Usher Net Worth 2019: Age, Wife, Kids, Career, Albums


Today, we would be talking about Usher net worth as of June 2019 and everything you should know about Usher Raymond. His Age, Wife, Kids, Career, & Albums.

If you want to find out how old Usher is, what does Usher weight, where was Usher born, where he grew up, who his parents are, then you are in the right place? We would be discussing all that and more in this post.

In this post, we would also take a little sneak peek into Usher’s personal life. We would discuss a bit about Usher’s relationship, who he dated, who he got married to, and who had children for him.

We would also go down memory lean by talking briefly about his career in music and acting and some of his best hits both in the movie industry and music industry.

Lastly, we would be talking about his achievements, and the awards he has received in his career as a singer. So, without further ado, let us jump right into the details.

Usher Net Worth

Usher is one of the wealthiest rappers in the world was estimated to have a net worth as at 2019 of $180 million. His wealth was as a result of is a diversified career. He is not only a rapper but also an actor, producer, dancer, songwriter, and entrepreneur. He has a line of investments that have been profitable for him over the years, making him rich. According to a report on Forbes, Usher’s net worth between 2015 till 2018 is still under review.

Since the year 2004, Usher, has been endorsed with MasterCard. Usher was one of the most active in the launching of debit MasterCard. He also has a partnership with Belvedere Vodka. Usher is also a philanthropist and an activist. He donates as well as he earns a lot of money.

Year Net Worth
2019 $180 million
2018 $180 million
2017 $180 million
2013 $150 million


Who is Usher

Usher Raymond IV popularly known by his stage name usher is an American dancer, songwriter, and singer from Dallas, the United State. Usher gained popularity when he released his first studio album in 1994.

Later, he released a second album which furthermore increased his popularity. The song was such a hit that within a week it got to the US Billboard 100. It was his first album to make it to the Billboard. So far so good, Usher has produced so many songs and albums that he is considered to be one of the best R&B singers of his time – 21st century.

Title Description
Real Name Usher Raymond IV
Occupation Rapper, Actor, Songwriter, Producer, Entrepreneur
Date of Birth 14th of October, 1978
Age 40
Height 1.71 m
Weight 157 pounds
Residence Los Angeles, California
Kids 2
Wife Divorced
Citizenship American
Source of Wealth Entrepreneur, Rapping, Acting, and producer
Education Haynes Bridge Middle School,
North Springs Charter School of Arts and Sciences


Where Did Usher Grow Up

Usher was born in Dallas, Texas, in the United States of America. Usher is an American citizen by birth. He is the son to Usher Raymond III and Usher Raymond V. Usher mother’s name is Jonetta Patton. When Usher was 1 year old, his father left the family. Usher has a sibling James Lackey popularly known as J. Lack.

While growing up, he spent most of his days in Chattanooga with his stepfather, mother, and step-brother James. As a teenager, usher went to North Spring High School where he was able to pursue his career as a singer.

Although his love for singing started when he was nine years old. He started singing from his church choir at a tender age.

How Old is Usher?

Born on the 14th of October, 1978, the Usher is 40 years old as of 2018. In 2019, he would be celebrating his 41st birthday in October.

Who is Ushers Wife?

Currently, Usher is single. He was married but got divorced. Usher has been in three public relationships that everyone knows about. Out of these three relationships, he was married to only two of the women at different times.

Between the year 2001 and 2003, Usher was in a relationship with Rozonda Thomas. Although within this period, they were never married. Later, usher got into another relationship with TamekaFoster. They started dating in November 2005, as Foster was Usher’s stylist. However, the relationship only lasted between 2007 and 2009 when they got divorced.

The two couple announced their engagement in February 2007. The wedding was to hold in July at Hamptons, but it was canceled. On the 3rd of August, they reorganized the engagement at Atlanta.  The engagement was followed by a larger wedding on the 1st of September 2007 at Chateau Elan Winery Resort, Atlanta. Tamaki Foster had three sons before getting married to Usher. After their marriage, Usher adopted her three sons.

The couple, Usher and Foster, later had two sons together. The firstborn son Usher Cino Raymond V was given birth to in November 2007. Their second son Navivyd Ely Raymond was given birth to in December 2008.

