Yes, the seat design mimics the honeycomb formulation. For the design, the seat stays stable and can hold pressure for long hours. The air circulation of the cushion makes the seat cool and comfortable.

  1. Hybrid Wheelchair Cushions

If you are looking for a high-performing and advanced design cushion, then a hybrid cushion is for you. This cushion prevents pain, reduces injurious movement, and improves body posture. The air cell, molded foam base, humidity control cover makes the prolonged sitting comfortable. The blood flow in the pelvis area gets regular for this cushion, so the user doesn’t suffer from any skin conditions.

  1. Alternating Air Pressure Cushion:

For the disabled patient, an alternating air pressure cushion is the perfect one. There is no chance that the user will get ulcers and pressure sores. The pressure cushion provides constant movement to stimulate blood circulation with support and comfort. There are inflatable bladders with a microprocessor that controls the bloating and reducing air every 4 minutes. A portable battery helps to supply power until a hundred hours; then, it needs a recharge. This technology makes the cushion easy to use and lets you enjoy medical help.

Note: Till now, I have given a summary of different types of wheelchair cushions and based on that, I have a review article about the best wheelchair cushion for pressure relief. If you want that type of wheelchair, make sure to read that article before purchasing one.

How Do I Choose A Wheelchair Cushion?

Why you want the right cushion? Because comfort matters. You can’t bear the pain your grandma will suffer if you don’t have the right cushion in her wheelchair. She needs a proper way to sit properly and stay stable while moving here and there. So what are the factors you need to check to pick the right one? They are:

  • As the user have to stay in the wheelchair for a long time, you have to ensure comfortable features.
  • Pick the cushion that will keep the position stay stable while moving around in the house and outdoor.
  • Cushion with reducing resistance and pressure relief is best to prevent any pressure sores.
  • A cool cushion with an air circulation feature is suggested to prevent skin breakdown that happens for the seat temperature and body sweat.
  • You may tend to go for a heavy cushion, but it will not adjust the light wheelchair frame. Pick the cushion height that will allow you an easy transfer.
  • Don’t get a cheap or expensive cushion for your wheelchair. Get the one that will meet your requirements and needs less maintenance.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long do wheelchair cushions last?

In 3 years, you have to get a new wheelchair cushion for your wheelchair.

Does Medicare cover wheelchair cushions?

Yes, Medicare covers the 80 percent cost of the wheelchair cushions.

What is the best pressure relief cushion?

The gel pressure relief cushion is the best one to relieve any pressure.

Final Thoughts

I think you have already decided which types of wheelchair cushions will work for your grandma’s wheelchair. The cushion works for wheelchair users as they promise comfort, stability and improves body posture. Try to talk with the doctor or the therapists to make the purchase right as your grandma has to spent a long time on the chair—so good luck to you and your grandmother.

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