10 Unique Homemade Gift Ideas For Boyfriend That’ll Make Him Love More

Do you remember the last time when you gave your boyfriend a hand-written letter or note?
If yes then you must have memorized his smile at that moment. Also, things always end up in your favor when they are served with a personal touch.
There is no doubt in the fact that people who are in love with you always appreciate the handmade gifts. Why? Because they carry the personal touch, your feelings and time. This way you can always tell your boyfriend or husband how much they mean to you. Therefore, to help you with 10 unique homemade gift ideas for boyfriends that’ll make him love more, we have compiled this article.
Yes, that’s true! Not only we offer the love spells to bring the desirable man to you but also help you in learning the ways that bring that much-needed spark in your relation.
Why choose DIY or unique homemade gifts for your boyfriend?
As already stated above, it brings/maintains the spark in your relation, however, there are certainly other reasons that prove why gifting such gifts are best –

  • They show the amount of effort you would or are putting in relation to keep things working.
  • You never know which homemade gift ideas for boyfriend can help you in getting his mood right.
  • Such gifts are often regarded as perfect for anniversaries because a gift brought from a shop or a mall may not have that feeling which you can induce by creating a gift with your own hands.
  • All do-it-by-yourself gifts can be different depending on the occasion. Therefore, you don’t have to waste your time finding the right present in a shop. You can even start by penning down an easy love letter for your boyfriend. Express how much he means to you and all will be fine.
  • These creative crafts ideas will help you in building gifts that are full of high sentimental value.
  • There is no doubt in the fact that how easy these gifts are very easy to make. We have compiled a few gifts that can be created in less than 30 minutes.

Yeah, you can thanks us later but before that, we would like you to get started.
Among the many creative ideas for unique DIY gifts for your boyfriend that are enlisted here, all have one thing in common – they can be prepared by spending zero money. All you get to do is invest a few minutes depending on the gift that you choose.

DIY Photo block filled with special messages and significant photos

Let’s say he is angry or upset due to something. The reason can be anything. You can always cheer him up. All you got to do here is take some of your together photos from those fun times and combine them together to make a collage. No, after you have created it; never forget to put a one or two line message below the collage. Why? Hey, that’s how you are gonna hit him – with you loving words which will eventually calm him down.

DIY Sticks and Stones Valentine’s Day Crafts

This one is pretty simple and did I mention this particular crafting activity is best for Valentine’s Day? Oh, man you must go with this. This can be prepared by anyone, irrespective of the gender. Simply choose a stick and a stone of the right shape and size. Clean both of them and make plain space on both of them so you can carve out the message. This one is so good that many readers have emailed us congratulating for this one.

Pop Up Photo Box

This one is kind of a surprise gift. So you remember those boxes in the cartoons that upon opening popped a punch. Well, this naughty little thing can be converted into something extra lovely. How? All you got to do is simply replace that punch with a collection of photos. Now, you can take the liberty of being creative here because not everyone has those boxes. So, you can always try out something new with this one.

Printable bread wrappers

To prepare this one, the following items are required –
a) Loaf of bread
b) 30days printable
c) Scissors
d) Cardstock
e) Optional ribbon/baker’s twine/raffia, etc
f) Glue/tape/ glue stick
Once you have got everything, you can start by making the bread. Decide the number on your own. Thereafter, take a print out of the sheets that you would like to wrap around the prepared bread. Seal it with adhesive –glue, tape, glue stick. Attach a ribbon, if you want and ta-da!

Printable Love Coupon Book

A love coupon book is simply a collection of coupons but not those that can get you some materialistic but a dose of love and care from your partner. Gift this to him and ask him to redeem one coupon every time he feels upset. Tell him how much he means to you with these amazing coupons.

DIY Candle Carved with Initial and Heart

Well, we should admit that this one is among the simplest gift that you can make. I mean all you need is a candle with a candle stand or a candle fitted in the candle stand. Now, simply carve out a heart and both your names on the wax. And voila, it is done. Pack it and gift it!

His and Hers Hand Embroidered Pillowcases

If you are living in live-in relations or all those newly-weds, we suggest them to go with these beautiful pair o pillowcases that have written “His” & “Hers” on them. Yeah, these are going to be the perfect weapons for you when both are indulging in a cute pillow fight. Ain’t that right fellas!

12 Months of Pre-Planned Date Nights

Now, we all know that this 21st century has made our lives extremely fast and so busy that at times we don’t get times for our spouses. Yes, that’s very relatable. And many at times this stupid thing becomes the reason for many big fights. As per psychology, spending some quality time with your spouse/boyfriend is very important as it helps in keeping the relation up and alive. So what you can do is, you can pre-plan a unique date for every month. Pick up the time that suits both of you. It can be a date night or a date during the lunchtime but hey all that matters is that you will both get to spend quality time together.

Exploding Box of Love

Let’s just say this one is an upgraded version of “Pop-up photo”. Yes, that’s as true as it gets. The only difference is that this time the whole box will cut open to show all the best pics of both of you. Get cardboard that can be opened easily and then paste all the pictures at the inside of the box. Wrap it up and gift it to your partner. Now, watch him open it with a puzzled look which will eventually turn into a beautiful smile. Mission accomplished! Yayyee!

Beer bottles attached with custom love labels

If it happens that you both drink beer together and there are few of the empty bottles that have stocked up in your home then we have good news for you. So what you can do is convert those empty bottles into a spectacular gift and how will you do that. Simply cover the bottles with any paper of your choice and then write something that you remember from those times when you both were drinking together. It will be like preserving a memory forever.


Get him a home-made snack gift!
Some of the ideas included under it are as follows –

a. Clever Candy Tags:

With these tags, you can say almost anything and it would be extremely unique to surprise him with cute messages every time he eats chocolate.

b. Snack Six Pack:

This one is fully customizable and such a pack can always be filled with his favorite snacks!

c. Candy Guitar:

If he happens to be a passionate lover of music then a candy guitar will surely bring a smile on his face. Wouldn’t you want that?

d. Magic BBQ Rub:

This is a sweet and spicy BBQ rub which comes in a handy glass. This one suits to those men who love to grill!

The endnotes –

Yes, this is true that we have come to the final note of this article but that certainly doesn’t mean that this is all we have got to serve you. You can always read more articles that have credible as well as useful info. Also, if you have any idea regarding the homemade gifts for boyfriend or girlfriend then it would be better to comment them here. We will surely add them to the next collection. Also, don’t forget to share this article on various social media channels because you never know who might need these ideas. A little help from your side will help stop a fight between two love birds.
Until next time!

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