Wahl Chrome Pro Combo Review

The Wahl Chrome Pro Combo For Men

Wahl Chrome Pro Combo For Men

Are you an organized individual that wants a kit that follows your orderly rules? Do you need a professional haircut but too anal to have someone do it for you? Are you too lazy to go to the barbershop? Does perfection mean a lot to you? Well, look no further, the Wahl Chrome Pro Combo with Deluxe Nylon Storage Case is everything that you are looking for.

It has a state of the art storage system made with high-quality material to carry all your cutting tools. When you carry this case, it will make you look incredibly professional and a perfectionist.

The case comes with 8 combs that are in a variety of sizes, blade guard, cleaning brush, and trimmers.

It has everything that a creative individual is looking for in shaping his hair. The clipper has a very comfortable grip for flexible maneuvers.

It has a shiny, sleek dark exterior that gives it a professional and masculine look. You don’t need a professional haircut from a barber when you can do it yourself with this fierce storage case. See more Wahl Hair Clippers Reviews


8 comb, blade guard, trimmer guards, cleaning brush, high-quality storage


  • High-quality material
  • organized accessories
  • contains everything that you need for a professional cut excellent clipper with a powerful motor.


  • Short battery life
  • loud motor

Editor’s Verdict

When I first open the product, I find that the storage bag is pretty slick and professional. It’s really attractive, makes me very determined to get creative on my own hair.

At first, I was a little bit worry about cutting my own hair without the barber, but after exploring this kit, I became very confident.

The clipper is very comfortable to grip and flexible as well. I was able to get through sideburns and necklines with ease. Any angle I made was very sharp and detailed. I’m also very proud of the set of combs that they have available. I’m a comb person, so one comb is not enough to create my masterpiece.

I need a lot to satisfy my desires. Things that I feel that this product need to work on is battery life. While using the clipper, it will stop all of a sudden, and I will have to recharge it. It’s quite annoying, but it’s OK, it’s not like I’ll be cutting my hair every day.

Wahl 79524-1001 Deluxe Chrome Pro

Another thing is that the motor is very loud. That means I can’t cut my hair at 4 AM, or else my family will kill me.

The instruction manual was very easy to read and understand. It comes in both English and Spanish, I obviously had to read the English part. I didn’t bother reading through, I look at the pictures and understand everything.

They did a great job guiding you through a step by step fashion. Because of its simplicity, it would be an excellent gift for beginners.

Overall, I would definitely recommend this product to anyone who wants to have that professional kids and motivation for an amazing haircut.

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