U Drive 3.8 QT 1400W Auto Electric Air Fryer Review

Are people just making a big fuss about the U-Drive 3.8 Quart 1400w Auto Electric Air Fryer? I bet not. The current lifestyle can be called sedentary. And, for the love of eating deep-fried foods, you can find yourself with lifestyle diseases. There is an alternative; the air is the new oil. Air fryers have taken the frying, grilling, and roasting world by a storm.

With a highly functional air fryer like U Drive 3.8 Quart 1400w Auto Electric, you get the same texture of fried chicken or chips without the dripping oil. That implies that you can maintain your menu, but this time in a healthier form. With the U-Drive 3.8 Quart 1400w Auto Electric Air Fryer, you cannot fry only, but you can bake, grill as well as roast the foods of your liking.

The amazing thing is that this air fryer has in-built temperature control, while the temperature range is between 179degrees Fand 392 degrees F. A unique, innovative feature in this quality air fryer is the automatic shut off timer. You can set any cooking time provided it is within 30 minutes.

At a cooking capacity of 3.8 Quart, U-Drive Auto Electric Air Fryer can cook food four people. The cooking basket is detachable, making it convenient to monitor your food as a cook and prevents you from burning. Similarly, this feature makes it easier for you to clean. The detachable parts are dishwasher friendly. Remember, this basket is made of nonstick material.

Your safety is always a guarantee with the U-Drive Auto Electric Air Fryer. Once you pull out the frying basket, the air fryer goes off, and when you return it, the air fryer starts to work again. This is advantageous because it helps you monitor your food as it cooks.

In this U Drive 3.8 Quart 1400w Auto Electric Air Fryer Black Review, we delve into the nitty-gritty of this fryer.

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What is U-Drive 3.8 Quart 1400w Auto Electric Air Fryer?

The U-Drive 3.8 Quart 1400w Auto Electric Air Fryer is an air fryer with multiple functionalities. It can fry, roast, bake, and grill. While doing this job, this kitchen appliance does not hit up your house, and it doesn’t produce any smoke.

The technology used to build it is, without a doubt, one of the modest, with abilities such as shutting off when the cooking basket is removed and powering on when inserted back. The multiple cooking options allow you to cook a wide variety of food, thanks to the full range of temperature, i.e., 176 F to 392F. Also, it comes with overheat protection.

Like other fryers, the U-Drive 3.8 Quart 1400w Auto Electric Air Fryer, will give you a healthier lifestyle. If you are looking out to cut on calories or eliminate fats from your diet, then choose this type of fryer. It cooks your favorite food without oil. Manufacturers claim that it can use up 80 % less oil. Certainly, this is healthier.



  • Fryer Material: the U-Drive 3.8 Quart 1400w Auto Electric Air Fryer is built of hard plastic. The grill rack, on the other hand, is constructed of stainless steel. Additionally, it has a unibody design and features SS decorations, which makes it more elegant. From the general outlook, the air fryer appears glossy.
  • Fryer Wattage: the fryer has 1400W and a 120V. This gives you a temperature ranging from 800C to 2000C (176F – 392F). Since most fryers tend to overheat, this fryer has an overheat protection mechanism.
  • Certification: the U-Drive 3.8 Quart 1400w Auto ElectricAir Fryer is ETL certified as well as FDA Approved
  • Fryer Capacity: the capacity of the U-Drive 3.8 Quart 1400w is 3.8 QT. This is a compact fryer, with limited frying space. However, U-Drive 3.8 Quart 1400w Auto Electric Air Fryer Black Review indicates that it can prepare enough food for 4 people comfortably.
  • LED Digital Touch Screen: this fryer doesn’t come with a digital touch screen display. Nevertheless, it has LED indicator lights to show power and heating. Moreover, it comes with a knob to help you set the temperature and time.
  • Nonstick Basket: the U-Drive 3.8 Quart 1400w Auto Electric Air Fryer Black has a 3-liter non-stick bucket. The nonstick material is easy to clean. Besides, the basket has a handle. You also get accessories like a 4-liter volume grill rack and a rack. The basket is built to fry French fries, while the grill rack can bake cake and roast meat.
  • Warranty: after making a purchase, you get a one year warranty and lifetime support free of charge from U DRIVE AUTO.
  • Cookbook: the manufacturer doesn’t talk of a cookbook or recipe, but some reviews indicate it comes with a user manual that outlines some cooking steps for some recipes.
  • Cooking time: this fryer comes with up to 30 minutes of cooking. This timing is automatic. That means you click the right setting after placing your food. When it is done, it shuts off, on the condition, it is within 30 minutes.
  • Functions: U Drive 3.8 Quart 1400w Auto Electric air fryer can cook a variety of foods. Apart from baking, it can roast, grill, and fry. The grill rack makes it possible to roast any food provided it is of the right size. Again, you can use the rack for baking your cake. The baskets are well designed for frying – French fries, chicken, etc. Essentially, anything that fits in the air fryer can be coked.
  • Oil or Oilless Cooker? This fryer is best known for cooking without oil, but still giving even a better flavor. However, you can use little oil if you so wish. Therefore, this U-Drive Auto Electric air fryer can help drastically cut down on calories.

Pros vs Cons:


When reading the instruction manual, it outlines how to use the fryer stepwise. Be patient because it takes the longest time ever. For instance, it says you have to pre-heat the air fryer for at least an hour before starting your cooking. 


A U Drive 3.8 Quart 1400w Auto Electric Air Fryer Black Review, states that it comes with a user manual from the manufacturer, U-Drive Auto, which, Apart from stipulating how to use the air fryer, the user manual monochrome, gives a stepwise procedure of how to prepare common foods like French fries.

Editor’s Opinion

U-Drive 3.8 Quart 1400w Auto Electric Air Fryer is an outstanding piece of kitchen appliance. Apart from just cooking a large variety of food, it delivers the best flavor in those foods. It is compact, thus occupying a small space in your kitchen while the glossy look makes it a beautiful piece to purchase.

The fryer features technology that makes it deliver correctly what it was built for. It comes with timing capabilities of up to 30 minutes. So you can get a precise setting for the kind of food you are cooking, and when the food is ready, the timer goes off and will alert you, thanks to the alarm.

Again, another fascinating feature with the U-Drive 3.8 Quart 1400w Auto Electric Air Fryer, is the removable frying basket. This design makes it easy to clean and also prevents the burning of your hands when you want to check the food. U-Drive Auto incorporated something else. When you remove the fry basket from the air fryer, the power shuts off, and when you return it, it picks up from where it left. Isn’t this amazing? If your food is not cooked, do not worry, you can check it and return.

What makes me highly recommend this powerful kitchen appliance the incredible health benefits it confers to its users. Deep-fried foods are delectable. They have a highly tempting look. You simply can ignore it. But the more you take them, the more you increase the calories in your body. This is dangerous health-wise.

The U-Drive Auto Electric Air Fryer can give you the same food, with similar or even better properties. This time not using a bucket of oil, but simply hot air only or probably a tablespoon of oil. You like it crunchy or crispy; it is up to you to get the right setting. It does it is a concise time.

Put in mind that this is a small air fryer. At 3.8 QT, it works comfortably for small families or maybe a couple.  So if you are out to shop for a small-sized air fryer, let this product from U-Drive Auto be among the top of the list.

I hope this U Drive 3.8 Quart 1400w Auto Electric Air Fryer Black Review gives you precise directions.

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