The 11 Types Of Wheelchairs and How to Choose One?

To stay in a wheelchair for any reason is a challenging one. Those who spend the rest of their life in a wheelchair, I appreciate their capability of mental strength. For the best flexibility, the wheelchair needs to be comfortable and smooth to operate. Mainly the wheelchair is for those who are injured, senior citizens, and with special medical problems. Every wheelchair has different features.

To pick the one that will meet your requirements, you have to know about the types of wheelchairs. After researching wheelchairs for some years, we have picked the wheelchair types that are ready to serve the ones who need them. I hope you will find the one you need after reading this article.

Type of Wihelchaires The 11 Types Of Wheelchairs and How to Choose One?

Benefits Of Wheelchair

It is not easy to accept your life in a wheelchair. But you have to accept it because you need help to move by yourself or help from others. There are many reasons when you will need a wheelchair, like suffering from injuries, arthritis, spinal cord injury, stroke, and different health problems due to age.  Though it is difficult, there are some benefits you can enjoy with a wheelchair.

Freedom of movement:

We all know if we stay active physically, we can enjoy all kinds of benefits in physical and mental health. What about those who are in a wheelchair? Well, the good news is, if they can stay active in the wheelchair by pushing and moving easily in the home, then they can also enjoy the benefits the same as the ones who are on their feet. With a wheelchair, it is easy to move freely wherever you want.


Difficulty in walking means staying dependent on someone to hold and to stay constant in fear of falling. These make the situation worse, and family can get irritated sometimes. But with a wheelchair, you don’t have to stay dependent on going to the kitchen to have food or go to the garden to have fresh air. It is comfortable and efficient enough to keep you physically active. The freedom of movement and increased physical activity sometimes help to get better from the diseases you have that are preventing you from walking.

Boosts the health benefits

By pushing the wheelchair, one can stay active physically. If the wheelchair promises comfort and efficiency, physical activity gets increased and improves mental and physical health. With a cushioned wheelchair, the poor posture and pressure sores get developed, stability and improved digestion are achieved.

Increases self-esteem and confidence:

When the wheelchair helps to roam freely without depending on others and helps to do their tasks, self-esteem and confidence get a boost. You can enjoy outdoor activities easily with a wheelchair. You can go shopping, enjoy a picnic, attending weddings, and many more. All these activities make you happy and confident to spend your time in a wheelchair with ease.

Access to social life:

Visiting friends and family in a wheelchair is easy and comfortable. The best thing is your new dress and shoe will stay clean and proper. This socialization brings a great benefit to mental and physical health. No one likes to stay isolated, thanks to the wheelchair that helps them maintain a social life.

Easy and comfortable:

The wheelchairs help to give a cozy seat by providing relaxed seating. This comfortness helps to make physical activity easy and comfortable. An excellent electric chair helps to make the lifestyle more relaxed and comfortable.

Types Of Wheelchairs

So when you are ready to buy a wheelchair, you have to pick the one among all the types. It may look difficult, but not impossible. Just look at the types and decide which one is best to use:

Wheelchairs come in two categories – manual wheelchair and power wheelchair. These categories also have different types. Here I have tried to talk about the types in summary.

1. Manual wheelchairs:

The manual wheelchairs need an assistant to pull it because it has no motors. One has to use it by pushing oneself or taking others’ help.

You will find three types of manual wheelchairs in the market. They are:

2. Transit wheelchair:

If you can’t push the wheelchair by yourself, then a transit wheelchair is the best option for you. The rear wheels are small, so you will need someone to push the chair from behind. The wheels help to make the chair easy to move and light in weight. They also don’t take space while storing.

3. Self-driven wheelchair:

The self-propelled wheelchair comes with large and small rear wheels. This design makes mobility easy, and one can push the chair by not depending on others. But you have to be strong to push this chair by yourself. It is not a good option for weak, stroke, and paralyzed patients.

4. Light in weight and foldable wheelchairs:

This wheelchair is the most commonly used wheelchair among users. The foldable design makes it easy to store and move. You can use this wheelchair as a transit and self-driven wheelchair. It is best to use for travel and outdoor activities.

5. Electrical wheelchairs:

The electrical wheelchairs run with a motor that can be operated with a control panel that is on the arm of the chair. This type of wheelchair is for those who can’t move the wheelchair without an assistant. This wheelchair has mounted rechargeable batteries to make the ride smooth.

There Are More Types Of The Wheelchair To Use. They Are:

6. Scooter type wheelchairs:

The scooter wheelchairs come with small four wheels that extend from the low platform. The pivot design helps to make the user climb from any side. But the user has to stay in a rigid posture.

7. Sports wheelchair:

Disabled athletes use this wheelchair. It is popular for lightweight but strong and durable materials.

8. Wheelchairs for climbing stairs:

The climbing chair gets easy with this wheelchair. Some brackets are operated with a battery to hold you tight when you are climbing with the chair. The wheels are flexible and have a rubber path to grip the steps. But for safety reasons, keep one assistant near you while you are using this wheelchair.

9. Beach wheelchairs:

To enjoy the sunshine and scenery on the beach, this wheelchair is perfect. The wheels allow you to drive through the sand smoothly.

10. Bariatric wheelchair:

Normal wheelchairs can carry up to 250 pounds, whereas the bariatric wheelchair can carry up to 1000 pounds. It is for those who have gained extra weight for medical reasons.

11. Pediatric wheelchairs:

For disabled children, a pediatric wheelchair is recommended. The chair comes with a conventional and adjustable feature to make the kid comfortable to stay on the wheel.

Note: as we have discussed different types of wheelchairs, we also have a review article about the best lightweight transport wheelchair. You can check it if you want to have one.

How Do I Choose A Wheelchair Size?

Different types of wheelchairs offer different options by the feeling, fitting, and responding features. By choosing the right one, you can maximize the movement and eliminate discomfort and problems. Here are the points we need to consider when you are choosing a wheelchair for you:

  • Which one do you prefer? The manual one or the electrical one? This choice depends on personal preference. If you strong enough to push the wheelchair all by yourself, then a manual wheelchair is for you, or else go for the electrical one.
  • Measure the physical weight, width, and height before taking the wheelchair because the chairs come in different sizes and weights. There are ultra-light wheelchairs to extra heavy wheelchairs in the market. You have picked them by adjusting your physical appearance and usage options.
  • Take the wheelchair that will take less space to store. You can take this wheelchair easily with you to any place you want.
  • Lastly, pick the wheelchair that comes with a warranty and promises servicing whenever you require one. Though a wheelchair with good material doesn’t need frequent servicing, you may need one if you face any unwanted occurrence.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can a wheelchair fit through a 30-inch door?

Yes, a wheelchair can fit through a 32 to 36-inch door.

How long can you sit in a wheelchair?

It depends on your medical conditions. A long time sitting on a chair for eight hours causes back pain. So if you have to stay in the wheelchair for the rest of your life, then don’t stay in the wheelchair for long, take a rest on the bed for some time.

When should I get a wheelchair?

If you face a severe injury or suffer from any medical conditions, you have to use a wheelchair.

Final Thought

You don’t need a wheelchair all the time, even you suffer from any medical conditions. The situation may lead to taking one. Everyone comes with different physiques and needs. The wheelchairs have to adjust to those. To get the perfect wheelchair to meet your needs, you have to keep clear information about the types of wheelchairs. This knowledge will help you to get a wheelchair to improve your mobility easy and comfortable.

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