After about two months of the birth of Navivyd Ely Raymond, Foster had a cardiac arrest in Sao Paulo. After surgery, she survived but in June 2009, Usher filed for a divorcement. The divorce was finalized in Fulton County on the 4th of November 2009.

Later in September 2015, Usher got married to his longtime girlfriend Grace Miguel. This happened when he was on a vacation in Cuba.

How Many Children Does Usher Have?

Usher has two sons from the time he was in a relationship with Tamaki Foster. Their names are Usher Cino Raymond V born in November 2007, and Navivyd Ely Raymond born in December 2008. Although during the time he was married to Tamaki Foster, she had three sons prior to their marriage. Usher adopted them anyway.

It was reported that Foster’s son Kile Glover, was stuck near Lake Lanier by a personal watercraft. As a result, Kile Glover became brain dead. Glover later died on the 21st of July 2012, after he was removed from life support.

In 2009, Usher filed for divorce from Foster, which followed some serious child custody dispute. The case was in court for about three years, before they finally came to a verdict in favor of Usher being the primary custodian of his two sons he had with Foster.

Usher Musical Career

Usher has made quite a musical career for himself. In 2002, he founded his record label he called Vanity Record Label. Later in 2005, he released his first album (In The Mix) with Vanity Record Label. The album was used to introduce the label’s acts like R&B vocalist Michael A Gordon, and Jon Gordon, rapper Rico Love, among others. In the release of the album “In The Mix,” Usher featured as a songwriter and producer.

Usher and Scooter Braun are joint managers of the Raymond Braun Media Group. It is the same media group that Justin Bieber is signed up. Usher has also served as a contestant mentor in American Idol. He featured in the top 10 weeks of season 9 American Idol.

On the 5th of June, 2010, he appeared on the TV show, Britan’s Got Talent. He is also among the new coaches on the American’s reality show, NBC “The Voice,” alongside, Blake Shelton, Shakira, and Adam Levine in season 4. The Voice season 4 premiered in 25th of March, 2013.

On the 24th of February, 2014, Usher and Shakira premiered in season 6 of The Voice. Usher also reached the finale won with Josh Kaufman, on the 20th of May 2014. Below are the top 10 songs and albums Usher has released so far so good.

Year Title
1994 Usher
1997 My Way
2001 8701
2004 Confession
2008 Here I Stand
2010 Raymond v. Raymond
2012 Looking 4 Myself
2016 Hard II Love
2018 A – featuring Zaytoven (A Collaborative album)
2019 Confession 2


Usher Acting Career

Usher has also made it big time in the movie industry as well. In 1997, he debuted on the American Sitcom Moesha, where he played the role of Jeremy Davis. Usher also appeared in a student disc jockey in 1999. It was a romantic comedy movie titled, “She’s All That.” That same year, Usher also started in his first ever leading role in the movie titled “Light It Up.” The Movie Light It Up featured other actors like Venessa L. Williams, Forest Whitaker, and Rosario Dawson.

After the release of LightIt Up, Usher also made a guest appearance in the movie Texas Rangers later that same year. He played the role of Gepetto in Texas Rangers. He has continued to make appearances in other movies as well which has made him even more popular.

He has also played a role in many other television shows like American Dreams in 2002, season 2 episode 6 of Sabrina the Teenage Witch, and in 2006, he made an appearance in the TV show Chicago. Below are the top 10 movies Usher has starred in so far so good.

Year Title
1977 The Faculty
1999 She’s All That
1999 Light It Up
2010 Killer
2013 Scary Movie 5
2014 Muppets Most Wanted
2017 Burden
2018 Last of the Showmen
2018 Incredibles 2
2019 Hustlers


Usher’s Awards and Nominations

Usher has been privileged to be nominated for quite a number of awards. He has also won quite a number of awards as well. He has a diamond certified album for the album Confession. He also has two multi-platinum albums for the album, The Way and 8701. Usher has won 8 Grammy Awards. He has also won 18 Billboard Music Awards. He has 9 Soul Train Music Awards. And for the American Music Awards, he has 8 of them. What an achievement you’d say right?

Collectively, Usher has been able to sell over 23 million albums just in the United States alone. And worldwide, he has been able to sell about 43 million albums. Trust me, when they say Usher is the bomb, you best believe.


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